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Oct 29, 2014
Photo: in conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Amira Elghawaby
Glenn Greenwald spoke Saturday at an event in Ottawa. Before his lecture he was interviewed by's Amira Elghawaby. Here's their conversation.
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Importance of press freedom highlighted in Ottawa shooting

By Laura Tribe

In the wake of Wednesday’s shooting on Parliament Hill, Canadian media have been lauded for their calm, nuanced coverage of the events as they unfolded.

This kind of violence is relatively rare in Canada. But when it does happen, Canadians turn to journalists for critical up-to-date information: to learn where there is danger, the extent of the situation, and how to prevent further risk.

In many countries, active shooters, terrorist attacks, and other violent incidents are handled by shutting out the press until order has been restored. These knee-jerk reactions that limit media access, either out of fear or a desire to control messaging, result in information vacuums that are often filled by speculation and public panic.

Oct 21, 2014

Express yourself, don't repress yourself

Meghan Sali
Our Digital Future survey-takers chose "prioritizing free expression" as the most important factor for new rules around sharing and collaborating online.


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