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Northern Native Broadcast Access Program
Un/Covering the North: News, Media, and Aboriginal People | Oct 19 2014 | George Lessard | "...a comprehensive survey of communications in the circumpolar region, focusing on the Canadian Arctic and sub-Arctic but also looking at the circumpolar North..."
Photo: flickr/Roland Tanglao
The Rogers takeover of hockey (your hubris is showing!) | Oct 17 2014 | Rick Salutin | Rogers stomped into CBC HQ in Toronto and never looked backed. Its takeover of hockey has been breathtaking, in that they are trying to turn hockey into Rogers.
Breitbarting to be legally facilitated by Harper government | Oct 9 2014 | J. Baglow | Harper's new proposal to exempt political advertising from copyright laws is not just an intellectual property issue. It promises a further degeneration of Canadian political discourse.
Mansbridge takes money from... and other reasons we need a reporter on the Hill for the rest of us | Oct 8 2014 | rabble staff | Parliament is back in session, and we hope that we can count on you to help ensure that we have a top-notch team of independent and ethical journalists to really challenge Stephen Harper's agenda.
Indian & Cowboy: Making and taking space for alternative Indigenous media | Oct 7 2014 | Âpihtawikosisân | "Red Man Laughing" podcaster Ryan McMahon got tired of seeing media that doesn't represent Aboriginal experiences. So he just went ahead and made his own.
Tom Kent
The Postmedia-Quebecor deal: Welcome to newspaper hell | Oct 7 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Really, $316 million compared with the airy heights of $3.5 billion starts to sound like Postmedia paid for the value of Sun Media's real estate and not much else.
Guess who's a finalist at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards? | Oct 3 2014 | rabble staff | is proud to announce that we have made the cut for finalists in the Canadian Online Publishing Awards in the Best Website category!
Image: Flickr/University of Saskatchewan
Sun Media -- not its squalid commentator Ezra Levant -- is the problem | Oct 1 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Don't expect commentator Ezra Levant to act any differently, or Sun Media to do anything more about it except issue meaningless apologies, in future.
Photo: flickr/Seth Anderson
CRTC vs. Netflix: Who will win this fight? | Oct 1 2014 | Michael Geist | Has the CRTC started a fight it can't win? Possibly. It looks like threats of new regulation won't scare Netflix into submission.
Photo: flickr/Evan
Photographer decries doctored image of Gaza protest | Sep 30 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | What does it mean when a photograph is altered -- what if the changed image is widely shared? How can photojournalists protect their work?
Write Along Radio Writing Podcast
The three myths of mainstream publishing with Tudor Robins | Sep 25 2014 | Catherine Brunelle, Kevin Johns | We interview Tudor Robins on traditional vs. independent publishing, busting three big myths: the myth of choice, the myth of support and the myth of quality.
Big Telecom releases its army of lobbyists | Sep 23 2014 | Chris Malmo | Big Telecom have unleashed swarms of lobbyists in Washington, D.C. after the expiry of a key FCC comment deadline on Net Neutrality.


Sat, Oct 25, 2014
Glenn Greenwald speaks in Ottawa

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