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Photo by CCPA-MB
Anti-Racism | Indigenous Rights | Fixing our divided city: Lessons from youth and elders | Oct 30 2014 | Shauna MacKinnon | Our city would be well served if Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth, inner-city and urban youth, Elders and other adults had an opportunity to come together at Circle of Life Thunderbird House.
Anti-Racism | Watch: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges with Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg | Oct 30 2014 | rabbleTV | On October 13, 2012 a group of Aboriginal youth met a group of youth from the suburbs of Winnipeg. This film documents the day they spent together with elders.
Arts & Culture | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | 'From the Poplars' and beyond: A call for social justice | Oct 30 2014 | Nathaniel G. Moore | Canadian poetry and activism mix? You bet! 'From the Poplars' puts a spotlight on B.C. history and the Qayqayt First Nation in this call to arms for environmental consciousness.
Photo: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | 2014 U.S. midterm elections marked by widespread voter disenfranchisement | Oct 30 2014 | Amy Goodman | Purging of voter rolls is just one way that Republicans are working to limit the vote. Key court decisions have all but guaranteed that many U.S. voters will be denied access to their right to vote.
Photo: flickr/Brian Turner
Civil Liberties Watch | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Child welfare funding on reserve now in hands of Human Rights Tribunal | Oct 30 2014 | Jocelyn Formsma | The First Nations child welfare case is the most important Indigenous children's rights case. Why? Here's three reasons.
Photo: flickr/Martin Cathrae
Civil Liberties Watch | Elections | Politics in Canada | Toronto election results reveal a polarized city | Oct 30 2014 | Dr. Kara Santokie | The Ford era is over for Toronto (for now). But as bleary-eyed Torontonians return to reality, what are they really waking up to?
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Harper tries to intimidate us into perpetual war | Oct 30 2014 | Linda McQuaig | Stephen Harper insisted last week that we will not be intimidated by terrorism. He then did everything he could to ensure we will be intimidated by terrorism.
Economy | Municipal governments required to do more with less money | Oct 30 2014 | Redeye Collective | Cities in Canada are getting significantly less money from higher levels of government. At the same time, municipal governments are paying more than their share of housing, policing and water costs.
Environment | “Big Numbers” – Climate Change is Spooky | Oct 30 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Bring your scariest climate-change themed costume and get ready for a climate action "spook-tacle" at city hall.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Canadian lawyers and Chevron's court battle over environmental damage in Ecuador | Oct 30 2014 | Kirsten Iler, Pro Bono | Controversy erupted amongst Canadian lawyers when the Canadian Bar Association decided to intervene in a long-running case brought against Chevron by Indigenous peoples in Ecuador. Here's why.
Environment | Letters to Ryan Leef: Don't vote for Bill S-6 | Oct 30 2014 | Linda Leon | Please don't vote for regressive Bill S-6, “An Act to amend the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act and the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface" -- Northerners deserve better.
Feminism | Media Matters | Jian Ghomeshi: The good soldier? | Oct 30 2014 | Joanne Wright | Jian Ghomeshi is framing himself as the good soldier who is entitled to a private sex life. However, this case seems to be more about masculine entitlement and self-defining masculinity.
Indigenous Rights | Winter and our ability to forget ‏ | Oct 30 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | I remember the fire of such campaigns as Idle No More, the round dances under the snowflakes and pale light of the setting sun. I remember when we cared about Innu youth and the homeless.
Photo: Shawn Micallef
Labour | Politics in Canada | Canada loses to Mexico: Was Ford ever planning to invest in Windsor? | Oct 30 2014 | Ella Bedard | Given the current state of the North American Auto Industry, automakers have no incentive to invest in Canada.
Arts & Culture | Political Action | The Occupy-inspired grassroots revitalization of a marginalized neighbourhood | Oct 29 2014 | Scott Neigh | TJ Travis speaks about The Bloomfield House, a grassroots revitalization and community empowerment initiative in the Sandwich Town neighbourhood of Windsor, Ontario.