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Why our work at the Supreme Court matters: a case study | Sep 28 2016 | Meghan Sali | Not only is OpenMedia defending your digital rights at the Supreme Court, but our work will help to eliminate cases of censorship-by-copyright online
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Trudeau's media love affair draws to a sour end | Sep 27 2016 | Gerry Caplan | Justin Trudeau's popularity with the public may still be sky high, but the media's attitude toward the Prime Minister and his government has palpably turned sour and frustrated.
Photo: Sophia Reuss
Canada's media needs to get over objectivity and start practicing solidarity | Sep 26 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Canadian media needs to dispense with false ideas of "objectivity" when it comes to colonized peoples -- and all systems of oppression -- and practice solidarity instead.
Adrian Sitaru on The Fixer, Journalism, Abuse and Human Behaviour
Adrian Sitaru on The Fixer, journalism, abuse and human behaviour | Sep 25 2016 | Face2Face | Sitaru's new film, which screened at TIFF, chronicles a Romanian journalist's moral quandary when a sex scandal gives him a chance at a big break.
Rachel Notley
Rachel Notley does remarkably well in face of unrelenting campaign of vilification. Sun newspapers? Not so much. | Sep 23 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | A new survey suggests Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, a remarkable and talented politician, is capable of making the best of even the worst of times.
Image: Flickr/Prime Minister of Israel
Anti-Palestinian media bias still remains untouchable even to Canada's media critics | Sep 22 2016 | Yves Engler | A recent Canadaland podcast simultaneously highlighted anti-Palestinian media bias and the fear liberal journalists' face in discussing one of the foremost social justice issues of our time.
Hate Hat
Media scolding about 'political correctness' is baloney; hats off to MRU student who spoke out against Trump cap | Sep 19 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Anyone surprised by the viciousness with which North American rightists respond to anything they don't like, particularly when their target is a woman, hasn't been paying attention.
Poster image: White Pine Pictures
Amy Goodman: Corporate media needs to be 'fourth estate' not 'for-the-state' | Sep 16 2016 | Phillip Dwight Morgan | What is the role of free press in protecting democracy? Phillip Dwight Morgan interviews Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh of Democracy Now! on the subject.
Amy Goodman's arrest shows that in many parts of America journalism is still a crime | Sep 15 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | "Authorities in North Dakota should stop embarrassing themselves, drop the charges against Amy Goodman and ensure that all reporters are free to do their jobs."
OpenMedia is defending your free expression at the Supreme Court | Sep 13 2016 | Meghan Sali | OpenMedia will be intervening in a landmark case at the Supreme Court of Canada -- defending the free expression of Internet users across the globe.
By funding international journalism projects, Ottawa shapes perceptions of Canadian policies abroad | Sep 11 2016 | Yves Engler | Canada's aid agency has doled out tens of millions of dollars on media initiatives they expect will portray their operations sympathetically.
Image: Flickr/Thompson Rivers University
After Mansbridge, does the CBC have the courage to build a truly great news program? | Sep 7 2016 | Nick Fillmore | Content, not style and not personalities, should be the focus of a re-built post-Mansbridge National.

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Unifor calls on CRTC to boost local news
Unifor is calling upon Canada's federal TV regulator to put teeth into broadcasters' licence conditions for daily local news, including programming targeted to Canada's ethnically diverse populations.

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