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Jim Prentice & Rachel Notley
Politics in Canada | Why the Tory premier attacked the NDP leader: The simplest explanation is the best | Apr 25 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Pollster Lorne Bozinoff Suggests Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley and her New Democrats may have found "a recipe for government." Can they keep it at a boil till May 5?
Funeral procession for boat refugees, April 23, 2015 - Brussels. Photo: Amnesty
Anti-Racism | Labour | World | The Mediterranean refugee crisis is a human-made disaster | Apr 24 2015 | Rick Salutin | Could we please stop treating refugees who drown in the Mediterranean as if they're another earthquake or tsunami? This isn't a natural disaster, it's a hands-on human one.
Israel's separation barrier has been ruled illegal by the International Court of
Anti-Racism | The double-tongued discourse of Hasbara | Apr 24 2015 | Michelle Weinroth | Hasbara -- Israel's public relations industry -- is a double-tongued discourse, voicing self-pity in one breath and moral terror in another.
Photo: flickr/ Dafne Cholet
Arts & Culture | Good News | Feel Good Friday: The days of our week edition | Apr 24 2015 | Kaitlin McNabb | Sometimes the Monday to Friday grind can be unbearable. But luckily Feel Good Friday can brighten it up!
Photo: flickr/ MichaEli
Civil Liberties Watch | Media Matters | World | Recognizing the Armenian genocide: Beyond selective memory | Apr 24 2015 | Sedef Arat-Koc | It is interesting that as the Canadian media and politicians call on the Turkish state to recognize the Armenian genocide, they have been silent on other genocides. Why?
Civil Liberties Watch | NDP | Politics in Canada | Bill C-51: Week of Education is over. Now what? Here is how to stay tuned in | Apr 24 2015 | Maya Bhullar | In Toronto, join the May Day Rally and March, May 1, Yonge Dundas Sq, 4PM
Civil Liberties Watch | CommonCauses | World | Local government responsibility and the right to adequate housing | Apr 24 2015 | George Lessard | UN Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha on adequate housing - 16th Meeting, 28th Regular Session HR Council
CommonCauses | Environment | Politics in Canada | Hydro One is our asset: Let's not sell it off | Apr 24 2015 | Tell Kathleen Wynne, hands off our Hydro One
Photo: Jason Spaceman/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Ontario Budget 2015: Throwing everything but infrastructure under the bus | Apr 24 2015 | Hugh Mackenzie | When you look at the numbers, it is clear that everything else -- every other service that Ontarians depend on -- has been thrown under the infrastructure bus.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Lost and found: What budget language says about government priorities | Apr 24 2015 | Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | The policies and measures contained in the budget say a lot about the current government's priorities. But the language they use says just as much about what this government really values.
Premier Kathleen Wynne endorsing Adam Vaughn in 2014
Economy | Politics in Canada | Ontario Budget 2015: Kicks the can on fixing Ontario's real problems | Apr 24 2015 | Kaylie Tiessen, Sheila Block | Budget 2015 may be big on rhetoric, but it doesn't deliver on the promises for strengthening public services that Premier Wynne was elected on.
Photo: flickr/ Kat R
Economy | Politics in Canada | Looking beyond its goodies, the budget's economic news is grim | Apr 24 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The 2015 federal budget contains more than boutique tax and spending measures. It has the government's analysis of the state of the economy. And that analysis is largely negative.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver avoids the word poverty in 2015 budget speech
Economy | No anti-poverty measures in 2015 budget: Minister Joe Oliver avoids any mention of poverty | Apr 24 2015 | Dennis Gruending | Finance Minister Joe Oliver gave a 37-minute budget speech on April 21 and he managed to do it without even mentioning poverty in Canada.
Environment | Bullet trains are not the answer to Canada's transportation problems | Apr 24 2015 | Ryan Katz-Rosene | In Canada, the idea of introducing bullet trains within the nation's busiest transport corridors is periodically proposed as some sort of magic wand solution to a range of transportation problems.
Photo: flickr/Evan Leeson
Environment | Food & Health | Why my Saskatchewan family went vegan | Apr 24 2015 | Colleen Watson-Turner | I am a 60-year-old grandmother living in rural Saskatchewan. Here's why my family and I went vegan.