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Recalling the greats of journalism: From Walter Stewart, to Amy Goodman, to the phony Dan Rather | May 26 2016 | Nick Fillmore | Nick Fillmore recalls some of the great names in North American journalism over the past few decades -- and how the landscaper of corporate media has changed.
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New world champion squashes Western stereotypes of Muslim women | May 25 2016 | Dalia Thamin | Four of the top 10 best women squash players in the world are Egyptian Muslims -- but such feel-good stories never make the Western press.
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rabble's 15-year history as a voice for new movements | May 25 2016 | Judy Rebick | is 15 years old this year. Founder Judy Rebick looks back at the early days of rabble and shares her views on rabble's role now and in the future to providing a voice for new movements.
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Expectations low as Chronicle Herald workers prep for meeting with the company | May 24 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | After four months on strike, the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper company has agreed to meet with its striking workers on Friday. The workers' union states it doesn't have "high expectations."
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What do Canadian journalists have against electoral reform? | May 20 2016 | Rick Salutin | Many journalists seem preemptively nostalgic for a foul, undemocratic system that has only longevity in its favour. What's behind the negative media reactions to the prospect of electoral reform?
With terror-obsessed corporate airwaves, it falls to social media to share human stories of EgyptAir victims | May 20 2016 | Dalia Thamin | The human cost of the recent EgyptAir disappearance over the Mediterrenean gave way to continuous experts' speculations about whether a bomb or cockpit sabotage was the reason for the crash. is on the right side of history
A new era in independent media | May 19 2016 | Kim Elliott | rabble has achieved a remarkable milestone: 2016 marks our 15th anniversary!
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Corporate media isn't reporting on climate change. And it's killing us | May 19 2016 | Nick Fillmore | Our aging newspapers and private TV networks are doing little to inform Canadians in a meaningful way about the dramatic changes in the climate that are already altering life in this country.
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The Freewrite is not my type | May 18 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | A boxy little word processor called the Freewrite promises to allow writers a laser focus on the craft of writing. Is it $750 well spent?
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A bad month for phonies and plagiarists | May 11 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | Recent revelations of the misuse and alteration of images and plagiarism were enabled by journalists, photographers and academics using the search and collaboration capacities of the web.
Why Margaret Wente still has a job at The Globe and Mail | May 10 2016 | John Miller | Margaret Wente personifies the Globe's brand. Editor-in-chief David Walmsley is just her delivery boy.
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Bring on the Cancon: A review of cultural policy is long overdue | May 6 2016 | Rick Salutin | Many thanks to Culture Minister Mélanie Joly for announcing a review of Canadian cultural policy. It's the task of all sentient public officials to get in and bolster this crucial sector.

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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The TPP and cultural diversity
This study from the CCPA questions why Canada agreed to weaker protections for culture and cultural industries in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) than in previous trade treaties.

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