Apr 26, 2010

Sexist Bill C-3 is racist and fatally flawed

Shelagh Day and Joyce Green
After decades of struggle in the attempt to secure rights for First Nations women who marry "off" and lose their status, and this legacy for their children, the Harper government has blown it.
Apr 13, 2010

Iran fights Fifa ban on hijab

Iran's football federation says it is sending a delegation to Fifa to urge the Geneva-based association to overturn its ban on the hijab, or Islamic headscarf.
Apr 8, 2010

The niqab ban is a feminist issue

The province of Quebec in Canada, in all its infinite wisdom (insert witty sarcastic comment here) has decided to table legislation that would ban the niqab.
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THRIVE: Call to Organize Against violence and oppression: Toronto: April 22


THRIVE: Multicultural Women's Coalition Against Violence and Oppression presents
Call to Organize Against violence and oppression

    *Are YOU interested in working to end violence and oppression against women of colour, Aboriginal Women and their communities?

    *Are YOU interested in actively working for social change, specifically by combating all forms of oppression based on gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, age, faith, immigration status, education, poverty, language, and imperialism?

    *Are YOU interested in actively working towards the creation of an environment that supports the development of anti-oppressive attitudes, behaviours, and practices?



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