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Bank of Canada
Economy | Politics in Canada | Monetary reform and Paul Hellyer's vision for a new social contract | Sep 30 2016 | Christopher Majka | Re-asserting public control over our money supply is a critical democratic and economic issue. Paul Hellyer has spent decades advocating for monetary reform and at age 93 is not slowing down.
Image: Bill B/flickr
Elections | US Politics | Instead of panicking, we need to think our way through the U.S. election | Sep 30 2016 | Rick Salutin | In politics, we tend to see what we want or need to. You're looking for an outcome, yearning for it. What, though, of political cases that require actual thought, not prejudgments?
Image: Bill B/flickr
Elections | Feminism | US Politics | Gratifying to see snarling bully publicly humiliated as Clinton triumphs over Trump | Sep 30 2016 | Linda McQuaig | The U.S. election is far from over, but Monday's faceoff was a crucial battle in that campaign, and it fell to the first woman candidate in U.S. presidential history to take a dangerous bully down.
Environment | Labour | World | Big Farming | Sep 30 2016 | Victoria Fenner | A look at the corporate march across the farmlands of Canada and the rest of the world.
Image: Twitter/Canada 2020
Food & Health | Why is the U.S. Big Pharma lobby sponsoring a conference on the future of health care in Canada? | Sep 30 2016 | Michael Butler | One of the sponsors listed is the largest pharmaceutical lobby group in the U.S.
Image: Flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Indigenous Rights | From Grassy Narrows and Standing Rock to all my relations: This is what we have to lose | Sep 30 2016 | Brett Forester | This is what every First Nation that fights resource extraction on their land is fighting to preserve: sustainable access to clean food and water.
Richard Starke
Politics in Canada | Meet Alberta PC leadership candidate Richard Starke: Thoughtful, centrist, kind to animals...and thus probably doomed | Sep 30 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | PC leadership candidate Richard Starke owns two cats and a Bernese Mountain Dog. It's not clear if this will win over cat people and dog people alike, or alienate them all.
Wikipedia image, labeled for reuse
Civil Liberties Watch | Environment | Food & Health | Toronto Pig Save 'bears witness' to animal suffering and seeks to inspire change | Sep 29 2016 | Maya Bhullar | Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save, talks about her ongoing trial and the Save Movement.
Photo: Mehr Demokratie/flickr
Economy | Labour | World | Canada-EU trade deal will result in job losses, lower wages and worse inequality | Sep 29 2016 | Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | As governments in Europe debate CETA's merits this fall, it may be time for Canadians and their representatives in Parliament to take a second look at this supposedly "progressive" agreement.
Drops of water
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Paste stickers, fund the camp, stand up for Lelu Island, Flora Bank and for Ontario water | Sep 29 2016 | The Liberals are showing their true colours again. Let's stand for our environment!
Image: Flickr/Peoples' Social Forum (Ben Powless)
Environment | Political Action | 'This is Canada's Shame': Maude Barlow and Sarah Harmer discuss Canada's impending water crisis | Sep 29 2016 | Phillip Dwight Morgan | Despite nearly a decade of environmental deregulation under Stephen Harper and recurring boil-water advisories, many Canadians continue to believe that Canada is immune to water scarcity.
Colourful Year of Indigenous Rights circle symbol
Feminism | Indigenous Rights | Canada's Charter is helping to create a language of rights around the world | Sep 29 2016 | Penney Kome | UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People draws gender equality language from Canada's Charter of Rights.
Good News | Politics in Canada | CRTC goes full-Internet with #EndDataCaps Reddit consultation | Sep 29 2016 | Katy Anderson | Make their #2016 effort pay off (so they do it again) -- weigh in on the online forum now, all while speaking out against differential pricing.
Screenshot from Culture and Oppression video via YouTube
Indigenous Rights | Larry Morrissette: Honouring a quiet warrior | Sep 29 2016 | Elizabeth Comack, Jim Silver | The death of Larry Morrissette is a major loss, not only to his family and friends but also to the many people he worked with to re-build Winnipeg's inner city and revitalize Indigenous cultures.
Indigenous Rights | Meet the Climate Warrior defending her land against a $58-billion pipeline corporation | Sep 29 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | For her direct action, Vanessa Gray has been charged with counts of Mischief Over $5,000 and Mischief Endangering Life.