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Your investment in rabble | Jul 22 2016 | Kim Elliott | This year marks rabble's 15th anniversary and you are a big part of why we are here. We want you to celebrate this special milestone with us.
Susan Delacourt on “image politics”, the media, and Stephen Harper’s legacy.
Susan Delacourt on 'image politics,' the media, and Stephen Harper's legacy | Jul 16 2016 | Face2Face | Susan and David talk about "image politics" and the media, Stephen Harper's legacy, Ottawa and how it's constantly changing and why voters are often appealed to through their wallets.
Photo: Martin Schulz/European Union 2016 - European Parliament/flickr
Canadian media is failing citizens with its reporting on corporate rights deals | Jul 15 2016 | Murray Dobbin | The Trudeau government is set on ratifying two massive investment agreements -- yet very few Canadians are informed about these deals because of our mainstream media's irresponsible reporting.
Photo: VFS Digital Design/flickr
When worlds collide and boundaries bleed: Intersections between online and real life | Jul 13 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Last week we witnessed two liminal moments in the space between the online and real worlds. In two very different ways, the edges bled beyond the boundary of one to the other.
Six ways to support the work of Black Lives Matter across Canada this week | Jul 10 2016 | Allies and community, let's keep the momentum going!
We have a corporate media problem | Jul 8 2016 | rabble staff | Our writers and editors work tirelessly to respond to the abysmal news coverage of late -- and at the heart of that work lies a growing problem we don't get to talk about often enough.
Digital media creates tumultuous environment for Canadian politics | Jul 7 2016 | Alex Marland | The news media landscape is changing. Rapidly. As digital media brings much good to the citizens how are the political elites using it to control the message?
Image: Globe and Mail
Dear Canadian media: Your racism is showing | Jul 6 2016 | Phillip Dwight Morgan | Addressing the elephant in Canada's newsroom -- and, let's be clear, it's white.
Criminal justice, Canada Day, Brexit, OHIP for All, and the Canada Post: What's new in the news | Jul 1 2016 | Emily Blake | bloggers offer informed and alternative opinions on the stories behind the headlines
Soapboxes, Sellouts and Upstarts | Jun 30 2016 | Victoria Fenner | The Canadian media landscape and where rabble fits in: a talk by Wayne MacPhail,'s director of emerging media.
EXTRACTION! image from Ad Astra
EXTRACTION! Ad Astra's comic book journalism tackles mining justice | Jun 29 2016 | June Chua | Ad Astra Comix is breathing new life into the genre as it prepares for its second publication, EXTRACTION! which examines "the criminal activities of mining companies" in North America.
Patriotism isn't funny, but our Canada Day contest just might be | Jun 29 2016 | rabble staff | Canadian flags for some, autographed Lawrence Hill books for others!

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NDP candidate said he is personally against same sex marriage and abortion takeitslowly said... “If I win, it will be easier. As a group, when we tell them, they definitely have to listen,”...
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Please stop closing threads where productive discussion is happening jas said... Here were the last two posts that apparently were so offensive to Catchfire: jas wrote:Being new to...
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Amanda Lang Left Turn said... Amanda Lang and Barrick Gold Quote: The CBC’s senior business correspondent Amanda Lang has been...

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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
An over-the-top exemption: it's time to fairly tax and regulate the new internet media services
Netflix and YouTube, with no physical presence in Canada, enjoy an artificial advantage over Canadian competitors because they do not collect and remit sales taxes and often do not pay income tax.

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