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Globe and Mail: "Birth control won't be in G8 plan to protect mothers, Tories say"

Fucking hell fuck hell fuck.

My head has spun off my body and is twitching on the floor.

There are no words.


Birth control won't be in G8 plan to protect mothers, Tories say

The Conservative government has offered an explanation for why it will exclude contraception from its initiative to improve the health of mothers in poor countries: Birth control doesn't fit with saving lives.

In no uncertain terms, Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon yesterday ruled out any kind of family-planning programs being included in Canada's "signature" initiative at June's G8 summit - a strategy to improve the health of mothers and young children in poor countries.

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Fabulous Future of Feminism event with Jessica Yee (Toronto)

Don’t touch that dial!

Join our “studio audience” of feminists of all ages at the FFF show with Jessica Yee!  You won’t want to miss this entertaining evening of fun, games, prizes, and special guests!

Jessica’s guest stars are fabulous women and men who will prove that the future of feminism is strong, creative, and inspiring:

The Miss G__ Project, bringing equity to a classroom near you!
Judy Rebick, feminist activist and herstorian extraordinaire!
Ryerson’s White Ribbon Campaign!
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands!
The YWCA Girls’ Council!

Mar 10, 2010

Fighting violence against women in Ethiopia

Semhal Getachew is a women's rights lawyer from Ethiopia. She was one of the speakers at an International Women's Day forum organized in Vancouver.
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Response to article in Vancouver Sun- “$10 Million ‘a start’ to investigate women’s deaths, disappearances”

In the article, "$10 Million ‘a start' to investigate women's deaths, disappearances," the author, Lori Culbert, explains that despite the federal government's promise of delivering $10 million to the investigation of missing and murdered aboriginal women's cases, this promise has been received with "cautious optimism." Cautious optimism indeed, as many individuals and women's groups across Canada have been fighting for decades to get the Canadian government to even acknowledge these cases, let alone actually do something about it.



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