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GoVote: The voter suppression antidote | Aug 28 2015 | Maya Bhullar | has lined up its most extensive and comprehensive editorial plan ever to cover the current federal election and provide you with tools and information to help take our country back!
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With Margaret Atwood farce, National Post explodes in its own face | Aug 22 2015 | J. Baglow | What lessons can we draw from the Margaret Atwood farce? Does it matter?
Committing to is a commitment to changing Canada. | Aug 21 2015 | Michelle Gregus | is hard at work creating daily election content from the progressive perspective. Who better to put things in perspective than one of rabble's longtime contributors, Amira Elghawaby:
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Code crossover: How long before the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun are merged? | Aug 21 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Now that Edmonton Journal subscribers are being pitched the Sunday Sun, and the two papers' staffs will soon be working at the same address, amalgamation is only a matter of time.
Commit to Commit to changing Canada. #WIN2015 | Aug 19 2015 | rabble staff | Our contributors are building something priceless. Here are Trish Hennessy and Jase Tanner talking about why they commit to, and why you should get involved in #WIN2015.
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PSAC stands up for public servants, angers Sun editorialists | Aug 17 2015 | Nora Loreto | PSAC has launched one of the highest-profile election campaigns against Harper because the 170,000 government workers they represent have a lot at stake. However, the Sun doesn't see it that way.
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Celebrating the lyric craft of Newfoundland columnist Ray Guy | Aug 14 2015 | Rick Salutin | Canada's greatest columnist wasn't Canadian. He was Ray Guy and he was a Newfoundlander.
Election fatigue? We have the cure! (and no, it's not more Mike Duffy!) | Aug 14 2015 | rabble staff` | While the media elites try their hardest to ignore, suppress, and counter progressive ideas in this election you can count on rabble to call them out. We won't let Big Media gerrymander the issues.
CPAC - Canadian Public Affairs Channel | Aug 14 2015 | Getting Out the Vote in 2015
We Vote CBC | Aug 14 2015 | Getting the Vote Out in 2015 | Aug 14 2015 | Getting Out the Vote in 2015
Why you want to watch tonight's debate with rabble | Aug 6 2015 | rabble staff | Tonight is debate night. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST to follow and participate in our live coverage of the debate with freelance writer and reporter Mick Sweetman.

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Censorship of political opinion as we head into an election ygtbk said... Well, obviously censorship of political opinion is a bad thing. Please let us know more... in
Elizabeth May Press Gallery speech mark_alfred said... I haven't been able to find a video of the whole speech.  But there is a description of it...
Please stop closing threads where productive discussion is happening jas said... Here were the last two posts that apparently were so offensive to Catchfire: jas wrote:Being new to...
Charlie Hebdo - new! NDPP said... Ali Abunimah: French President's Holocaust Day Speech Presages Crackdown on Palestine Supporters...
Amanda Lang Left Turn said... Amanda Lang and Barrick Gold Quote: The CBC’s senior business correspondent Amanda Lang has been...
Gay publisher Xtra to embrace digital, close print 6079_Smith_W said... Shit. It certainly isn't a step up. Also, have fun arriving in town on a bus and trying to access...
Huffington Post files bid with CRTC for its own Canadian TV channel NS said...   Application made on behalf of AOL Canada, which operates HuffPost Live network   in
'Canada's Harper's,' The Walrus Magazine, hires whitest, rightest editor-in-chief they can find Unionist said... I unsubscribed to The Walrus many years ago. Too elitist, rightist, and boring. I love Maisonneuve...
Importance of press freedom highlighted in Ottawa shooting Unionist said... If she wanted to make a contribution instead of just singing hymns to Canadian freedom, she might...

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United Food and Commercial Workers
Fairness is forgotten in search for missing migrant workers
UFCW Canada and allies are concerned about sensationalist reports regarding four migrant workers who went missing from a British Columbia orchard operation.

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