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Advocacy group plans to file health and safety complaint against Flynt Publications (California)


An advocacy group that has been campaigning for more government protections for porn performers plans to file a complaint Thursday against mega-producer Larry Flynt Publications, publisher of Hustler.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a Los Angeles-based group that has advocated for condom use and increased testing among porn performers, plans to file a worker safety complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

The group takes issue with film shoots that depict sexual acts without condom usage, which the group said is unsafe and potentially life-threatening.

The group plans to submit 100 adult entertainment DVDs along with their complaint to the state agency.

In cahoots
Aug 25, 2010

Down with (Clamato) Caesar!

There is a bogus campaign afoot by U.S. beverage company Mott's to have the Clamato Caesar declared the national drink of Canada while they attempt to force wage and pension cuts on their workers.
Aug 14, 2010

Labour news from the Asia Pacific region

Asia Pacific Currents
Labour news from Turkey, Pakistan, China, Sth Korea, Indonesia and Australia. Interview with Lek, Action for People's Democracy in Thailand, on the ongoing repression in Thailand.


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