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Photo: flickr/up4hours
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Hamilton's sanctuary city languishes as political will fades | Jul 28 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Hamilton's city council unanmously approved a motion that permitted undocumented migrants to access municipal services. But lack of staff and will has led to a lack of change for these people.
Coco Framboise
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Toronto Burlesque Festival 'lightning rod' for political debate | Jul 28 2016 | Laura Brightwell | This weekend sees the Toronto Burlesque Festival. Laura Brightwell caught up with the Executive Director of Programming Coco Framboise to get her thoughts on the current burlesque scene.
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Privacy compromised: Legal rights and protections in Canada | Jul 28 2016 | Michael Hackl, Pro Bono | What should the institutions that are privy to our private information do when they have to deal with competing privacy and secrecy concerns? Michael Hackl looks at Canada's privacy laws to find out.
Brad Wall
Politics in Canada | Brad Wall: a day late and a dollar short on Husky's Prince Albert pipeline spill | Jul 28 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | There is only one approach to building more Canadian pipelines that has any chance of working, and that’s the effort to win social license being made by Rachel Notley's NDP.
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Help pay for the funeral expenses of Abdirahman Abdi | Jul 27 2016 | Let's support the family as we demand justice.
Photo: Yasmeen/flickr
Economy | Labour | Is slow 'growth' inevitable? A progressive response to sustained stagnation | Jul 27 2016 | Jim Stanford | Since the 2008 financial crisis, many economic projections now accept a pattern of slow growth as inevitable. Jim Stanford explains why it's important for progressives to dig beneath this argument.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Environment | Worried about the oil spill threatening north Saskatchewan's drinking water? It's just one of 18,000 | Jul 27 2016 | Emily Eaton | Since 1990, there have been over 18,000 oil spills in Saskatchewan and over 8,000 in just the last 10 years.
Environment | Labour | Oilsands workers supporting renewable energy | Jul 27 2016 | Scott Neigh | Adam Cormier and Lliam Hildebrand talk about Iron and Earth, an organization of oilsands workers pushing for support of renewable energy alternatives.
Image: Flickr/Gustavo Oliveira
Environment | Love in the time of humidex | Jul 27 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | Heat waves do the most harm to our most vulnerable members of society; often the very members' quality of care we should concern ourselves with most.
Political Action | Victoria's tent city could inspire national conversation about homelessness this summer | Jul 27 2016 | Jessica Hawkins | Jessica Hawkins takes a closer look at the ruling of Justice Hinkson in the Super InTent case in Victoria.
Photo: Peter Dutton/flickr
Politics in Canada | Latest numbers on Nova Scotia's ferry deal lead to sinking conclusions | Jul 27 2016 | Stephen Kimber | Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan doesn't want you to jump to conclusions. Unfortunately for him, Portland, Maine requires the Yarmouth-Portland ferry operator to submit a monthly accounting.
Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Peterborough activists call for end to indefinite immigration detention | Jul 26 2016 | Rachel Small | The Peterborough Council of Canadians supported a public letter sent this weekend to MP Maryam Monsef by End Immigration Detention Peterborough in solidarity with detainees on hunger strikes.
hijab, art installation,
CommonCauses | Real world runway | Jul 26 2016 | Kelly Okamura | The cancellation of Toronto Fashion Week could be a good thing ..
Protesters on day of Honduras election 2009
Elections | Indigenous Rights | World | Honduras recalled: the 2009 coup | Jul 26 2016 | Frieda Werden, Gilda Velazquez | Perspectives from people harmed by the coup and Hillary Clinton
Image: Flickr/Huskies Football
Environment | After the Saskatchewan oil spill, should we restrict water or oil? | Jul 26 2016 | Jesse McLaren | We can support pipelines, which spill oil and job losses while restricting water and treaty rights, or we can support communities protecting the water on which we depend.