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Photo: Cliff/flickr
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Apartheid schools: The return of segregation in the U.S. | Apr 24 2014 | Amy Goodman | With the U.S. Supreme Court decision supporting Michigan's ban against affirmative action in state university admissions and the increasing resegregation of schools, segregation may be alive and well.
Arts & Culture | Environment | 'The Sixth Extinction' and our looming catastrophe | Apr 24 2014 | Al Engler | 'The Sixth Extinction' makes abundantly clear that carbon dioxide emissions are serious and we urgently need to cut our reliance on fossil fuel energy.
Civil Liberties Watch | Labour | Politics in Canada | 'Guest' workers are part of a heartless (and not-too-smart) immigration policy | Apr 24 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Harper government has made Deepan Budlakoti, born in Canada to parents who are now Canadian citizens, a stateless person. That is typical of a policy that pushes 'guest workers' over immigrants.
photo: flickr/ganeshaisis
Economy | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Follow the Money, Part 5 -- The Tobacco Papers revisited | Apr 24 2014 | Donald Gutstein | It took a court case to prove it, but Fraser Institute research results that questioned whether smoking can cause cancer were funded by Big Tobacco. Who funds today's research?
Source: Tuition in Canada, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Retrieved fr
Economy | Education | Should an Ontario university degree be a debt sentence? | Apr 24 2014 | Kaylie Tiessen | High unemployment and high tuition fees combined are saddling graduates with growing levels of student debt that make it difficult to take life's next steps.
Photo: Mike Baird/flickr
Environment | Why was the humpback whale taken off the 'threatened species' list? | Apr 24 2014 | Stephen Leahy | This week the federal government was legally obligated to establish protected habitat for threatened North Pacific humpback whales. Instead the humpback was taken off the "threatened species" list.
Habitat: Conversations about how we live
Environment | Donald Cameron on the legal right to a clean environment | Apr 24 2014 | Erica Butler | In Canada we don't have the right to clean air or clean water. Donald Cameron is exploring the movement to secure rights for nature, as well as the human right to a healthy environment.
Indigenous Rights | Stand Our Sacred Ground -- Honour the Treaties | Apr 24 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Standing Our Sacred Ground -- First Nations, tribal leaders & land owners send message to Canada, stop tar sands at the source.
Occupy | Political Action | Powermapping | Apr 24 2014 | Powermapping can help activists figure out who holds the power and who to target with their next campaign
Thomas Lukaszuk
Politics in Canada | Thanks to memo, Albertans know it wasn't just Alison Redford with entitlement issues | Apr 24 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Conservatives' entitlement problems run deeper than one politician -- and even one level of government!
Peacekeepers Memorial. Photo: Bob Linsdell/flickr
Politics in Canada | Harper and the taste for war | Apr 24 2014 | Linda McQuaig | Under Harper, Ottawa has shown an enthusiasm for the institution of war, making something of a fetish out of celebrating Canada's war history and pumping up our military spending.
image: flickr/USB
Arts & Culture | Indigenous Rights | Media Matters | Struggling for citizen control of Community TV in Montreal | Apr 23 2014 | Catherine Edwards | The modern cable industry is not community-TV friendly, so a not-for-profit is proposing to take over community TV from Videotron.
Arts & Culture | Interview with writer Julia Moulden | Apr 23 2014 | Face2Face | Join me in this rare interview with one of Canada's freshest and brightest writers, Julia Moulden.
Photo: Robert Taylor/Wikimedia
Economy | Politics in Canada | Grain, trains and autocrats: Farmers pay the price of dismantling the Wheat Board | Apr 23 2014 | Dean Harder | There is a direct correlation between the loss of the farmer-elected Canadian Wheat Board and the current rail transportation boondoggle which will cost Prairie farmers over $5 billion in sales.
Economy | Labour | Political Action | Demand Compensation for the Victims of Rana Plaza! | Apr 23 2014 | It's been a year since Rana Plaza collasped killing 1,138 people. Demand that the brands responsible compensate those injured and their families!