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What impacts do apartheid policies have in the Palestinian territories? | Feb 26 2014 | Waleed Ahmed | Talking about Israeli Apartheid: Israel's apartheid policies place large restrictions on Palestinian land. Read about these impacts in part three of our Israeli Apartheid Week series.
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Three apartheid policies enforced by Israel today | Feb 25 2014 | Waleed Ahmed | Talking about Israeli Apartheid: Three main policies are used to support Israeli Apartheid. Read about how they work in part two of our Israeli Apartheid Week series.
Two Jews, three opinions? Not when it comes to discussing Israel | Feb 7 2014 | Joanne Naiman | Debate and dissent are essential components of a democratic society. But it is strange when Canadians are freer to criticize their own government's policies than those of the government of Israel.
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What do Stephen Harper and Scarlett Johansson have in common? | Feb 7 2014 | Corey Levine | What do Harper and Johansson have in common? Well the SodaStream controversy and Harper's trip have galvanized supports of Palestine and the BDS movement.
Jason Kenney: Up the SodaStream without a paddle? | Feb 6 2014 | Waleed Ahmed | Jason Kenney recently tweeted about his support for SodaStream and his buycott, also insinuating that Oxfam supports BDS of Israel. Not only was his wrong about the latter, his conduct is appalling.
Whose freedom of expression is the Harper government protecting? | Jan 30 2014 | Pro Bono, Shelina Ali | Stephen Harper's strong condemnation of individuals who criticize Israel's policies raises serious concerns about his government's commitment to protecting political speech in Canada.
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Yes, Mr. Harper, it is possible to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic | Jan 27 2014 | Gerry Caplan | According to Stephen Harper, criticism of Israeli policies is the "new anti-Semitism." When Israelis call Israel an apartheid state -- as many do -- are they anti-Semitic too?
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Harper's perverse infatuation with Benjamin Netanyahu is a disservice to Israel | Jan 27 2014 | Murray Dobbin | Stephen Harper's fawning support of the Israeli prime minister suggests that Harper may well have proven to be a good friend of Mr. Netanyahu but not necessarily of Israel.
Photo: Jason Ransom/pmwebphotos/flickr
Harper's adoring trip to Israel was embarrassing for Canadians | Jan 24 2014 | Rick Salutin | So Stephen Harper finally got his Birthright trip to Israel. Good for him, even if he pushed the 26-year-old cut-off date. And it ended as such emotional excursions should.
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Dear Mr. Harper, your commitment to human rights is astounding | Jan 24 2014 | Máire Noonan | Open letter to Stephen Harper: thanks for being such a transparent and forthright Canadian Prime Minister and committing to universal human justice (not!).
Of bombs, statelessness, ethnic cleansing and bird sanctuaries | Jan 24 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | As Prime Minister Harper ends his trip to Israel, history is echoed in the thousands of Bedouin villagers in the Negev contesting efforts to remove them.
Photo: flickr/Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας
Harper's big show in Israel silent on human rights | Jan 23 2014 | Alex Neve, Béatrice Vaugrante, Yonatan Gher | Harper's recent spectacle seemed to cement his relationship with Israel during his recent visit. How disappointing that Israel's human rights shortcomings did not make it to the show.

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