Mar 25, 2010


rabble staff
Humberto is back and takes a look at how Vale, the company that bought Inco has a less than stellar environmental and legal record and yet was let into our borders. . . now why was that?
Mar 25, 2010

Migrant workers demand unpaid wages

Much of the construction that went on in Vancouver prior to the 2010 Olympics was done by foreign temporary workers. Some of the workers have now ended up being owed large sums of money.
Feb 27, 2010

Domestic workers in Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Currents
Labor news. Plus interview with Eni Lestari and Doris Lee about domestic workers in Hong Kong
Mar 20, 2010

Protests in Thailand

Asia Pacific Currents
Labor news from the Asia-Pacific Region. Interview about "red-shirt" protests in Thailand, with socialist commentator Giles Ungapakorn.
Forum topic

Need some help with a serious labour issue.

I need a little help with a serious issue that is directly affecting my workplace.

(By the way mods...I checked the rules to see if using actual names of people was against those rules and I did'nt find anything.It is'nt my intention to break any right now,so if I do it's unintentional,so feel free to edit anything that could get the site in trouble...Thanks in advance)

A little background....

I am precisely what my handle says I am.I am a certified welder who is currently laid off from my job.I've been laid off for almost 6 months and I know how tough it is out there for tradespeople.My intention is to get my Red Seal endorsement which will allow me to be a Journeyman in my field and I can work interprovincially.The Red Seal stuff is'nt the problem.


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