Mar 9, 2009

First days in Gaza

Sandra Ruch
It seems we have been in Gaza forever. My hotel overlooks the sea. I hear the sounds of the waves and it is so lovely -- like any resort but Gaza is not a resort -- it is a prison.
Feb 13, 2009

Citizen diplomacy in Iran

Code Pink Women for Peace went to Iran in November to talk with meet with government, NGOs and ordinary people.
Feb 18, 2009

A new deal for artists

It seemed like a typical report at the time; but when examining the details, the facts becomes more alarming -- earnings by actors, writers, painters and directors have been in freefall since 1990.
Book Review
Jan 22, 2009

Christina McCall: 'Feminist in arms'

Jessica Rose
Though journalist Christina McCall may best be remembered for her in-depth coverage of the Liberal Party, she also covered issues of urban planning, Canadian nationalism, and of course, feminism.
Jan 15, 2009

rabble radio # 79 - All for peace

rabble radio
Jewish activists protest the Israeli offensive on Gaza, Keith looks for economic inspiration, a trip to Bolivia and Cathi Bond's top ten DVD rentals.
Jan 8, 2009

2008: Stephen Harper vs. women

As 2008 fades into memory, one can't help but point out that it was an interesting year for women. 2008 marked the year that women became equal to men - at least according to the Harper government.
Book Review
Dec 18, 2008

On being Muslim

Ashifa Kassam
Belonging and Banishment: Being Muslim in Canada is a finely woven collection of essays that presents multiple answers to the question of being Muslim in Canada.


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