Hamas gains support following Israel's assault on Gaza | Sep 11 2014 | Redeye Collective | A poll of Palestinians conducted after the recent ceasefire shows Hamas gained much support as a result of resistance to the Israeli assault. Meanwhile Netanyahu faces harsh criticism within Israel.
Jewish opposition to colonialism and institutional complicity in Israeli violence | Sep 5 2014 | David Zinman, Sam Bick | Are organizations like CIJA and the CJA actually speaking on behalf of all Jewish people like they say? Definitely not.
Amer Shomali
Inventive documentary uses 4 cows to explore the First Intifada | Sep 3 2014 | June Chua | Combining stop-motion animation, interviews, drawings and archival material, "The Wanted 18" brings to life the struggle of the First Intifada, the first Palestinian uprising in 1987.
Ship to Gaza won in court -- Israel must return S/V Estelle | Sep 1 2014 | Canadian Boat to Gaza | An Israeli court issued a verdict in the case by Ship to Gaza Sweden against the Israeli government, regarding the rights to S/V Estelle.
'Anti-Semitism' as cover for white supremacy | Aug 29 2014 | Yves Engler | Why does a demonstration of hundreds of people against 'anti-Semitism' in Toronto seem more like a march for white supremacy than a rally against racism?
Photo: Miriam Katawazi
66-meter flag is a symbol of solidarity with those who died in Gaza | Aug 29 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | As part of the Peoples' Social Forum, participants from across the country held a vigil in Ottawa to commemorate those who have died in Gaza.
Photo: flickr/Global Panorama
Canadian legal community issues statement of solidarity with Gaza | Aug 26 2014 | Community against the Israeli Assault on Gaza | Members of the legal Community against the Israeli Assault on Gaza have written this open letter to openly condemn the attack on Gaza and stand in solidarity with Palestinians.
Image: Flickr/GerryT1
Israel and Palestine demand honesty -- even if it's depressing | Aug 25 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Gerry Caplan's blog last week, which stated peace in the Middle East is impossible in the foreseeable future -- caused quite a stir. But we can't lie to ourselves.
Photo: video still Gazonto, John Greyson
Gazonto, a short film from John Greyson | Aug 25 2014 | John Greyson | John Greyson reimagines Israel's massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip as if it were an attack on Toronto. Watch.
Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish on Israel, Palestine and forgiveness | Aug 24 2014 | Face2Face | Join in as this Nobel Peace Prize nominee talks about a "freedom for all," how violence crosses all borders, why we shouldn't treat just symptoms and why there is no such thing as a stupid student.
Photo: helga tawil souri/flickr
Gaza: The dictates of conscience or dictated conscience | Aug 21 2014 | Mehdi Rizvi | Are we following the dictates of conscience or dictated conscience? This is the question that arises when we try to apply the principles in the Declaration of Human Rights to the situation in Gaza.
Photo: flickr/Giuseppe Milo
Why won't Canada help the injured children of Gaza? | Aug 19 2014 | Bahija Réghaï | Is there any hope that our Prime Minister will pause in his sideline cheerleading for Israel long enough to act constructively on behalf of Gaza's wounded children?

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