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Breaking down the narratives around the first ministers' climate meeting | Mar 8 2016 | Andrea Harden-Donahue | The long-anticipated first ministers' meeting in Vancouver to talk about a national climate plan made headlines all week, and there are distinct themes that emerged in the media coverage.
Celebrating women who protect the land and people | Mar 8 2016 | Rachel Warden | This International Women's Day, KAIROS is releasing a series of videos featuring courageous women in Canada, Latin America and the Philippines.
The Canada Council for the Arts strikes a new chord with funding model | Mar 7 2016 | Clarissa Fortin | The Canada Council for the Arts is introducing a new funding model, which will be put into effect in April 2017. The model is made up of six programs, one of which is specifically Indigenous-focused.
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Meaningful Indigenous engagement limited in major climate decisions | Mar 4 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | Prime Minister Trudeau made several climate change-related announcements this week, yet meaningful Indigenous consultation was limited.
Our last, best hope is Indigenous Nationhood | Mar 4 2016 | Pam Palmater | What we need in Canada is an independent media system that is tuned to the activism that fights for a more just, wise and equal world. That's what rabble is.
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B.C. Hydro's granted injunction infringes on Indigenous treaty rights | Mar 3 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | Despite Indigenous treaty rights, Vancouver's Supreme Court has granted B.C. Hydro an injunction against Site C protesters.
Renewed calls to end Nunavut food crisis bolstered by #endthepricehike campaign | Feb 22 2016 | Joshua Davidson | Food prices are skyrocketing across Canada especially in the North. This new campaign seeks to raise awareness about food insecurity in Nunavut and create real lasting change.
Literature through the eyes of Indigenous writers and readers | Feb 22 2016 | various | A list of books by Indigenous writers recommended by Indigenous writers and academics. Writers recommended include Richard Van Camp, Lee Maracle, and Leslie Marmon Silko.
A human history of the Ottawa River Watershed | Feb 18 2016 | Victoria Fenner | A look at the role of the Ottawa River in the history of the Algonquin Nation, with Peter Di Gangi.
The Bear Clan: An Indigenous approach to safety and well-being in Winnipeg | Feb 17 2016 | Scott Neigh | James Favel, Jesse Leigh, and Larry Morrissette talk about the work of Winnipeg's Bear Clan Patrol.
GroundWire | February 15, 2016: Anti-racist activism, MMIW march, Water Sustainability Act | Feb 16 2016 | GroundWire | Community radio news from coast to coast to coast.
Hundreds march to remember murdered and missing women in Vancouver | Feb 15 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | The 26th Annual Women's Memorial March took place on February 14 to remember women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside who have gone missing or have been murdered.

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Georgia Straight alleges VANOC CEO John Furlong abused Aboriginal high school students Catchfire said... CBC confirms many details of the Straight's story, despite Furlong's "categorical" denial. in
Colonial courts attack Barriere Lake's sovereignty NDPP said... Barriere Lake Algonquins Threatened with Arrest
Káteri Tekahkwí:the 6079_Smith_W said... There is a very beautiful sculpture of her in front of the St. Francis of Assizi Church in Santa Fe...
Treaty rights ignored, yet again NDPP said... Contact Dalton: in
Youth For Christ open centre in WInnipeg 6079_Smith_W said... I suppose the only consolation is that they have set up their dirty little business kittycorner...
Attawapiskat Nightmare 3 Slumberjack said... From the last news link previous thread; it's surprising the media has taken this long to put...
Attawapiskat Nightmare milo204 said... same thing happened here in manitoba this spring with the massive floods.  The province was...
2011 Sisters In Spirit Vigil Maysie said... Thanks Rebecca. The Toronto event isn't listed. Here's the info, I'll be there. Facebook link to...
Letter from Walk4Justice Maysie said... Quote: Good day friends, allies and supporters, Walk4Justice is preparing for their four-year...
Landmark tax decision from the Supreme Court of Canada Charter Rights said... The actual Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Bastien Estate v. Canada     in


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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Shameful neglect: Indigenous child poverty in Canada
A new report from the CCPA finds that 51% of Indigenous children live in poverty and astonishingly that rises to as high as 60% for children on reserves. Where is the state of emergency?

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