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Periscope and Meerkat | May 21 2015 | Livestreaming and Bearing witness
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The noble dream of Quebec independence has an unlikely new champion | May 19 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The newly elected leader of the Parti Québecois, 53-year-old Pierre Karl Péladeau is on a mission: make Quebec an independent country.
Photo: luna715/flickr
Community radio station KPFT endures through bombings and hate | May 15 2015 | Amy Goodman | KPFT remains, to this day, the only radio station in U.S. history to have been blown up. Forty-five years later KPFT continues to broadcast, serving the public as a beacon of alternative perspectives.
Long live the troll-slayer: A tribute to Shauna Hunt and others like her | May 14 2015 | Kaity Cooper | Cybermisogyny is at it again, but this story has a silver lining. This one's for the brave troll-slayers out there making the Internet a safer place for women.
Open Letter to rabble about: Meghan Murphy | May 14 2015 | various | We, the undersigned, wish to express our deep dissatisfaction with rabble’s response to the recent attacks on Meghan Murphy.
Statement on review of Meghan Murphy petitions | May 14 2015 | | Follow up to rabble's earlier statement on the complaints against Meghan Murphy and calls for the site to fire her.
Disagree with Meghan Murphy? Call her out, don't call for her head. | May 14 2015 | Antonia Zerbisias | As feminists, we might disagree, but to stay in the game we need to use progressive spaces to speak out about our rights and our lives, not shout to silence the folks who disagree.
Oh, Canada: Harper's systematic attack on democracy and media | May 7 2015 | Amira Elghawaby | Does the state of Canada's democracy reduce you to tears? If it doesn't, it will once you read Mark Bourrie's 'Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper's Assault on Your Right to Know.'
Photo: Thomas Levinson/flickr
Conrad Black's advice to newspapers is fish wrap | May 6 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | Black's op-ed on newspapers is filled with such choleric invective, anachronistic error and purblind irony that to let it lie would be a gross dereliction of one's obligation to the fifth estate.
On World Press Freedom week, no one poses a greater threat to free expression than Stephen Harper | May 4 2015 | Arnold Amber | Op-Ed from CJFE President Arnold Amber on the state of free expression in Canada. welcomes David Molenhuis as Associate Publisher | May 1 2015 | rabble staff | is pleased to welcome David Molenhuis as its new Associate Publisher, a position that will support sponsorship, advertising and events.
Image: Chris Lister/flickr
Facebook and the news publishers who flirt with heartbreak | Apr 29 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | We've come to a pretty pass when publishers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are thinking about getting hitched to that lyin', cheatin', two-timing heart, Facebook.

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'Canada's Harper's,' The Walrus Magazine, hires whitest, rightest editor-in-chief they can find Unionist said... I unsubscribed to The Walrus many years ago. Too elitist, rightist, and boring. I love Maisonneuve...
Importance of press freedom highlighted in Ottawa shooting Unionist said... If she wanted to make a contribution instead of just singing hymns to Canadian freedom, she might...
Canadian media editor emails MegB said... There is a contact form. Upper right of your main rabble page. in

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