Native Appropriations | Feb 27 2014 | A site dedicated to discussing and profiling instances of cultural appropriation and other stereotypical and problematic representations of Native peoples
TransCanada found non-compliant in safety audit | Feb 26 2014 | Brent Patterson | A National Energy Board audit of TransCanada has found that the company is non-compliant in four areas.
Photo: flickr/fox_kiyo
On Thomas Berger and the Peel River Watershed | Feb 24 2014 | Heather Menzies | The Yukon government's 'regional land-use plan' for the Peel River Watershed proposes to leave 29 per cent protected from development, versus the 80 per cent originally recommended. What gives?
First Nations confer to repel fracking initiatives | Feb 21 2014 | Penney Kome | Alberta and New Brunswick First Nations share stories of shape-shifting fracking companies that suck up irreplaceable water in order to spout profitable oil and gas.
Activist Communique: The Blue Dot Movement for Indigenous Accountability | Feb 21 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | In case you were wondering how and why a blue coloured dot has appeared on some famous First Nations portraits that are in black and white, welcome to the Blue Dot movement.
Stop Harper's First Nation Termination Plan! | Feb 19 2014 | First Nations are being stripped of their sovereign status thanks to imposed policy and coercion by the Harper Government
Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto has left the Sinclair inquest. Here's why. | Feb 18 2014 | Christa Big Canoe | Brian Sinclair was the only patient left untreated in the Winnipeg emergency room where he died. The inquest into his death should focus more on systemic discrimination than hospital patient flow.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Conservative budget poses stark question for First Nations | Feb 18 2014 | Pamela Palmater | A closer inspection of the budget "promises" reveals very real threats to First Nations treaty rights, forcing Aboriginal people to become willing partners -- or go to jail.
Democracy North: Feb 16: A Tribe Called Red—Canadian Doctors for Medicare on Budget—Resisting Afghanistan civilian deaths | Feb 18 2014 | Democracy North | A weekly independent Canadian & global news hour, featuring a grassroots view of the week’s top news & culture.
Activist Communique: Elsipogtog - The Fire Over Water Mi’kmaq Speaking Tour | Feb 17 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Members of the Mi'kmaq Warriors Society who have been arrested and incarcerated are on a speaking tour to raise awareness about their struggle against fracking.
Drawing "A Line in the Sand" for Indigenous Culture and Identity | Feb 14 2014 | Profiling the site "A Line in the Sand" which advocates on behalf of Indigenous cultural property
Advocating to Protect Indigenous Land, Language and Culture | Feb 14 2014 | Profiling a 41-year-old organization that advocates for Indigenous' land, language, culture

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