Indigenous activists occupy INAC offices in solidarity with Attawapiskat youth | Apr 29 2016 | GroundWire | Community radio news from coast to coast to coast: Attawapiskat and INAC occupation, Winnipeg racist DJ, fentanyl overdoses.
Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women brings hope and challenges | Apr 28 2016 | Pro Bono, Safia J. Lakhani | On December 8, 2015, the federal government announced that it was launching a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women. What can we expect from the process?
Image: Canada Wild Productions
Poetic documentary 'Koneline' brings B.C. mining into focus | Apr 22 2016 | June Chua | Koneline focuses on the "golden triangle" of land in northwest B.C. where copper and gold mining companies are busy drilling into prime territory where local people hunt and fish.
Photo: David Coombs/
Attawapiskat and the importance of community | Apr 22 2016 | Rick Salutin | Why would people who are reeling from the near obliteration of their community be better off going somewhere that lacks even the shards of community left them?
#OccupyINAC Vancouver continues to protest in solidarity with Attawapiskat | Apr 22 2016 | Lenée Son | Vancouver #OccupyINAC has vowed to stay at the INAC office until the federal government meets the demands of the Attawapiskat Youth Council. On April 19 a rally in support of #OccupyINAC was held.
The fight by Aboriginal people against the NT Intervention and the Basics Card | Apr 22 2016 | Jiselle Hanna, Piergiorgio Moro | Labour struggles updates from the region and the fight against the NT Intervention and Basics Card by Australian Aboriginal people.
Photo: flickr/Environmental Defence Canada
Chippewas of the Thames consider legal injunction to stop Enbridge's Line 9 | Apr 20 2016 | Keith Scott | The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is considering filing an injunction against Enbridge's Line 9 to stop the company profiting off tar sands oil while the two camps are engaged in litigation.
Photo: David Coombs
Activists occupy Toronto's Indigenous and Northern Affairs office | Apr 20 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | #ItTakesANation is extremely important when it comes to finding solutions as to why so many Indigenous youth are attempting to commit suicide.
Photo: Province of British Columbia/flickr
Salmon or LNG? What's at stake in the Pacific Northwest decision | Apr 19 2016 | Duncan Cameron | The federal environment minister is sitting on a big decision. In the face of opposition from First Nations, she is charged with granting environmental approval for an LNG project on Lelu Island.
Terry LeBlanc on "Weaponized" Religion, Worldviews and 1st Nations.
Terry LeBlanc on 'weaponized' religion, worldviews and interdependence | Apr 19 2016 | Face2Face | Terry talks about "weaponized" religion, compound worldviews, about living in a "both/and" world, and unpacks notions of interdependence, integration and inter-relationship.
Canada's government and some churches promise to implement TRC recommendations
The TRC recommendations: There's hope, but it's a marathon | Apr 16 2016 | Dennis Gruending | The Canadian government and a number of churches say they accept and will attempt to implement recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Image: Flickr/amy dame
Don't partake in celebrations over new Supreme Court ruling on Métis just yet | Apr 15 2016 | Pamela Palmater | The Supreme Court ruling on Daniels vs. Canada does not bolster Métis claims, but instead confuses them. Pam Palmater clarifies the decision and what it does and does not say.

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Georgia Straight alleges VANOC CEO John Furlong abused Aboriginal high school students Catchfire said... CBC confirms many details of the Straight's story, despite Furlong's "categorical" denial. in
Colonial courts attack Barriere Lake's sovereignty NDPP said... Barriere Lake Algonquins Threatened with Arrest
Káteri Tekahkwí:the 6079_Smith_W said... There is a very beautiful sculpture of her in front of the St. Francis of Assizi Church in Santa Fe...
Treaty rights ignored, yet again NDPP said... Contact Dalton: in
Youth For Christ open centre in WInnipeg 6079_Smith_W said... I suppose the only consolation is that they have set up their dirty little business kittycorner...
Attawapiskat Nightmare 3 Slumberjack said... From the last news link previous thread; it's surprising the media has taken this long to put...
Attawapiskat Nightmare milo204 said... same thing happened here in manitoba this spring with the massive floods.  The province was...
2011 Sisters In Spirit Vigil Maysie said... Thanks Rebecca. The Toronto event isn't listed. Here's the info, I'll be there. Facebook link to...
Letter from Walk4Justice Maysie said... Quote: Good day friends, allies and supporters, Walk4Justice is preparing for their four-year...
Landmark tax decision from the Supreme Court of Canada Charter Rights said... The actual Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Bastien Estate v. Canada     in

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Reconciliation and the pillar of restoration
Reconciliation within a workplace environment is about inclusion, belonging, dignity and respect. The UFCW has released a toolkit to educate workers about Indigenous self-determination.

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