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Our American friends are struggling to meet their health care needs and are fighting for change right now. Canada’s hard won universal system can be a model to others. Share your testimonial about universal health care here in Canada. Try to keep it short but sweet, 150 words or less. Send it to and we’ll post it here. Or send us a video testimonial to

Dear American Neighbours:

Canadians have been watching and reading about your national debate over how to reform your health care system. Normally, of course, we would not attempt to intervene or influence you. But Canadians are shocked that their health-care system -- called Medicare -- has been used to frighten Americans. Some of what has been said about our Medicare system are outright falsehoods -- like the claim that we can't choose our own doctors or that government "bureaucrats" can deny us needed treatment.

We want you to know the truth so that when you make up your mind it will be on the basis of facts, not falsehoods. This page has testimonials from ordinary Canadians, from health professionals, links to websites explaining our Medicare and links to campaigns in your own country fighting for reform.

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The Canadian System

  • Canadians pick their own doctors.
  • Doctors run their own private practices; they don't work for the government.
  • The government is the sole insurance agency, or the only (single) "payer" to pay doctors.
  • Per capita costs for health care in Canada, according to the OECD, is 46% lower than in the U.S. (And in the U.S. lack of health insurances causes about 18,000 deaths a year.)

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