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Civil Liberties Watch | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Cruel and Unusual: The Conservatives' many-sided assault on refugee and migrant health | Nov 10 2014 | Michael Butler | The attack against refugees and migrants to Canada is designed to hit these communities where they are most vulnerable, their health.
Education | Feminism | Politics in Canada | ChildCare2020: Let's put child care back on the public agenda | Nov 10 2014 | Retiree Matters, Shauna Vert | All across Canada, parents are struggling to find safe, affordable, quality child care in which their children can thrive. That's where ChildCare2020 comes in.
Image: flickr/kris krüg
Elections | Four things you need to know about the 2014 Vancouver civic election | Nov 10 2014 | Kaity Cooper | To dispel the myth that city politics don't matter, new blogger Kaity Cooper does your homework for you and highlights four issues you should care about in this civic election.
Photo: flickr/starr
Environment | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Billions of kilograms of food waste? Now that should have been an election issue! | Nov 10 2014 | Wayne Roberts | 67 billion kilograms of food waste heads for the landfill every year. It's a big issue. Why aren't our politicians making a plan for all that food waste?
Image: Flickr/Chuck Coker
Environment | Technology | Wind farms don't hurt people's health. But turns out some people find them annoying. | Nov 10 2014 | Keith Brooks | A new study released by Health Canada confirms that there are no health impacts associated with living near wind farms.
Environment | Animal protection groups launch national anti-fur campaign | Nov 10 2014 | John Bonnar | Two animal protection groups have begun a new national campaign to end the confinement and slaughter of millions of animals every year to support Canada’s fur industry.
Energy East threatens the drinking water of millions of Canadians.
Environment | Energy East mega-pipeline could bring oil spills to a river near you | Nov 10 2014 | Adam Scott | A new video highlights risks of the Energy East mega-pipeline to Canadians.
Media Matters | Politics in Canada | The politics of a case of harassment in the House of Commons | Nov 10 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | When Justin Trudeau publicly suspended two of his MPs because they had allegedly harassed two MPs of another party, all sides held their partisan fire -- at first. Then that all changed.
Photo: Alex Tse
Media Matters | Political Action | Searching for media democracy amid mainstream corporatocracy | Nov 10 2014 | Tania Ehret | We need media democracy! Luckily Media Democracy Days were held this weekend where everything from the digital divide to the politics of representation were discussed.
Media Matters | Lazy journalism | Nov 10 2014 | J. Baglow | Perhaps Jonathan Kay and Justin Ling have had better days.
Raj Sherman
Politics in Canada | Liberal Leader Raj Sherman may have scored 'own goal' as Elections Alberta investigates donations to his party by firms he owns | Nov 10 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Reports the Alberta Liberals are being investigated for donations made by Leader Raj Sherman have the potential to damage the credibility of both party and leader.
Politics in Canada | If nothing else, the Conservatives are persistent | Nov 10 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Harperites order four F-35s at height of fear about shootings in Parliament. Could a snap election be ahead?
World | United Nations immunity versus human rights in Haiti: Stephen Lewis speaks | Nov 10 2014 | Haiti Canada blog | The former ambassador of Canada to the United Nations speaks out on UN accountability for the cholera epidemic in Haiti.
"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" at the Tower of London
World | To Remember is to Work for Peace | Nov 10 2014 | Sara Stratton | Ceramic poppies representing each British and colonial military death in WWI have been laid in the Tower of London’s moat. It is breathtaking, almost beyond belief. Beautiful and absolutely brutal.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | The Jane and John Does of Kinder Morgan's injunction | Nov 8 2014 | Brad Hornick | Simon Fraser University's President Andrew Petter just delivered a response to 300 faculty and staff requesting the university support defendents against Kinder Morgan.