'Your history is standing straight up': Survivors' Totem Pole to be raised in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside | Jul 22 2014 | Michael Stewart | The Sacred Circle Society will erect a "Survivors' Totem Pole" in an as-yet unannounced site somewhere in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to celebrate the many victims of Canada's colonial violence.
Photo by krystalline kraus
Pow Wow etiquette, lesson one: Making the regalia | Jul 22 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Hello Canada, I want to take encourage everyone to at least get out to one Pow Wow this year. A quick lesson around the creativity and commitment that is at the heart of making the regalia.
New legislation makes it easy for feds to ignore public and Aboriginal input on resource development | Jul 22 2014 | Ramsey Hart | Last week the Minister of the Environment, Leona Aglukkaq bent to the desire of B.C. to go it alone on the environmental assessment of another major resource development project.
Bearing witness during the Tar Sands Healing Walk | Jul 21 2014 | Kelsey Mech | I've always known these projects are on the traditional territories of Indigenous communities, but there is something about actually witnessing the massive implications that makes it much more real.
Photo: John Cameron
Protests continue over luxury development on Coast Salish burial ground | Jul 21 2014 | Cory Collins | There is an attempt to build a luxury home on Grace Islet, B.C. On a Coast Salish burial site. Yes, really.
Image: Facebook/Amir Schiby
Condeming the violence in Gaza by acknowledging Canada's own violent history | Jul 21 2014 | Nora Loreto | The colonial histories of both Canada and Israel are remarkably similar.
Groundwire Episode 1 | Jul 21 2014 | Rachel Swatek | This episode is produced by CHRW in London Ontario featuring stories about the temporary foreign workers program, BC Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors, Toronto Pride and more.
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip on Supreme Court ruling in Tsilhqot'in title case | Jul 21 2014 | Redeye Collective | The recent Supreme Court of Canada decision is the first to acknowledge Aboriginal title on the ground. It will affect the future of development projects all across B.C.
Community-financed tar sands environmental pollution study released | Jul 20 2014 | Dan Kellar, Rachel Avery | #DailyGRRR! host Rachel Avery speaks with Stephane McLachlan, the lead researcher of a study released this week about the health and ecosystem impacts of the tar sands in Fort Chipewyan.
Six Nations protesters stop Enbridge Line 9 dig in North Dumfries | Jul 18 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Individuals from Six Nations and their allies have interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline.
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Five quick facts about Grassy Narrows' Supreme Court case | Jul 15 2014 | Free Grassy | Need more information about Grassy Narrows' Supreme Court case? Read these five quick facts and pass them along.
Uncontacted tribes in Peru threatened by energy industry | Jul 15 2014 | Redeye Collective | There are still hunter-gatherer groups in the Amazon who have had little or no contact with the outside world. Oil and gas exploration brings the threat of disease and catastrophic loss of life.

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National Union of Public and General Employees
Supreme Court makes landmark ruling on land title rights
A major ruling by the Superme Court of Canada will have serious implications for the Conservative government's plans to proceed with the Northern Gateway Pipeline, among other projects.

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