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Disappointed with Babble

Do we not have a forum for LGBTI people? Well hey, here it is. Yet so far we've had two, a grand total of two, trans-gendered people and not one protected space. Not one!


So, why exactly add Trans people in if some people here a) don't get it and don't want to get it and b) are not criticized enough for their disgusting behaviour? and c) get away with tearing down a person's IDENTITY!!!

Is this what any other trans person can expect from Babble? I'd love to know, because despite the moderating maysie did in the two threads started by trans people, we still ended up isolating, silencing and not allowing for a SAFE SPACE!

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Hello all.

I have lurked on and off for years at this site, but finally registered an account today because I have something to say.  Please listen to me.

I am trans.  I also have something called Klinefelter Syndrome: that is, I have forty-seven chromosomes instead of forty-six.  I have three sex chromosomes: XXY.  This is actually a not uncommon event; it has the same stastical likelyhood as Down Syndrome because the mechanism is the same, just acting on a different chromosome.

People with KS are raised as boys, and the majority are happy that way.  A significant fraction of us, however, are not.  I am one of them.


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