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#FierceVoices launches in Vancouver | Mar 29 2015 | Tania Ehret | On Wednesday, March 25, women and allies gathered to speak with #fiercevoices at Heartwood Community Cafe.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Why the Crull controversy is a symptom of Bell Media's bad bundles bet | Mar 27 2015 | Michael Geist | The furor over Bell Media President Kevin Crull's banning of CRTC Chair Jean Pierre Blais from CTV news coverage following the pick-and-pay decision made for a remarkable news day yesterday.
Ed Broadbent on 'Building a Better Canada' and Progress Summit 2015 | Mar 27 2015 | Ed Broadbent | On Friday March 27, Ed Broadbent delivered this opening address to the Progress Summit 2015.
Journalism under fire: Remembering Ali Mustafa | Mar 27 2015 | Datejie Green | Ali Mustafa died a year ago this month. He had devoted his life to documenting the lives where few Western and English-language broadcasters bothered to venture.
Photo: Pete O'Shea/flickr
Remembering journalists Allan Rowe and Matthew Wuest | Mar 24 2015 | Stephen Kimber | They were different men at different stages of their personal lives and professional careers. No matter. They will be missed.
Forget universities. What are newspaper editorials for? | Mar 24 2015 | Nora Loreto | A response to 'What are universities for' editorial from the National Post.
We get it. You love And we love you. | Mar 16 2015 | rabble staff | Thank you for making our Winter fundraiser a huge success. We destroyed our goal of $30,000, and can continue to provide you with the independent, ethical, and progressive media coverage you expect.
Rad press: Giving a voice to the voiceless at UBC | Mar 16 2015 | Sara Baron-Goodman | The Talon is a new radical student press that aims to give a voice to marginalized groups.
This might be our last chance to stop C-51 | Mar 16 2015 | Eva Prkachin | We don't even know where to start on the number of problems with Bill C-51. Lend us your words so we can have the biggest impact.
Photo: Regine Duboulay, age 11, appears on UN Radio in 1975. Credit: Teddy Chen/
One woman's story about her early days with UN Radio | Mar 9 2015 | Frieda Werden | Leila Doss is a retired broadcaster and former assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. She joined United Nations Radio just as it was being born.
'We don't hire girls in the newsroom': Reflections on 50 years of reporting while female | Mar 6 2015 | Judy Rebick | In honour of International Women's Day, the Canadian Media Guild asked Judy Rebick to write about her experiences as a female journalist in the 1960s.
Photo: Flickr/UK Ministry of Defence
News, lies and videotape: The legitimation crisis in journalism | Mar 5 2015 | James R. Compton, Paul Benedetti | There is a core contradiction at the heart of journalism. The public interest is giving way to the advancement of private interests.

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It's #NOTokay: Take action to end violence against women
YWCA Rose Campaign's #NOTokay social media initiative calls on individuals to take a stand on violence against women by sharing their voices in response.

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