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Anti-Racism | Indigenous Rights | Why the Left is doomed -- a vignette | Aug 12 2014 | J. Baglow | Some curmudgeonly thoughts on the tendency of the Left to turn on itself and avoid solidarity at all costs.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | LGBTIQ | Shout Back! Festival 2014 | Aug 12 2014 | The F Word | The F Word speaks with Idris Plum and features artists in the queer, feminist, anti-capitalist, do-it-together, punk festival: Shout Back!
Civil Liberties Watch | Four more homeless deaths in Toronto | Aug 12 2014 | John Bonnar | In the summertime, most people are preoccupied with their vacation plans. But death never takes a vacation. Particularly for homeless people who are far more likely to die prematurely.
CommonCauses | Political Action | Peoples' Social Forum: Rated 'R' for Revolutionary | Aug 12 2014 | Peoples' Social Forum | The Peoples' Social Forum is bringing together thousands of people from every region who want to unite to oppose the current political climate and economic direction.
CommonCauses | Media Matters | Political Action | Call-out for Alternative Media Movement Assembly (Updated with Livestream details!) | Aug 12 2014 | rabble staff | Join the Alternative Media Movement Assembly on building radical media and activist communication infrastructures, taking place during the Peoples' Social Forum (PSF) national gathering.
Photo: Ann Baekken/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Northern Pulp reveals workings of power and politics in Nova Scotia | Aug 12 2014 | Stephen Kimber | The lesson of Northern Pulp isn't just environmental. It's also about how those in power have done business here for generations. Is it a lesson too late for the learning?
Environment | With ban lifted, residents refuse to drink water after Mount Polley mine disaster | Aug 12 2014 | Carol Linnitt | Residents in Likely, B.C. are concerned about drinking water affected by Mount Polley mining waste even after a water use ban was lifted for areas downstream of Quesnel Lake.
Environment | Nanoparticles: Panacea or Pandora's box? | Aug 12 2014 | David Suzuki | Nanomaterials may well turn out to be a boon to humans, but we don't know enough about their long-term effects to be adding them so indiscriminately to our food systems and other products.
The Death of Rachel, by Francesco Furini
Environment | Feminism | Food & Health | Twelve Canadians: Midwives | Aug 12 2014 | Dave Kattenburg | Midwives catch babies. This episode of the Green Planet Monitor's Twelve Canadians series features the voices of three pioneering Canadian midwives: Elaine Carty, Lee Saxell and Marla Gross.
Feminism | Violent 'alpha male' and mixed martial arts fighter brutally beats ex-girlfriend; claims he's 'cursed' | Aug 12 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Mixed Martial Arts fighter, "War Machine," is on the run after beating Christy Mack in her home.
Photo: Matt Adams
Gaza | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Canadian grassroots actions for Gaza pave way for change of consciousness | Aug 12 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | If Canadian grassroots actions in solidarity with Gaza continue to influence more people, then will the politicians have no choice but to follow? We'll just have to see.
Indigenous Rights | Don't get burned by fake First Nations, American Indian books and authors | Aug 12 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Here is a special warning about books written by authors who claim to be "shamans" -- which, by the way, is not even an Amerindian word.
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Labour | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Charities push back against Harper, refuse to be victims | Aug 12 2014 | Gareth Kirkby | The Harper government is attacking Canadian charities that don't fit the Conservative worldview. Will these charities become victims? Nah, not a chance!
Alberta Premier Dave Hancock Portrait Imagined
Politics in Canada | How much will Albertans spend on oil portraits of Alison Redford and Dave Hancock? | Aug 12 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Premiers like Dave Hancock, who are in office for less than six months, should save the people money by taking a selfie with their cell phone.
Photo: greensambaman/flickr
World | Scotland votes on independence | Aug 12 2014 | Duncan Cameron | "Should Scotland be an independent country?" This question will be put to the people of Scotland in a referendum September 18.