Promising, paid internships at unionized media disappearing as industry crumbles | Apr 29 2016 | Errol Salamon | Aspiring journalists are at risk of losing these opportunities to become better journalists as media companies continue to cut jobs in order to reduce organizational spending.
High risk of injury for young workers prompts B.C. schools and students to act | Apr 29 2016 | Sarah Beuhler | A new pilot project in B.C. aims to address the risks associated with work and raise awareness about young workers' rights in the workplace.
Saskatchewan workers have a right to belong to the union they choose | Apr 29 2016 | Tom Graham | New labour legislation in Saskatchewan means employers can remove supervisors from their union.
Photo: Parkdale libararians Miranda Huska and Portia Dodds in action
Toronto library workers fight against austerity as strike looms | Apr 29 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Library workers prepare for a looming strike deadline on Monday May 2 as key issues like job security and funding are negotiated this weekend. Teuila Fuatai spoke with two workers about the situation.
Bob Barnetson
Insightful Parkland study of how media covers workplace injuries helps put yesterday's tragedy in perspective | Apr 28 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Media and employers cannot be depended on to make Alberta workplaces safer. Only government can do this job. A new report by the Parkland Institute shows the way.
Photo: flickr/iwishmynamewasmarsha
National Day of Mourning: Unions urge us to mourn the dead and fight for the living | Apr 28 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | Workers across Canada and around the world today stand united in the fight for better health and safety in the workplace.
Photo: flickr/Wayne S. Grazio
Working and dying in the sharing economy | Apr 28 2016 | Nora Loreto | In a Brave New World of unregulated capitalism, how long will it be before the first lives are taken by the sharing economy?
Photo: RicLaf/flickr
Journalism and democracy in the Chronicle Herald strike | Apr 27 2016 | Andrew Biro | The Chronicle Herald strike shows how labour disputes are often about struggles over expertise and authority in the work process. And it shows the importance of responsible journalism for a democracy.
Migrant agricultural workers dreaming a better future | Apr 27 2016 | Scott Neigh | Min Sook Lee and Evelyn Encalada talk about organizing among migrant farm workers in Canada and about the new documentary film Migrant Dreams.
Photo: flickr/· · · — — — · · ·
From exploited to supported: Phasing out Canada's lowest wage work programs | Apr 26 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | In part two of her investigation into sheltered workshop programs exploiting intellectually disabled adults in Canada, Teuila Fuatai looks at what is next for the programs and those involved.
The Syrian civil war: Perspectives from the region | Apr 22 2016 | Jiselle Hanna | Interview with Lebanese activist Farah Kobaissy on the Syrian civil war and labour updates from the Asia Pacific region.
Photo: flickr/Tony Webster
New Brunswick workers and unions celebrate major victory after Bill 24 shelved | Apr 22 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | The proposed labour law amendments under Bill 24 that would have affected collective bargaining rights was shelved this month after a successful campaign by New Brunswick unions.

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Time to nationalize Bombardier mark_alfred said... I just found the above article....
Buy French's ketchup instead of Heinz mark_alfred said... Seems Heinz just up and left, screwing over the workers and farmers in Leamington Ontario. ...
NDP presents anti-scab bill C-234 mark_alfred said... Quote: Today, New Democrats presented their...
NDP stands up to the Liberals for better protection for interns mark_alfred said...
Manitoba to expand child-care system Aristotleded24 said... Look out Quebec, your daycare system has some competition! Quote:The Manitoba government is aiming...
Common Front demonstration 3 Oct lagatta said... I don' t know how this got into the wrong forum. It is in the labour and consumption one, or the...
OFL Sid Ryan's President Report: Choose NDP mark_alfred said... Sid Ryan wrote:I am calling on every worker, in every riding, to make Thomas Mulcair the next Prime...
Wiki Leaks Says TPP Deal May Include Selling Off CBC & Canada Post terrytowel said... Why isn't this getting more press? The Council of Canadians, which leads the Canadian campaign...
Wrong-headed promises on Business and small business tax come down to pandering. And pandering is bad policy. Sean in Ottawa said... In fairness small business advocate organizations are also -- for the most part -- out to lunch....
FTQ union federation no longer endorses Bloc, calls for defeating Conservatives swallow said... Quote:Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he wasn’t surprised that an “organization that is openly...

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International Workers' Day, May 1
May Day is both a celebration of labour's achievements and an annual reminder that the struggle remains as the impact of globalization can only be contested by heightened international solidarity.

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