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Image: raymondclarkeimages/flickr
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | US Politics | Beyoncé delivers anthem of Black power at Super Bowl | Feb 11 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Amidst the unrelenting commercial fanfare surrounding Super Bowl 50, a raw and undiluted expression of a powerful social movement made its way onto centre field.
Arts & Culture | Economy | Is Canada back? Not if austerity dominates and capitalism isn't confronted | Feb 11 2016 | Chris Walker | How can the left better challenge austerity measures and capitalism? "The Servant State" suggests we move beyond mere indignation and confront the horrifying reality in front of us.
Svea Vikander, feign illness or a boyfriend
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Media Matters | Day 11: Jian Ghomeshi reminded me of (apparently) having a friend's hand down my shirt | Feb 11 2016 | Svea Vikander | As former CBC talkshow host Jian Ghomeshi goes to trial for four counts of sexual assault this month, Canada is forced to confront attitudes about sex, consent and the validity of victims' stories.
Civil Liberties Watch | US Politics | Not Rex: On the Flint Michigan water crisis | Feb 11 2016 | Humberto DaSilva | The Flint water crisis is right up there with some of the most egregious crimes of capitalism.
Education | Secrecy in governance: UBC Faculty Association launches petition of non-confidence in the Board of Governors | Feb 11 2016 | Jen Halsall | After newly-released documents exposed secret meetings between board members, 450 faculty members have signed a petition of non-confidence. The faculty association is calling for an external review.
Council of Canadians Map of Energy East Pipeline
Environment | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Where do big city mayors along the pipeline route stand on Energy East? | Feb 11 2016 | Brent Patterson | Last week, the mayors of the 22 biggest cities in this country met and the Energy East pipeline was on the agenda. Where do the mayors stand on the issue?
Photo: AJ Batac/flickr
Environment | Labour | Uber is not the answer to Winnipeg's transport woes | Feb 11 2016 | Scott Price | Ride-sharing service Uber wants into the Winnipeg taxi market. But looking past the marketing facade, Uber isn't innovative or inevitable.
Photo: Council of Canadians blog
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Groundbreaking meeting sets course for Indigenous climate action | Feb 11 2016 | Diane Connors | Members and leaders of nations from around the country came together to share and hear stories, to learn from each other about climate change impacts and to work on ways forward.
Environment | Politics in Canada | Climate action neglected in B.C. Liberals' throne speech | Feb 11 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | With the start of B.C.'s new session of legislature this week, Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon read the B.C. Liberals' throne speech bringing with it criticism from environmental groups.
Image: Bear Mountain Wind Park near Dawson Creek, B.C.
Environment | What's needed for a strong B.C. Climate Leadership Plan? | Feb 11 2016 | Stephen Hui | Pembina Institute to host series of four webinars during consultation period.
Labour | Transforming unions today to represent the workers of tomorrow | Feb 11 2016 | What's Left Editors | The latest edition of What's Left this week looks at unions and precarious work, bridging the digital divide, Canada's housing crisis and the TPP.
Photo: flickr/ Diego Torres Silvestre
Labour | Devastating cuts threaten Toronto city workers' job security, union says | Feb 11 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Thousands of Toronto city workers are facing sweeping contract changes designed to eliminate job security, create less stability for part-time employees and significantly reduce benefits, says union.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
NDP | Politics in Canada | US Politics | Six lessons the NDP can take from Bernie Sanders' unlikely victory | Feb 11 2016 | Matt Fodor | After the disastrous showing in the last federal election, the NDP must again undergo a real soul-searching. Luckily, there is plenty to learn just south of the border.
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | Go figure! Jim Prentice, failed former politician, resurfaces with sweet gig at Washington think-tank | Feb 11 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Never one to fumble an opportunity to fumble an opportunity, former Alberta premier Jim Prentice is the belle of the ball again, this time at a Washington think-tank.
World | Facts versus bias in the Western media war against the people of Crimea | Feb 11 2016 | Roger Annis | CBC's The Current does a rare report on Crimea and totally botches it.