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Fighting back against corporatocracy and Big Monopolies | Apr 15 2014 | Mark Taliano | Once freed from the devastating tentacles of the transnational monopolies, Canadians will realize that it's time to call 911 on the corporatocracy. We might then recapture real democracy and freedom.
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CUP needs to survive to help student journalism thrive | Apr 14 2014 | Erin Hudson | CUP is in the midst of a debilitating financial crisis. CUP needs to stay and to thrive in order to continue the tradition of community and support among Canada's student journalists.
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CBC: Life support or the killing floor? | Apr 14 2014 | Talin Vartanian | When you've been working for the CBC for over 30 years, you've seen a lot of cuts. One producer shares her thoughts on what can be done to keep Canada's public broadcaster running and relevant.
Slacktivism: Is something better than nothing? | Apr 11 2014 | Megan Stacey | Denouncing "slacktivists" who attempt to contribute to activist campaigns while really engaging in narcissistic or uninformed behaviour.
Victoria Fenner takes the helm at's podcast network | Apr 11 2014 | rabble staff | is happy to announce that Victoria Fenner will be taking on the leadership of the rabble podcast network (rpn) as Executive Producer.
What Mad Men can tell us about a bygone era of advertising | Apr 11 2014 | Rick Salutin | Mad Men starts its final season on Sunday. It's ironic that it happens at a time of serious decline for advertising itself, which for over a century was the linchpin of the capitalist system.
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Journalists continue to face death, imprisonment for reporting the news | Apr 10 2014 | Amy Goodman | Neither death nor imprisonment should be the punishment for journalists doing their job. Since 1992, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports, there have been 1,054 journalists killed worldwide.
CBC cuts: 657 jobs, $130 million | Apr 10 2014 | H.G. Watson | Today, CBC announced they will be cutting 657 jobs over two years, halting planned regional expansions and reducing services in other areas in order to cut $130 million.
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How to cover a campus labour dispute | Apr 8 2014 | Cherise Letson | How do student journalists cover labour disputes happening on their campus? What is the relationship between student and university? These questions were discussed at the March #CUPchat.
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Is this the end of unpaid internships? | Apr 4 2014 | Cynthia Spring | Cynthia Spring is one of the unpaid interns let go from The Walrus last week. Frustrated with much of what is being said, Spring captures the contradictions and complexities of unpaid internships.
Last Real Indians | Apr 3 2014 | A site dedicated to Indigenous news and newsmakers
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Follow the Money, Part 2 -- Barrick Gold's Peter Munk | Apr 3 2014 | Donald Gutstein | Barrick Gold's retiring chairman Peter Munk has pumped millions into support for the unfettered free market.


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Sierra Club of Canada
Autosaurus Rex: A story of dinosaurs
Rex Murphy, a commentator on The National and host of CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup, has been accepting money from the oil industry in the form of speaking fees.

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