A redacted copy of the K-Bro linens contract. All information related to price a
Lessons from laundry privatization: Why freedom of information matters in the era of privatization | Jul 27 2015 | Cheryl Stadnichuk, Tria Donaldson | Everywhere privatization has occurred, public access to the facts and figures around privatization has been a challenge.
Chinese workers staging thousands of wildcat strikes a year | Jul 24 2015 | Redeye Collective | Labour organizing in China looks different than it does in the West but the issues are the same: wages, benefits and pensions. Eli Friedman is an expert on labour politics in postsocialist China.
Andrew Cuomo
Fast food and fair wages: What happens when a good idea from Alberta hits the big time in New York? | Jul 23 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | If they can pay a living wage in the "capital of capitalism" -- which will certainly survive the shock -- surely our local businesses can do the right thing.
Not yet Canada's Syriza, but a small step in that direction | Jul 22 2015 | Scott Neigh | Kyle Buott talks about a recent gathering in Halifax of anti-austerity and anti-capitalist organizations from across Canada.
Photo: MISN used with permission
Pan Am medals win gold in unethical sourcing, say advocates | Jul 21 2015 | Megan Devlin | Barrick Gold's gold, silver and copper mines for the Pan Am medals are under fire for alleged environmental and human rights violations.
Photo: flickr/ star5112
Canadian restaurant industry shaken, but not stirred, by spotlight on sexual harassment | Jul 21 2015 | Joshua Davidson | Kate Burnham made headlines when she decided to sue her former employer for an ongoing slate of sexual harassment incidents over a span of 16 months.
Image: Flickr/Alex Guibord
This is a recession, Joe Oliver. And it was preventable. | Jul 21 2015 | Jerry Dias | Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz didn't actually use the "R" word: recession. But his monetary policy report last Wednesday said it all the same, using numbers instead of words.
Shut up and take my money! Or, why cash transfers aren't a silver bullet for food banks, part three | Jul 20 2015 | Jesse Bauman | People living on a low income need more money, but cash transfers aren't a silver bullet.
GroundWire | July 20, 2015: Vancouver's transit referendum, Quebec's cable lawsuit, London worker strike | Jul 20 2015 | GroundWire | ​This episode of GroundWire was produced at 94.9 CHRW in London, Ontario on the territory of Oneida and Chippewa Nations of the Thames by Richard Raycraft, Liny Lamberink and Andy Goddard.
Photo: doesn't just make news. It makes journalists. | Jul 17 2015 | rabble staff | has trained many reporters. Find out how has supported their careers. Be a part of supporting independent journalism, long term. Donate to today.
Photo: oklanica/flickr
Best and worst cities to be a woman in Canada: How is B.C. doing? | Jul 16 2015 | Iglika Ivanova | "The Best and Worst Places to be a Woman In Canada 2015" ranks Canada's 25 biggest cities based on the gaps in how men and women are faring in five key areas. Iglika Ivanova surveys the results.
Photo courtesy of Rebel Sage
Sid Ryan on the unstoppable alliance of labour, environment and Indigenous groups | Jul 16 2015 | Steve Cornwell | In a rabble interview, OFL President Sid Ryan discusses the emerging movement for jobs, justice and the climate.

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New approach to minimum wage Sean in Ottawa said... I want to propose for consideration a new approach to minimum wage. The problem this is meant to...
We demand that end your association with Meghan Murphy as blogger susan davis said... i would add the voice of the BCCEC and the WCCSIP to this letter having delt with this for years...
NDP caucus instructed not to speak to Halifax Chronicle Herald because of press operators lockout Jacob Two-Two said... I can't see why this would be a problem. Seems like they're doing the right thing here. Am I...
Connection between C-51 and Aboriginal and labour rights KenS said... There is quite a bit of discussion of this in aboriginal-oriented Facebook groups (and presumably...
Beer can boycott expands across Ontario NorthReport said... Come on let's all get behind this boycott and say no to union-busters and scabs Beer Can Boycott...
MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson ghoris said... The Tories' stupidity knows no bounds. Way to appeal to urban voters, guys. They *might* have been...
B.C. teachers' struggle jas said... Thanks for posting this. I think most people agree with these sentiments. No one wishes to see a...
The future of pensions in Canada abnormal said... At the risk of sounding dumb is there a detailed explanation of how the proposed Ontario Retirement...
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers...
Manitoba's Proactive Investigation of TFW Employers "a model for the rest of Canada." Maradona said... Since 2009, Manitoba has conducted regular, proactive, "sting" investigations of TFW employers,...

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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario
In meeting with premier, ETFO president identifies what needs to happen for negotiations to proceed
n what was a positive meeting with Premier Wynne and the Education Minister, ETFO president identified what needs to happen for negotiations to proceed at the bargaining table.

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