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Shalyn Ferdinand
Anti-Racism | LGBTIQ | Political Action | Black and trans voices frustrated by lack of inclusion in Vancouver Women's March | Jan 24 2017 | Tessa Vikander | Organizers of Vancouver's Women's March on Washington express remorse at lack of communication, while omission sparks wider conversation of inclusive organizing.
Pink sweatshirt
CommonCauses | Wearing Pink | Jan 24 2017 | Kelly Okamura | Pink Reflections on the Women's March. Pussycat hats and choosing feminist fashion attire
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Economy | Politics in Canada | US Politics | Trumponomics unsettles Trudeau with threats to Canada-U.S. trade | Jan 24 2017 | Duncan Cameron | With the advent of Donald Trump, international trade has taken centre stage in U.S. politics. Trumponomics suggests that the rest of the world has been cheating the U.S. out of jobs and wealth.
Photo: Martha Plaine
Economy | Politics in Canada | US Politics | Canadian marchers push back against Trump; politicians get on his train | Jan 24 2017 | Karl Nerenberg | Trump's rhetoric about helping the forgotten people turns out to mean cutting taxes and regulations for the 1%. Canadian Conservatives embrace him while Liberals try to get along.
Jim Stanford
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Others sure to suffer as Sudden Apocalyptic Deficit Syndrome strikes affluent, older, white males from Saskatchewan | Jan 24 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | With the economic case for austerity pretty well universally discredited, you have to look to the underlying motives of conservatives like Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.
Photo: CIAT/flickr
Environment | Food & Health | Agriculture is part of the climate change solution | Jan 24 2017 | Lois Ross | Agriculture can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it is going to mean putting stewardship and food production ahead of profit and expansion. It is possible.
Image: Instagram/michelle_crowe
Political Action | US Politics | The revolution is messy and incomplete. But last weekend, it was born. | Jan 24 2017 | Sophia Reuss | The "Anti-Inauguration" protest and Women's March on Washington provide hope that a global, inclusive left can finally fight neoliberalism and oppression together.
How to resist Trump(ism)
Environment | Political Action | Technology | How to resist Trump(ism) | Jan 23 2017 | Daryn Caister | We discuss ideas for how to resist the incoming Trump inauguration. Stefan shares some ideas sent in to us by listeners. Daryn also suggests some tempting options that you should absolutely NOT do.
Feminism | Political Action | US Politics | Women, abstracted: The political performativity of indignation | Jan 23 2017 | Raluca Bejan | Ideologically, we are not in an era where "pussy grabbing" could ever get institutionalized. Yet aggressive immigration enforcement and a registry of Muslim residents could be written into the law.
Image: Flickr/VeryBusyPeople
Feminism | Political Action | US Politics | Five types of people who marched on Washington this weekend -- or stayed home | Jan 23 2017 | Ishani Weera | Here are five types of broad perspectives that we noticed on social media over the weekend. Each had something valuable to add to the ongoing discussion on the nature of solidarity and resistance.
Feminism | Political Action | 'Today, let us commit to speaking out for those whose voices may not be as loud': Samaah Jaffer at Vancouver's Women's March | Jan 23 2017 | Samaah Jaffer | rabble's B.C. Editor Samaah Jaffer addressed some 15,000 people who came out to the Women's March in Vancouver to oppose the new misogynist in the White House.
Women's March signs, A woman's place is in the resistance
Political Action | Millions march to tell Trump: Tweet women with respect | Jan 23 2017 | Penney Kome | Overwhelming turnout for "sister" Women's Marches bodes well for International Women's Day celebrations.
US Politics | Is a Pink Revolution beginning in America? This genie will be hard to put back in its bottle! | Jan 22 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Given the turnout at Women's Marches around the world yesterday, if Trump's presidency has sparked a movement, its signature colour will most likely be pink.
US Politics | The Teflon Donald | Jan 21 2017 | Scott Stager Piatkowski | Why it was so hard for his opponents to put a dent in Donald Trump's support.
Image: Roger Doherty/flickr
Arts & Culture | US Politics | W.H. Auden's poetry resonates on Trump's inauguration day | Jan 20 2017 | Rick Salutin | How did Auden (W.H.) get it so right? He died in 1973, but his lines come to mind during the 21st century's most wracked moments.