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OK, Let's Talk -- about addictions in the workplace | Jan 30 2015 | Jonathan Chapnick | Yesterday was Bell Let's Talk Day 2015 for mental health. But despite all the "talking" yesterday, there was something missing, particularly in relation to the discussion around workplace health.
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Supreme Court upholds right to strike: a major win for workers | Jan 30 2015 | Ella Bedard | Today the Supreme Court of Canada struck down as unconstitutional a controversial Saskatchewan law that restricts who can strike.
Episode 161: Entrepreneurship under the microscope | Jan 29 2015 | Victoria Fenner | Is entrepreneurship and social enterprise always a good thing? A couple of different perspectives.
Hey! Let the kid become an artist | Jan 29 2015 | Holly Adams | Your teen wants to pursue a career in the arts -- here's why you should embrace that goal.
Laid off Target employees to get 16 weeks of pay? It's complicated. | Jan 28 2015 | Ella Bedard | As Canada faces the biggest private-sector closure in recent history, the terms of severance are still to be determined for 17,600 Target workers who will soon be out of a job.
National Forum on Clean Energy and Industry -- Part 1 | Jan 26 2015 | Victoria Fenner | This forum, on October 3, 2014, brought together parliamentarians, experts and the public, to continue dialogue on renewable energy and clean technology in Canada.
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Municipal workers locked out in Happy Valley-Goose Bay | Jan 23 2015 | Ella Bedard | Snow is piling up in the streets after municipal workers were locked out by the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
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What does the Bill 1 decision mean for Nova Scotia health-care unions? | Jan 22 2015 | Ella Bedard | Arbitrator's ruling creates new possibilities for union representation in Nova Scotia's re-organized health-care sector.
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Ontario school board democracy is on the chopping block | Jan 22 2015 | John Cartwright | The Ontario government has ordered the Toronto District School Board to make drastic changes, and is clearing the way to close up to 100 schools.
Canada's pay gap: Who gets paid more? | Jan 21 2015 | Kate McInturff | If private sector compensation looked more like public sector compensation, the gender wage gap would narrow, discrimination would diminish, and CEOs would take a pay cut.
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Bill 1 decision charts future for Nova Scotia's health-care unions | Jan 19 2015 | Ella Bedard | Arbitrator James Dorsey strikes a compromise for unions, leaving some controversial elements still to be determined.
RCMP union: Solidarity forever? | Jan 17 2015 | J. Baglow | The Supreme Court has upheld the right of RCMP officers to organize a union. Is this really a victory for working people?

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Beer can boycott expands across Ontario NorthReport said... Come on let's all get behind this boycott and say no to union-busters and scabs Beer Can Boycott...
MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
B.C. teachers' struggle jas said... Thanks for posting this. I think most people agree with these sentiments. No one wishes to see a...
The future of pensions in Canada abnormal said... At the risk of sounding dumb is there a detailed explanation of how the proposed Ontario Retirement...
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers...
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers,...
Doug Ford "60% of Labour unions don't agree with their president" NorthReport said... Why would you give the Ford family comments such credibility? Who cares what someone who hates...
Nova Scotia nurses strike Slumberjack said... Walking off the Job in Progress Quote:Chris Power, chief executive of the Capital District Health...
Coerced De-Certification - Independent Advice Needed abnormal said... I doubt there's much case law on this one.  You indicate that Company B doesn't want the union...
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says the high Youth Unemployment Rate is Fictitious abnormal said... Not sure where the 23% number comes from so before I can comment can someone give me a link? in

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Canadian Union of Public Employees
Hundreds of students and workers unite to fight cuts at U of M
Campus labour and student groups at the University of Manitoba held a rally on January 27 in opposition to major across-the-board cuts.

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