Nov 13, 2009

Malalai Joya, war and moving forward

Samantha Power
Today Malalai Joya starts the Canadian portion of her tour promoting her new book, A Woman Among Warlords:The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.
Nov 3, 2009

I really like me

Jenny Ellison
Self-esteem was one of the keywords of Canadian feminist organizing in the 1980s. The concept is now so taken for granted that it is a staple of women's magazines, cosmetic campaigns and even sports.
Oct 16, 2009

The priests and the patriarchy

Sharon Fraser
There has been a backlash against some of the strong language we used as feminists in the '70s. Nowadays, patriarchy is mostly used in speaking of Afghanistan or other cultures that we demonise.
Oct 12, 2009

Let's talk about Women's Issues in Afghanistan

The F Word
Amanda Chalmers and Ellie Gordon-Moershel take you through the history of the women's movement in Afghanistan and speak with women's rights activist Lauren Oates.
Book Review
Oct 8, 2009

Fat for thought

Kellee Ngan
In a perfect world, this book wouldn't exist. Not because Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere isn't engaging or informative but because it reaffirms that we are still a society at war with our bodies.
Book Review
Oct 1, 2009

Out of body

Cara Ng
In her recent book, Bodies, Susie Orbach examines body despair in the Western world, and how our bodies are "made" through the brain's interaction with personal experiences and our environments.
Sep 24, 2009

Women and the pharmaceutical industry

Women have good reason to be wary of prescription drugs after decades of poorly-tested drugs from thalidomide 50 years ago to HRT now. A new book tackles women and drug policy in Canada.
Sep 23, 2009

Daily Pulse: Uncharted territory

Lindsay Beyerstein
Media Consortium Blogger
The public option remains in limbo. The Senate Finance Committee is fine-tuning the bill it unveiled last week, which does not include a public option.
Sep 22, 2009

Daily Pulse: Women's health beyond pink ribbons

Lindsay Beyerstein
Media Consortium Blogger
While the Senate Finance Committee tinkers with the Baucus Bill, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking center stage in the health care reform debate.


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