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Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Justin Trudeau continuing proud Liberal tradition of betraying Indigenous peoples | Oct 28 2016 | Russell Diabo | The Liberals' backsliding on adopting UNDRIP and its inexplicable approvals of the Site C Dam and Lelu Island LNG plant in B.C. is part of a long tradition of deceiving and betraying First Nations.
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | Economy | 'Evicted' probes the multiple dimensions of the housing crisis | Oct 27 2016 | Yutaka Dirks | In "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" sociologist Matthew Desmond offers a critical examination of urban poverty and homelessness told through the stories of eight families.
Kathy Eldon on Creative Activism, Choosing Love and Fearlessness
Arts & Culture | Political Action | Kathy Eldon on creative activism, choosing love and fearlessness | Oct 27 2016 | Face2Face | Kathy and I talk about social change, catalyzing action, creative activism and choosing love and why fearlessness matters more than we know.
Civil Liberties Watch | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Landlords and tenants to fight out right to grow medical marijuana under new regulations | Oct 27 2016 | Claudia Pedrero, Lauren Blumas, Pro Bono | While new regulations governing the growth of medical marijuana provide a quick solution for the issue of reasonable access, they leave the tough questions for tenants and housing providers.
Photo: Mike Mozart/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Technology | US Politics | AT&T merger with Time Warner would pose major threat to privacy and net neutrality | Oct 27 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | If AT&T is allowed to buy Time Warner, it will form an enormous, "vertically integrated" company that controls a vast pool of content and how people access that content.
TPP rally in Ottawa on June 10, 2014. Flickr/SumOfUs
Economy | Politics in Canada | World | Thousands of Canadians raise their voices against TPP | Oct 27 2016 | Brent Patterson | Council of Canadians delivered a petition to Parliament Hill that was signed by 20,000 to voice concern against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Photo: Dan Zen/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Privatizing Canada's airports would bring costs for travellers and profits for corporations | Oct 27 2016 | Linda McQuaig | While privatizing our airports would mean millions in profits for the banks and law firms involved, aviation authorities say Canadian air travellers would face higher costs to cover corporate profits.
Feminism | Food & Health | That 'am I pragnent' video can fuck right off | Oct 27 2016 | Arielle de Pagter | Why is it that the Internet seems to find misspelled questions about female reproductive health so damn amusing?
Image: Flickr/Paul Townsend
Feminism | US Politics | To understand sexual assault, we still need to listen to Donald Trump | Oct 27 2016 | Lucia Lorenzi | Survivors, primarily women, have been speaking out about Trump and other sexually aggressive men for decades. Why is it that we don't pay attention until these men speak themselves?
Automobile factory in the Philippines. Flickr/ILO in Asia and the Pacific
Labour | World | The effects of death squads in the Philippines' war on drugs | Oct 27 2016 | Jiselle Hanna, Piergiorgio Moro | Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and an interview on the effects of the continuing war on drugs in the Philippines.
Labour | Media Matters | Join us! Announcing the 2016/2017 labour beat reporter position at | Oct 27 2016 | rabble staff | In partnership with Unifor and CALM, is pleased to announce our fifth annual labour beat internship!
Photo via Lindell Smith campaign website
Anti-Racism | Elections | Politics in Canada | Halifax councillor Lindell Smith is more than a symbol | Oct 26 2016 | Stephen Kimber | First, of course, there is the symbolism. Lindell Smith is Halifax's first Black city councillor since 2000. But not just.
Image: elhombredenegro/flickr
Arts & Culture | Technology | Safeguarding our digital security with cardboard doors and paper locks | Oct 26 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | In a rush to create smart homes and make our devices talk to each other, we have allowed a threat into our houses through our cardboard doors and paper locks.
Images courtesy of TESA and Molly McLeod
Arts & Culture | Political Action | Rise Up: A new board game in which all play as one | Oct 26 2016 | June Chua | Most board games pit players against each other but a new kind of board game seeks to subvert that narrative, requiring players to unite and play against the game itself.
Image: Flickr/jmiller291
Civil Liberties Watch | Indigenous Rights | Adam Capay is a case study in the banality of evil [with updates] | Oct 26 2016 | J. Baglow | Adam Capay, a young Indigenous man, has been kept in solitary confinement for four years without trial. He has been driven to the brink of mental illness. The minister in charge says, "Tough."