Bishop Fred Henry
Fred Henry, departing Catholic bishop, held strong pro-labour stance in addition to controversial social conservative views | Jan 5 2017 | David J. Climenhaga | Bishop Henry said he viewed his refusal to give interviews to the Calgary Herald during its 1999-2000 strike as part of his responsibility of proclaiming the Gospel.
Person with shoulder pain
Failure to treat chronic pain real issue behind prescription opioid epidemic | Jan 5 2017 | Penney Kome | Doctors are baffled by pain because governments erased certain kinds of work injuries from the record. Part one in a series.
Image: Flickr/Dank Depot
As pot legalization nears, cannabis industry can't forget workers' rights | Jan 4 2017 | Paul Meinema | The Canadian cannabis industry is poised to become a significant player in our economy. That future must include comprehensive workplace safety and labour rights for every worker.
Photo: Julia Kilpatrick, Pembina Institute/flickr
Canada-China FTA talks could have massive implications for water use | Jan 4 2017 | Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government says talks toward a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement could begin as early as February 2017.
Unpacking Kinder Morgan's employment promises | Dec 24 2016 | Marc Lee | Assumptions regarding the economic benefits of the Trans Mountain expansion lead to exaggerated numbers that are simply too good to be true.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Ingolfson
Car-centric landscape, not tolls, harm the poor | Dec 23 2016 | Yves Engler | Structuring transport and urban landscapes around the private auto entrenches class and wealth divisions and negatively impacts poor people.
Photo: Mark Round/flickr
The year as we saw it: Ten charts that defined Ontario in 2016 | Dec 22 2016 | Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite, Trish Hennessy | The experts at the CCPA have been tracking economic developments in Ontario throughout the year. Here are 10 charts that helped define the state of income, work, and the role of government in 2016.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Kenny Louie
Private car, socialized costs | Dec 21 2016 | Yves Engler | As auto interests have pocketed stupendous profits over the past century they've also pushed to socialize huge amounts of urban land.
Our transport system is structured around the private car. That needs to change. | Dec 19 2016 | Yves Engler | Despite issues with Toronto's proposed road tolls, they're still the best way to upend our dependence on individually owned automobiles.
Image: Adbusters/flickr
'All for ourselves and nothing for other people': The takeover of economics by neoliberalism | Dec 16 2016 | Murray Dobbin | The economics profession has become a self-satisfied apologia for the plunder of society's wealth by the greedy and ruthless 1% -- the "masters of mankind."
How the labour movement fared in 2016 | Dec 16 2016 | Jiselle Hanna, Piergiorgio Moro | Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and a discussion of labour struggles in 2016.
Growth spurt: What skyrocketing child-care fees mean for families | Dec 15 2016 | Erika Shaker | There is no national system of public, universally accessible child care in Canada. Here's what that has meant for thousands of families, by the numbers.

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Time to nationalize Bombardier mark_alfred said... I just found the above article....
Buy French's ketchup instead of Heinz mark_alfred said... Seems Heinz just up and left, screwing over the workers and farmers in Leamington Ontario. ...
NDP presents anti-scab bill C-234 mark_alfred said... Quote: Today, New Democrats presented their...
NDP stands up to the Liberals for better protection for interns mark_alfred said...
Manitoba to expand child-care system Aristotleded24 said... Look out Quebec, your daycare system has some competition! Quote:The Manitoba government is aiming...
Common Front demonstration 3 Oct lagatta said... I don' t know how this got into the wrong forum. It is in the labour and consumption one, or the...
OFL Sid Ryan's President Report: Choose NDP mark_alfred said... Sid Ryan wrote:I am calling on every worker, in every riding, to make Thomas Mulcair the next Prime...
Wiki Leaks Says TPP Deal May Include Selling Off CBC & Canada Post terrytowel said... Why isn't this getting more press? The Council of Canadians, which leads the Canadian campaign...
Wrong-headed promises on Business and small business tax come down to pandering. And pandering is bad policy. Sean in Ottawa said... In fairness small business advocate organizations are also -- for the most part -- out to lunch....
FTQ union federation no longer endorses Bloc, calls for defeating Conservatives swallow said... Quote:Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he wasn’t surprised that an “organization that is openly...

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United Food and Commercial Workers
Activists build momentum to close the gender wage gap
UFCW Canada activists recently met with allies in the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition to strategize for the year ahead to end the gender wage gap that is so prevalent in non-union workplaces.

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