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Photo: flickr/Federico Soffici
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Eyes on Quebec City for climate gatherings | Apr 10 2015 | David Gray-Donald | As premiers from across Canada meet in Quebec City, April 13-14, climate activists and organizers will also be converging on the city, home to printemps 2015. So, so, so can you say solidarity?
Photo: flickr/Victor Wong
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | This weekend climate advocates march in Quebec City. Follow them here. | Apr 10 2015 | rabble staff | As premiers meet in Quebec City, climate advocates are taking to the streets. Follow tweets from the march and surrounding events here.
Duane Bratt
Politics in Canada | Has the world turned, or are the polls just wrong again? | Apr 10 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Maybe all of us -- Jim Prentice included -- are just too conditioned by the fact that the Tories always win, no matter what.
Photo: Raj Taneja/flickr
Politics in Canada | Mike Duffy strikes back | Apr 10 2015 | Rick Salutin | This must be Mike Duffy's finest hour. He finally is what he always falsely claimed to be: a little guy standing up to the gasbags of power.
Arts & Culture | Environment | Food & Health | How can we make Canada's roads safer? | Apr 9 2015 | Neil Arason | Is it possible to eliminate death and serious injury from Canada's roads? In this timely and in-depth study, author Neil Arason explores what can drive Canadian roads toward a safer future.
Photo: Thomas Hawk/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | What will it take for the U.S. to end capital punishment? | Apr 9 2015 | Amy Goodman | The deliberations on the Tsarnaev case bring new, heightened attention to the death-penalty debate in the United States. The time for a moratorium on executions is now.
Civil Liberties Watch | Education | World | #147notjustanumber—hashtag being used by Kenyan students to honour those killed in Garissa | Apr 9 2015 | Build the movement
Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Montréal police violence, repression and remembering Robert Fransham | Apr 9 2015 | Stefan Christoff | With the recent wave of police violence against the growing protests against austerity in Montréal, Stefan Christoff remembers long-time community activist Robert Fransham.
Economy | Feminism | Watch: Support #NoTaxOnTampons campaign | Apr 9 2015 | Operation Maple | The tax on menstruation products is discriminatory. Period. Sign the petition now!
Photo: flickr/
Economy | Labour | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Londoners vow to keep door-to-door mail delivery | Apr 9 2015 | Meg Borthwick | London, Ontario is home to a strong campaign resisting cuts to Canada Post. Here, we deliver the story direct to you.
Education | Feminism | Tell your story: Women of Colour in Grad Schools in North America | Apr 9 2015 | We Are Deliberate is building an anthology of university experiences
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Red Head is 'end of the line' for Energy East | Apr 9 2015 | Mark D'Arcy | Cacuna stopped it. South Portland stopped it. Now it is Red Head's turn to stand up against the tar sands pipeline.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Cacouna port dead: What does this mean for opposition to Energy East? | Apr 9 2015 | Andrea Harden-Donahue | Cancellation of the controversial Cacouna port means that the spotlight is going to shift to New Brunswick, home to the only massive export port currently on the books for the Energy East project.
Feminism | The problem is the media, not false rape accusations | Apr 9 2015 | Meghan Murphy | When journalists are pressured to 'find a good story,' you end up with coverage that decontextualizes issues like sexual assault.
Feminism | Maligning Andrea Dworkin in death amounts to little more than misogyny | Apr 9 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Myths about Andrea Dworkin's beliefs and work live on thanks to woman-hating.