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Photo: Cliff/flickr
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Apartheid schools: The return of segregation in the U.S. | Apr 24 2014 | Amy Goodman | With the U.S. Supreme Court decision supporting Michigan's ban against affirmative action in state university admissions and the increasing resegregation of schools, segregation may be alive and well.
Arts & Culture | Environment | 'The Sixth Extinction' and our looming catastrophe | Apr 24 2014 | Al Engler | 'The Sixth Extinction' makes is abundantly clear that carbon dioxide emissions are serious and we urgently need to cut our reliance on fossil fuel energy.
Civil Liberties Watch | Labour | Politics in Canada | Temporary foreign workers typify a heartless policy that isn't even smart | Apr 24 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Harper government has made Deepan Budlakoti, born in Canada to parents who are now Canadian citizens, a stateless person. That is typical of a policy that pushes 'guest workers' over immigrants.
photo: flickr/ganeshaisis
Economy | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Follow the Money, Part 5 -- The Tobacco Papers revisited | Apr 24 2014 | Donald Gutstein | It took a court case to prove it, but Fraser Institute research results that questioned whether smoking can cause cancer were funded by Big Tobacco. Who funds today's research?
Source: Tuition in Canada, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Retrieved fr
Economy | Education | Should an Ontario university degree be a debt sentence? | Apr 24 2014 | Kaylie Tiessen | High unemployment and high tuition fees combined are saddling graduates with growing levels of student debt that make it difficult to take life's next steps.
Photo: Mike Baird/flickr
Environment | Why was the humpback whale taken off the 'threatened species' list? | Apr 24 2014 | Stephen Leahy | This week the federal government was legally obligated to establish protected habitat for threatened North Pacific humpback whales. Instead the humpback was taken off the "threatened species" list.
Thomas Lukaszuk
Politics in Canada | Thanks to memo, Albertans know it wasn't just Alison Redford with entitlement issues | Apr 24 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Conservatives' entitlement problems run deeper than one politician -- and even one level of government!
image: flickr/USB
Arts & Culture | Indigenous Rights | Media Matters | Struggling for citizen control of Community TV in Montreal | Apr 23 2014 | Catherine Edwards | The modern cable industry is not community-TV friendly, so a not-for-profit is proposing to take over community TV from Videotron.
Photo: Robert Taylor/Wikimedia
Economy | Politics in Canada | Grain, trains and autocrats: Farmers pay the price of dismantling the Wheat Board | Apr 23 2014 | Dean Harder | There is a direct correlation between the loss of the farmer-elected Canadian Wheat Board and the current rail transportation boondoggle which will cost Prairie farmers over $5 billion in sales.
Economy | Labour | Political Action | Demand Compensation for the Victims of Rana Plaza! | Apr 23 2014 | It's been a year since Rana Plaza collasped killing 1,138 people. Demand that the brands responsible compensate those injured and their families!
Economy | Politics in Canada | Why the New York Times 'richest middle class' title may not be all good news | Apr 23 2014 | Kayle Hatt | This week the New York Times published a study on U.S. income inequality and the middle class which reported that America's middle class is no longer the 'world's richest' -- Canada's middle class is.
Photo: flickr/Paul Krueger
Environment | Politics in Canada | Canadian cities and the future of democracy | Apr 23 2014 | Tobi Nussbaum | Canada is now past 80 per cent of the population living in urban areas. Cities are showing a capacity to solve problems together and now is the time for Canadian cities to be more ambitious.
Environment | Labour | Widows of Chemical Valley -- Part 1 Ada | Apr 23 2014 | Humberto DaSilva | In Sarnia Ontario's Chemical Valley, life can be end painfully because of industry's silent killers. About 1000 workers a year die each year on the job in Canada.
Environment | On natural gas and other, rampant resource extraction in B.C.: Interview with Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition | Apr 23 2014 | Dana Hibbard | Dana Hibbard explains how conservationists in northwest B.C. are fighting to preserve the Sacred Headwaters region from destructive mining and gas fracking plans.
Feminism | Open letter in support of adopting the Nordic model in Canada garners over 800 signatures | Apr 23 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Over 800 feminists and allies are calling on Canadian politicians to look towards the Nordic model, with regard to prostitution law.