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Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Food & Health | Dismantling barriers faced by migrants to Canada | Nov 25 2015 | Scott Neigh | Sarah St. John and Omar Chu talk about Sanctuary Health's work to challenge barriers to services and resources faced by migrants in Vancouver.
photo: Billy-Jay Belcourt
Anti-Racism | Media Matters | Political Action | A message to the media: I am more than just violence | Nov 25 2015 | Billy-Ray Belcourt | The first-ever Indigenous Rhodes Scholar responds to the misreporting in media accounts of their achievement and offers some tips to the media.
Photo: Melissa Wiese/flickr
Arts & Culture | Technology | Tips for top nerd holiday gifts | Nov 25 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Buying holiday gifts for geeks is fraught, especially for the non-geeky. It's so very easy to buy not just the wrong thing, but precisely the wrong thing. Wayne MacPhail is here to help.
Arts & Culture | Political Action | 1960s counter-culture and anarchism in Vancouver | Nov 25 2015 | Redeye Collective | Larry Gambone was part of the Yippie movement in Vancouver. His recent memoir "No Regrets" has just been published by Black Cat Press.
Béguinage of Lierre / begijnhof van Lier, Flanders - Belgium
Arts & Culture | After Paris, a Canadian in Flanders hopes for another 'Christmas Truce' | Nov 25 2015 | Craig Gibson | A personal essay of a Canadian touring the battlegrounds of the Great War while Paris, and the world, recovers from terror.
Operation Trident Juncture. Photo: Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Canada's deluded wars of November | Nov 25 2015 | Matthew Behrens | As the Trudeau government promises to continue funding the illogical, anti-human enterprise of war, the social costs of such massive investments continue to reveal themselves.
Photo: Kevin M Klerks/flickr
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Manitoba's shrinking economic inequality: Who's keeping score? | Nov 25 2015 | Lynne Fernandez | Could the Manitoba government do more? Absolutely. Is there room for criticism? No doubt. But let's play fair.
Photo: Amber Case/flickr
Education | Labour | Strengthening the heart of Ontario universities with good academic jobs | Nov 25 2015 | Brynne Sinclair-Waters, Graeme Stewart | Ontario needs to invest in our universities to boost the number of professors and academic librarians, and to ensure that every academic job is a good job.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Canada needs real action for climate justice | Nov 25 2015 | Jesse McLaren | Is it possible to achieve climate justice, support Indigenous communities, welcome migrants, stop Islamophobia and defend civil liberties? It's 100 per cent possible.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Environment | UN climate summit may be used to greenwash Canada's tar sands | Nov 25 2015 | Brent Patterson | Is it possible that the COP 21 climate summit could be used as a moment to promote the tar sands and export pipelines?
Image: Twitter/@CathMcKenna
Environment | Politics in Canada | Want to get serious about climate change? Here's a 12-point plan for Canada's new federal government | Nov 25 2015 | Marc Lee | With the Paris climate conference only days away, a Canadian climate action strategy is now urgent and overdue.
Feminism | Orange the world to end gendered violence | Nov 25 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Today is the official launch of the United Nation's Orange the World Campaign! People around the world are encouraged to orange their world in a show of support to end gendered violence.
Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay
Food & Health | Trudeau's government to grab right end of the food stick | Nov 25 2015 | Wayne Roberts | Trudeau's public mandate letter to Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is arguably one of the most tantalizing declarations about food policy anywhere in the world.
Labour | World | Labour protests against APEC summit in the Philippines | Nov 25 2015 | Jiselle Hanna | Labour updates of workers struggles in the Asia Pacific region and opposition to the APEC summit in the Philippines.
Radio listeners
Politics in Canada | Hello Canada? This is London calling! … and we're mildly confused | Nov 25 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | We're going to talk this morning to a nutty blogger in Western Canada! What could possibly go wrong?