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Smash the State Report: Jan. 11, 2013 | Jan 28 2013 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | Coverage of land defence actions against pipelines, animal abuse and industrial energy, as well as updates from Palestine, Mapuche territory, g20land and actions against austerity.
Smash The State Report: Dec. 28, 2012 - More IdleNoMore + More! | Jan 4 2013 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | We continue reporting on the Idle No More movement and on the ACTIONs of those not idle for some time. Also - Harper's New Mega-Mine, New Zines, ALF Attacks, SHAME Project + Prism-Magazine
The war on the poor: Getting out of jail in the age of austerity | Dec 28 2012 | Alex Hundert, AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | This interview with imprisoned anti-capitalist and solidarity activist Alex Hundert looks into his article "Getting out of jail in the age of austerity."
Smash the State Report - 2012-11-30 | Dec 11 2012 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | Actions Against Austerity and to save CSUMB in KW by Poverty Makes Us Sick + all over the world! G20 cops not in trouble, Mahjoub calling for trouble, and response to the attacks on Gaza.
Bored but not broken: Things that shouldn't happen | Nov 29 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | The inquiry into the death of Ashley Smith in a Federal Penitentiary five years ago has been shining a much-needed light on policy and procedure at Correctional Services Canada.
Smash the State Report: November 24, 2012 | Nov 26 2012 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | We look at abuses in Canadian prisons, a solidarity action in support of grand jury resisters and G20 prisoners, actions against austerity and more.
Mandy Hiscocks files a human rights application against Vanier | Nov 22 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | Today I'm filing a human rights application against the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Vanier Centre for Women.
Bored but not broken: random musings - October continued. | Nov 21 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | Last night they screwed up when they turned the lights out. the hallway lights went out as well as the ones in our rooms, and for a few wonderful seconds it was completely dark.
Bored but not broken: random musings - October | Nov 16 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | The prison diary of G20 political prisoner Mandy Hiscocks
Bored but not broken: Random musings - September | Nov 15 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | Every right, every small freedom that's taken away, strips us of a little more of our dignity; every one that's granted or restored brings a little of it back.
Solidarity Against Austerity - Alex Hundert Reads his Article from The Peak, from Jail | Nov 14 2012 | Alex Hundert, AW@L Radio | Solidarity against Austerity was written for the Sept 2012 edition on The Peak magazine from Guelph which focused on the Quebec Student Strike
Charges dropped against AW@L Radio host Dan Kellar | Nov 13 2012 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar, Grand River Media Collective | After 15 months on bail, the absurd charges against indy journalist and activist Dan Kellar have been dropped. We present a piece from the Toronto Media Co-op and Dan's post-court statement.

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Toronto Call to Action: Tomorrow, Tuesday October 12th THIS IS WHAT A DEMONSTRATION LOOKS LIKE! | Cytizen H said... Please come out to this!!! Show them we will not be silenced. Show them an attack on one of us is...
G20 Seoul summit - Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan | Maysie said... Hi again triple jump. Please don't start a new thread for every G20 topic you want to post on. I'm...
There was a boy who always carried a globe.. | Gundere said... Cute video. I don't think there is another nation where the people have worked so hard to make a...
G20 and Korea | Maysie said... Hi triplejump. I'm Maysie and I will be your moderator for today. And the foreseeable future....
A group of activists schools some asshole cops | Cytizen H said... This encounter occurred outside old city hall on Sept 18. in
DisOrientation 2010 @ York University | Catchfire said... Hi JessKerr, thanks for this. Welcome to babble! in
G20 defendant Alex Hundert re-arrested, Supporters denounce criminalization | remind said... one wonders  if Germany was in denial too, in the lead up to Hitler's absolute control? in
Fascist police strike again!!! | Cytizen H said... Quote: Alex Hundert was arrested tonight after speaking at the G20 Strengthening Our Resolve...
G20 Bail hearings continue, Crown appealing some releases | Cueball said... Truly bizarre, the whole point of bail is to prevent flight. Detention before bail is not meant to...
bike bloc | writer said... "More bikes, less oil!" An inspiring demonstration:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBfZ7rNP_5Ahttp...

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Canadians for Tax Fairness
G20: Oops we forgot to ask who owns those accounts
there’s been a fair bit of reporting and editorializing commending the G20 for “tackling tax avoidance” by adopting “automatic information exchange” as a global standard, but there's much more to do.

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