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Photo: G20 Russia
The G20 leaders head home, but the work is unfinished | Sep 9 2013 | Steve Price-Thomas | The G20 have put their first nail in the coffin of corporate tax dodging, but they've given no guarantees how or when the rip-off of the poorest countries will stop.
Photo: http://www.scmp.com/
G20 in Russia: Poverty and inequality must not be forgotten | Sep 4 2013 | Steve Price-Thomas | The G20 must act to clamp down on corporate tax evasion which drains billions from poor countries annually.
Why undemocratic Brunei is the perfect host for secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership talks | Aug 23 2013 | OpenMedia International | TPP negotiators could not have picked a more fitting location to hold their secretive, closed-door meetings about extreme new rules that would censor our freedom of expression and invade our privacy
Excerpt: G-20, Toronto Politics and Bertolt Brecht | Jun 27 2013 | Sarah Sheard | Author Sarah Sheard weaves an eccentric story of a reincarnated Bertolt Brecht in the midst of the G-20 Summit and his reflections on 1930s fascism.
As G8 meets, Conservative government blasted for watering down efforts against sexual violence | Jun 17 2013 | Sana Malik | The United Nations Human Rights Council (UN HRC) adopted a draft resolution last week that is being criticized for "watering down" language that protects victims of sexual violence globally.
Activist Communique: Solidarity Tent City and Night March to Oppose the G8 – Kitchener | Jun 16 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | On June 26 2010, the G20 invaded Toronto to plan the austerity and war agenda that we are seeing today. Now its N. Ireland's turn.
Activist Communique: G20 officer accused of beating activist breaks down in court | Jun 16 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | The trial of Toronto Police Constable Andalib-Goortani began last week and the Crown has rested its case. The defence has now begun.
Activist Communique: G20 police officer who allegedly beat Adam Nobody stands trial | Jun 9 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | Toronto Police Constable Babek Andalib-Goortani was charged on December 23, 2010 with assault with a weapon against Adam Nobody.
Activist Communique: Toronto Police Officer Acquitted of G20 Assault on Dorian Barton | Jun 2 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | On Friday May 31, 2013, Ontario Superior Court Justice M. Gregory Ellies found Toronto Police Constable Glenn Weddell not guilty of assault.
Activist Communique: G20 Police Officer in Court Today to Face Assault Charge Towards Activist Dorian Barton | May 27 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | Toronto Police Constable Glenn Weddell faces his first day in court today on charges stemming from the G20 Summit demonstrations of June 2010.
Image: Solidarity Halifax
Building strategically: An introduction to Solidarity Halifax | May 3 2013 | David Bush, Kaley Kennedy | Introducing Solidarity Halifax, a project taking the crisis of austerity seriously by attempting to strengthen the collective power of the anti-capitalist left in Halifax.
Smash the State Report: Apr. 12, 2013 - 1 - End Police-Prison Impunity | Apr 25 2013 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | Waterloo cops go over budget, get raises as reward. Updates from Montreal on police violence, repression + by-law P6. A G20 policing update + Justice 4 Levi + Free Lynn Stewart + Alex.

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Toronto cop found guilty of using weapon to assault G20 protester | Unionist said... Hell hath surely frozen over: Guilty as charged Quote: A judge has found a Toronto police officer...
A critique of G20 protests in Toronto | Tocitizen said... I apologise for all the mistakes, typos, spelling, grammer etc.. if any part is not clear let me...
Jane's Walk seeks to exploit G20 violence for liberal discussions on urbanism | Le T said... I like the idea behind Jane's Walks but it seems that the rich liberals running this one are using...
Election Day Song from The Tra La Las - "Harper is the Root of All Evil" | dan kellar said... hmmm, it seems the embed did not work.... well check it on youtube:   http://youtu.be/...
Turning Harper's words against him | Sean in Ottawa said... Nice, Thanks! in
Draft auditor General's G8/G20 report alleges government illegality | JKR said... Quote: And she suggests in a draft report the process may have been illegal. Now that there's...
G20: Who ordered the police to break their principles? | Slumberjack said... The cops have no principles, other than those dispensed upon the public by their corporate...
G20 cop charged by SIU | Stargazer said... You forgot the part where the Chief lied and said the tape was edited. in
G20 Public Hearings to be live blogged Nov 11 and 12 | Catchfire said... Krystalline's been updating for a couple of hours now. Check it out. in
2010 G20 Seoul summit theme song - Let's go | Maysie said... Icky pro-G20 propaganda. Closing.  in

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Canadians for Tax Fairness
G20: Oops we forgot to ask who owns those accounts
there’s been a fair bit of reporting and editorializing commending the G20 for “tackling tax avoidance” by adopting “automatic information exchange” as a global standard, but there's much more to do.

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