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Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | Indigenous Rights | 'Your history is standing straight up': Survivors' Totem Pole to be raised in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside | Jul 22 2014 | Michael Stewart | The Sacred Circle Society will erect a "Survivors' Totem Pole" in an as-yet unannounced site somewhere in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to celebrate the many victims of Canada's colonial violence.
Peter Goldring
Politics in Canada | Russia must be stopped! And Peter Goldring's just the man to do it! | Jul 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Whenever you think it's safe to start ridiculing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford again, Peter Goldring opens his mouth.
Arts & Culture | Writing abortion: Putting reproductive choice in print and on screen | Jul 21 2014 | Jesse McLaren | Last month saw the release of two important artistic projects that visualize reproductive choice: the American movie Obvious Child, and the Canadian book One Kind Word.
Arts & Culture | Gaza | In Gaza, we’re doing fine (a poem) | Jul 21 2014 | Ehab Lotayef | A poem by Gaza's Ark Steering Committee member, Montreal poet, Ehab Lotayef
CommonCauses | Political Action | Le Forum social des peuples ou comment réparer des pots cassés … | Jul 21 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | Il se pose donc de nouvelles conditions pour défaire le divide and rule. L’occasion du Forum social des peuples survient à point. Pour avancer, il faudra du courage.
CommonCauses | Political Action | Transforming knowledge: The People’s University, a cooperative project by Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme and Canadian Dimension | Jul 21 2014 | Pierre Beaudet | NCS and Canadian Dimension, with a host of people’s movements across the land, are organizing a wide platform of discussions that will occur during the People’s Social Forum.
Photo: ariwriter/flickr
Economy | Environment | Will carbon offsets be the 'indulgences' for our LNG sins? | Jul 21 2014 | Marc Lee | As we look down the road towards an LNG industry that threatens to completely blow B.C.'s GHG targets, be wary of claims that offsets will absolve our carbon sins.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Bearing witness during the Tar Sands Healing Walk | Jul 21 2014 | Kelsey Mech | I've always known these projects are on the traditional territories of Indigenous communities, but there is something about actually witnessing the massive implications that makes it much more real.
Photo: John Cameron
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Protests continue over luxury development on Coast Salish burial ground | Jul 21 2014 | Cory Collins | There is an attempt to build a luxury home on Grace Islet, B.C. On a Coast Salish burial site. Yes, really.
Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/flickr
Environment | World | High seas fishing is paralyzing ocean's natural carbon-removal system, says new study | Jul 21 2014 | Stephen Leahy | Marine life in the high seas soak up twice as much CO2 from the atmosphere as Canada emits every year, a new study by the Global Ocean Commission revealed last month.
Image: Flickr/connect2canada
Environment | Politics in Canada | Ten ways Jim Prentice is nothing like Peter Lougheed | Jul 21 2014 | Susan Wright | Licia Corbella wrote in the Calgary Herald last week that Jim Prentice closely resembled popular former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Image: Facebook/Amir Schiby
Gaza | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | World | Condeming the violence in Gaza by acknowledging Canada's own violent history | Jul 21 2014 | Nora Loreto | The colonial histories of both Canada and Israel are remarkably similar.
The remains of Gaza's Ark beside an undamaged boat.
Gaza | World | Why was Gaza's Ark targeted by Israel? | Jul 21 2014 | Ehab Lotayef | On Friday, July 11 Gaza's Ark eceived a direct hit by a shell fired from an Israeli navel vessel which badly damaged the boat and started a fire on board. The boat was completely destroyed.
Indigenous Rights | Labour | LGBTIQ | Groundwire Episode 1 | Jul 21 2014 | Rachel Swatek | This episode is produced by CHRW in London Ontario featuring stories about the temporary foreign workers program, BC Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors, Toronto Pride and more.
Photo by krystalline kraus
Indigenous Rights | Pow Wow post 1: An quick lesson around the Creativity and Commitment that is at the heart of making the regalia. | Jul 21 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Hello Canada, I want to take encourage everyone to at least get out to one Pow Wow this year.