Calgary, Edmonton and P.E.I. ready to host guaranteed living pilot projects | Oct 8 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Hugh Segal refers to Guaranteed Livable Income as "Quantitative easing for the common person, as opposed to big banks and car companies, which provides liquidity when required."
Grace Lee Boggs: A life of grassroots activism that spanned a century | Oct 8 2015 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Grace Lee Boggs died this week at the age of 100. She was not only a grassroots organizer, but a philosopher, a teacher and a revolutionary.
Photo: Drew Leavy/flickr
Five reasons to defend supply management from the Trans-Pacific Partnership | Oct 8 2015 | Scott Sinclair | Here are five reasons why dairy farmers and the supply management system deserve to be fully protected from the TPP and preserved for future generations.
Photo: PolicyFix blog
People want to work: Workforce development should be a policy priority | Oct 7 2015 | Lynne Fernandez | If governments would recognize the advantages of partnering with social enterprises, more people would get the training and experience they need to meet Manitoba's future labour market demands.
Fact check: If the TPP is good for the auto sector, why is Harper promising $1B to save it? | Oct 7 2015 | David Molenhuis | The Claim: The Conservative Party says "We believe that this deal [the TPP] offers enormous benefits for the automobile sector." Is this true?
High-quality national child care needs a workforce to match | Oct 7 2015 | Rachel Langford, Shani Halfon | Last week, the Vote Child Care 2015 campaign released its guide outlining the federal parties' child-care platforms. And there it was. The child-care workforce was "not referred to."
Photo: GlobalTradeWatch/flickr
Trans-Pacific Partnership: No time-outs allowed in the class struggle | Oct 6 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The power of giant corporations to protect and advance ownership rights over jobs, wages and labour rights has been enshrined in trade deals. This is how the class struggle is waged from above.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Election SoundUp with Karl Nerenberg | Oct 5 2015 | Victoria Fenner | What the newly negotiated deal means for Stephen Harper's re-election chances.
Workers in South Korea fighting back against government and company's offensive | Oct 5 2015 | Jiselle Hanna, Piergiorgio Moro | Labour updates from the Asia Pacific region and the South Korean working-class movement.
Photo: Michael Fleshman/flickr
It's labour, stupid: Boost the economy by boosting wages | Oct 2 2015 | Murray Dobbin | The message of a new report is as unambiguous as it is surprising. For all the talk about what will grow the economy, the key component to future economic growth is rising wages and salaries.
Photo: TheGiantVermin/flickr
The tough-on-crime strategy has not made our communities safer | Oct 1 2015 | Cara Fabre, Elizabeth Comack, Shanise Burgher | Frontline workers are reporting that a tough-on-crime strategy has not made our communities safer. In fact, the Harper government has moved the country in the opposite direction.
Stephen Harper
Fate of CWB a disturbing harbinger for Canada's dairy, poultry and egg farmers | Oct 1 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Agricultural institutions are just some of the items on the long list of co-operative and cost-sharing mechanisms Harper hopes to destroy -- including our public health-care system.


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Wrong-headed promises on Business and small business tax come down to pandering. And pandering is bad policy. Sean in Ottawa said... In fairness small business advocate organizations are also -- for the most part -- out to lunch....
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Ontario's minimum wage hike: The job is half finished
October 1 marks the first year in which the Ontario government adjusts its provincial minimum wage to inflation, but the job is only half finished.

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