Water everywhere, Canadian policy nowhere | Jul 29 2015 | Maude Barlow | The UN says water is a human right, Canada says it's a corporate free-for-all.
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Jen Castro
Drinking from the river at the Unist'ot'en Camp | Jul 28 2015 | Emma Lui | At the sixth annual Unist'ot'en Camp, a diversity of people met to discuss how we could lend solidarity to the Unist'ot'en people fighting numerous oil and gas pipelines on their territory.
Smoky summer: Why the impacts of climate change are no longer such a hazy concept on the West Coast | Jul 28 2015 | Torrance Coste | On July 5, 2015, I woke up just after dawn. It was cloudy, and the clouds were orange.
Yukon federal candidates in place | Jul 26 2015 | Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon Federal NDP have a candidate in place, as do all the other main parties. Let the politicking commence.
Reflections on the power of the Unist'ot'en Camp | Jul 24 2015 | Rita Wong | Rita Wong is a woman of Canadian citizenship and Chinese descent. She attended the sixth annual Unist'ot'en Action Camp in northern B.C. Read about her experience here.
36th Annual Grand River Pow Wow July 24-26 | Jul 21 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | Grand Entry at 12:00 pm Saturday
Pow wow listing for August 2015 | Jul 21 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | Here is your pow wow listing for August 2015
Women Gun Survivors in Indian-colonized India | Jul 20 2015 | Rose Marie Whalley | Interview recorded at the WILPF Women's Power to Stop War conference in April 2015 in The Hague.
Photo courtesy of Rebel Sage
Sid Ryan on the unstoppable alliance of labour, environment and Indigenous groups | Jul 16 2015 | Steve Cornwell | In a rabble interview, OFL President Sid Ryan discusses the emerging movement for jobs, justice and the climate.
The miseducation of Augie Merasty | Jul 16 2015 | Christine Smith (McFarlane) | At 86, Joseph (Augie) Merasty decided his story needed to be told: a firsthand account of the impact residential schools had on Indigenous children and how this experience shaped his life.
Support the Anishinaabe water walk to protect water from Energy East pipeline | Jul 15 2015 | Andrea Harden-Donahue | From August 3-7, people will be walking along the proposed Energy East pipeline route from Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake, drawing attention to the threats posed by TransCanada's proposed pipeline.
Circuits of struggle: Community media in Oaxaca | Jul 14 2015 | Victoria Fenner | An address about the power of grassroots communications from the Union of Democratic Communications Conference, May 1, 2015 in Toronto.

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Israeli terrorists kill Palestinian baby, critically wound rest of family lagatta said... More on this atrocity from Al Jazeera, with a video report.
AFN asks Ottawa to declare all Aboriginal languages official lagatta said... I certainly agree with this in principle, and there are several languages spoken widely in northern...
quiet champion Carey Price urges First Nations youth to be "confident" lagatta said... Yes, I really liked that. Important message, and amazingly, he doesn't sound full of himself. in
Missing and murdered. Leah Anderson, 15 years old... and others lagatta said... Teresa Casandra Robinson of Garden Hill, Manitoba, age 11.
Australia: PM Abbott & Premier Barnett, stop forced closures of Aboriginal communities epaulo13 said... 300 Indigenous Protesters Stage Brisbane City Hall Sit-In Around 300 people stormed into Brisbane’s...
Connection between C-51 and Aboriginal and labour rights KenS said... There is quite a bit of discussion of this in aboriginal-oriented Facebook groups (and presumably...
Shutdown Canada Friday February 13th Unionist said... Thought we already had a thread: Feb 13th #ShutDownCanada protest gains momentum   in
On a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Pondering said... Thank-you for sharing that information. You will find no argument here. in
2014 Assembly of First Nations elects new leader - What lies ahead? epaulo13 said... ..this is an introduction to what first nations face today and various directions needed to move...
The struggle for Burnaby Mountain epaulo13 said... Dramatic arrest of Kinder Morgan protesters met with defiance and pride (VIDEOS) Brigette DePape, a...


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Interview: Working against colonialism in Vancouver
Bradley Hughes talked to Scott Clark, a Salish activist in Vancouver, who is the Executive Director of Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement – ALIVE about his work.

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