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Harper Screen Shot
Politics in Canada | That Conservative foreign policy election plank: Shaky, incoherent and quite possibly dangerous | Aug 5 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | What does Canada do now that our NATO allies, the Turks, have turned viciously on the Kurds with the apparent support of the United States?
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Indigenous Rights | GroundWire | August 3, 2015: Prisoners' Justice Day episode | Aug 4 2015 | GroundWire | On this week's GroundWire: Programmers talk about the importance of Prisoners' Justice Day and why it's important for community radio stations to produce Prisoners' Justice Day Content.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | World | Women, war and Wikileaks | Aug 4 2015 | Frieda Werden | In this program from the WINGS archives: Dr. Cynthia Enloe, Women's Studies, Clark University; and the women of the film WikiRebels, including Birgitta Jonsdottir, member of Parliament from Iceland.
Photo: flickr/ Stephen Harper
Civil Liberties Watch | Economy | Environment | Feminism | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | UN Human Rights Committee criticizes Harper government | Aug 4 2015 | Edward C. Corrigan | A wake-up call for Canada: the UN Human Rights Committee subjects the Harper government to severe criticism over its shortcomings. Read a detailed analysis here.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Economy | Elections | Politics in Canada | Harper economics: Planets revolve around the earth and austerity creates growth | Aug 4 2015 | Louis-Philippe Rochon | Imagine 16th-century geocentrists being shown proof that the earth actually revolved around the sun, and dismissing the new science as fuddleduddlery. This is the world in which austerians live.
Image: OTA Photos/flickr
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Fraser Institute report misses the mark on retirement security | Aug 4 2015 | Hugh Mackenzie | The best measure of the political saliency of expanding public pensions might be the progression of conservative think-tank studies purporting to show that there is no need for an expanded CPP.
Credit: Michal Rozworski
Economy | Elections | Labour | Politics in Canada | Canada's new recession and the push for alternatives | Aug 4 2015 | Michal Rozworski | The Bank of Canada cut its benchmark interest rate to nearly record lows, now just 0.5 per cent. The move reflects a poverty of economic policy from the ruling Conservatives.
Economy | Elections | Labour | Report your part-time cashier, get a free bag of chocolate-chip cookies | Aug 4 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | As precarious part-time and contract positions become a way of life for Canadians more of us will experience food insecurity. This federal election is the perfect time to ask candidates their stance.
Environment | Food & Health | Political Action | Defending the human right to water and sanitation at the United Nations | Aug 4 2015 | Aine O'Connor, Meera Karunananthan | Five years ago, the United Nations formally recognized the human right to water and sanitation by passing resolution 64/292.
Environment | Cecil the lion's killing shines spotlight on barbaric trophy hunting | Aug 4 2015 | David Suzuki | We're in a global eco-crisis that demands a redefinition of our relationship with plants and other animals.
Feminism | The Lord Sewel ‘scandal’ should be about misogyny, not drugs | Aug 4 2015 | Meghan Murphy | The media's focus on Lord Sewel's alleged use of illegal drugs is misguided.
Good News | Media Matters | World | Community Radio, the rabble podcast network's big sister -- rabble radio 167 | Aug 4 2015 | Victoria Fenner | Community radio and the rabble podcast network share a lot of similarities. A look at three examples.
Politics in Canada | Yukon senator decides on territory's (and his) best interests | Aug 4 2015 | Lewis Rifkind | Yukon Senator says he will make a decision on stepping down that is "in the best interests of the Yukon."
Arts & Culture | Try everything, including this | Aug 3 2015 | Catherine Brunelle, Kevin Johns | Indie writers have one definite advantage: in owning their book rights, they're empowered to experiment with storytelling format. So, are you taking advantage?
Civil Liberties Watch | Technology | World | Should web content be censored without a judicial process? | Aug 3 2015 | David Christopher, Digital Freedom Update | A new threat to the open Internet has arisen from an unusual source. Known as the "right to be forgotten," it could drastically change how people share, communicate and access information online.