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Kathleen Lahey
Economy | Alberta premier calls for better gender balance on boards while preserving the 'Alberta Disadvantage' for women | Mar 5 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Surely this ironic juxtaposition is a hint the commitment of the Prentice Government to the rights of is not very deep or particularly sincere.
Feminism | In an industry based on objectification, there’s going to be objectification… | Mar 5 2015 | Meghan Murphy | A burlesque dancer named Ruby Rage was fired because men decided her body wasn't sellable.
Photo: Eva the Weaver/flickr
Anti-Racism | Feminism | Indigenous Rights | Labour | Reimagining feminism on International Women's Day | Mar 4 2015 | Harsha Walia | How can we reimagine the dominant liberal framing of feminism? Embracing a multitude of feminisms can diversify our understandings of how oppression is experienced, as well as resisted.
Photo: Heartwood Community Cafe facebook
Arts & Culture | Political Action | Heartwood Community Café provides social change through social space in Vancouver | Mar 4 2015 | Tania Ehret | The Heartwood Community Café has launched the #ourheartwood campaign to highlight digital storytelling from its community and inspire social change.
Civil Liberties Watch | Photos: OCAP delegation to the Ministry of Community and Social Services | Mar 4 2015 | John Bonnar | On Wednesday, OCAP held an action in support of a 53-year-old man on ODSP who faces eviction from his building due to errors with the province's new computer system issuing social assistance cheques.
Red:Investments by non-financial businesses from the extractive industries (oil
Economy | Private businesses: Stacking up money, not investing | Mar 4 2015 | Eve-Lyne Couturier | Today, corporations pay a much smaller portion of their profits to the government thanks not only to tax cuts, but also to an entire taxation regime designed for their benefit.
Economy | Education | Political Action | Austerity sparks student mobilization on a quiet Manitoba campus | Mar 4 2015 | Scott Neigh | Kaitlyn Gibson and Ian McDonald talk about the new Student Action Network at the University of Manitoba, and its fight to stop major budget cuts.
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Economy | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Share resource revenue with First Nations, says Harper's handpicked Working Group | Mar 4 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | A joint First Nations and business Working Group on Resource Development, formed in 2013, says industry should share its wealth with First Nations. The provinces will not like that idea much.
Elections | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | How do we get real political debate this federal election? | Mar 4 2015 | Doug Howat | What is a useful measure of a leader? Is it regurgitating talking points on live t.v. or a focus on actual real change and solutions?
Political Action | Technology | Hope springs municipal: How small towns are driving Canada's digital future | Mar 4 2015 | Cynthia Khoo, Digital Freedom Update, Steve Anderson | Communities across Canada are leading the way when it comes to Internet access, through the development of municipal broadband networks which recognize that Internet access is an essential service.
Ten Year Plan
Politics in Canada | Apocalypse Now! Get ready, Alberta, for the glories of the First Ten Year Plan | Mar 4 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | I think this explains it. GroupThink. Ten Year Plans. And the Most Significant Budget in Modern Times. Welcome to the Year of the Sheep.
Photo: Spacing Magazine/flickr
Anti-Racism | Education | Politics in Canada | Nova Scotia's problematic top-down approach to race relations | Mar 3 2015 | Stephen Kimber | In the week the never-ending Africville issue returned to court, a new decision on Black education is just one more they-never-learn example of government's top-down approach to racial concerns.
Photo: google images
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Open letter: To Chris Alexander from concerned Canadian citizens | Mar 3 2015 | various | Concerned Canadian citizens respond to Chris Alexander's recent comments about a woman's right to choose to wear a niqab or hijab during a citizenship oath.
Photo: Adam Scotti/Justin Trudeau/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | The Liberals have lost their way | Mar 3 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The personal appeal of Justin Trudeau will not be enough to cover for an unwillingness on the part of the Liberals to stand up and be counted on crucial issues.
Photo: Jackman Chiu/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Environment | Indigenous Rights | Let's not sacrifice freedom out of fear | Mar 3 2015 | David Suzuki | We mustn't sacrifice all we have gained out of fear, or give up our hard-won civil liberties for a vague and overreaching law that "undermines more promising avenues of addressing terrorism."