Justice for Grassy Narrows | Jun 1 2016 | Victoria Fenner | Community elders, youth musicians and activist/journalist Avi Lewis call upon the Ontario government to clean up mercury contamination in Northwestern Ontario affecting Indigenous communities.
Photo: Steph Wechsler
Grassy Narrows First Nation demands Wynne clean up mercury in waterways | Jun 1 2016 | Steph Wechsler | "Every day that goes by without justice for Grassy Narrows is another attack on the land," said Avi Lewis. A new report shows the mercury contamination can be cleaned up in the Wabigoon-English River.
Grassy Narrows youth, 2012
New hope for Grassy Narrows, but Ontario still balks at cleaning mercury-poisoned waters | May 30 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | It's not too late to remove the mercury from the river system, freeing community members from the killer legacy left by the pulp and paper industry.
Photo: YouTube
Lubicon Lake Nation demands action, justice for ongoing discrimination and exploitation | May 27 2016 | Sophia Reuss | The ongoing land rights disputes and pattern of racial discrimination has pushed the Lubicon Lake Nation to resubmit a UN human rights complaint and meet with Alberta's Indigenous Relations Minister.
Deadly water still haunts Grassy Narrows | May 27 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | Grassy Narrows youth, traditional drummers, mercury survivors, and a thousand supporters are converging downtown on Thursday June 2.
Trudeau fails to deliver on election promise to support Indigenous post-secondary students | May 26 2016 | Bilan Arte | Trudeau promised to invest $50 million per year in a federal fund that supports Indigenous post-secondary students. Instead, the Liberals invested no new funding.
How to save a language: B.C. university offers Haida field course | May 26 2016 | Chris Cheung | Simon Fraser University offers field course in linguistics to preserve the Haida language.
Colonialism No More | May 25 2016 | Scott Neigh | Su Deranger and Robyn Pitawanakwat talk about Colonialism No More, an action in solidarity with Attawapiskat First Nation and #OccupyINAC that is ongoing in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Photo: voyagevixen2/flickr
Manitoba ranks highest for Indigenous child poverty | May 19 2016 | Cora Morgan | A new study out Tuesday finds that Manitoba has the highest number of on-reserve First Nations children in poverty in the country. This number is rising and the situation is getting worse.
Rueben George about to talk to media about the NEB recommendation.
Despite widespread resistance, NEB recommends Kinder Morgan pipeline for approval | May 19 2016 | Michael Stewart | "This issue is too important to leave up to industry or politicians to decide," said Dogwood campaigner Kai Nagata.
WATCH: Amai Kuda in 'We Can Do It! (Dirty Money)' (ft. Y, M1 and Kinnie Starr) | May 17 2016 | Amai Kuda | Amai Kuda and Y Josephine team up with Indigenous singer/songwriter Kinnie Starr and hip-hop legend M1 from Dead Prez to create a "call to action" in support of the group Decolonize NOW!
Alethea on her new film Angry Inuk and the “People of the Seal”.
Setting the Inuit record straight on cultural prejudice and the seal hunt | May 16 2016 | Face2Face | Alethea Arnaquq-Baril talks about her new film Angry Inuk, the "People of the Seal" and a new model for animal activism.

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Landmark tax decision from the Supreme Court of Canada Charter Rights said... The actual Supreme Court of Canada Decision: Bastien Estate v. Canada     in


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PSAC supports calls to strengthen MMIW inquiry
The Public Service Alliance of Canada joins Indigenous Peoples in recognizing the importance of the newly-launched National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

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