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The Globe and Mail continues habit of ignoring public opinion | Aug 20 2014 | Nick Fillmore | Last week Globe reporter Campbell Clark gave a textbook example of how the mainstream media ignores and marginalizes the public in key debates that are clearly in the public interest.
How can we make our media more effective in contributing to social change? | Aug 19 2014 | Greg Macdougall | Overwhelming information? Visceral connection? Niching? Fostering community? Organizing?
Find at the Peoples' Social Forum | Aug 13 2014 | rabble staff | The Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa is fast approaching! With just a week left until the Forum, here's a sneak peek at some of the amazing events coming up that we're involved in.
Call-out for Alternative Media Movement Assembly (Updated with Livestream details!) | Aug 12 2014 | rabble staff | Join the Alternative Media Movement Assembly on building radical media and activist communication infrastructures, taking place during the Peoples' Social Forum (PSF) national gathering.
Media self-censorship over war and fascism in eastern Ukraine | Aug 11 2014 | Roger Annis | Candians are receiving santized versions of the news from Ukraine.
Aboriginal youth program funding cuts and women in media | Aug 8 2014 | The F Word | Ariana Barer and Nicole Deagan explore recent massive funding cuts to Aboriginal youth programs. Also, Nicole speaks with Jenny Uechi about women's role in media.
How globalization caused the First World War | Aug 7 2014 | Mel Watkins | The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand may have lit the spark, but the explosion of communications and national presses may have really caused the Great War.
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Join our team! is seeking volunteer Beat Editors | Aug 6 2014 | rabble staff | is currently seeking volunteer Beat Editors to assist with developing our coverage in regions across the country.
Alt Media Assembly invite for the Peoples' Social Forum | Aug 5 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Invitation to Alternative Media Movement Assembly at the Peoples Social Forum.
Episode 157: Gaza behind the headlines | Aug 4 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Today on rabble radio, we feature a couple of interviews which provide some of the background behind the headlines about the attack on Gaza.
Free access to online information under threat from TPP | Aug 1 2014 | Redeye Collective | Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership are being kept secret but there are clues about what may be in store for Canada if we look at Australia's experience with AUSFTA.
Groundwire Episode 2: Palestine solidarity, Grassy Narrows land rights and campus community radio turns 28 | Jul 31 2014 | GroundWire | This episode is produced by CKUT in Montreal, featuring stories about a Palestine solidarity rally in Montreal, Grassy Narrows land rights, and celebrating 28 years of campus community radio.

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Call-out for Alternative Media Assembly and the Peoples Social Forum MegB said... Hello folks, There’s no summer lull for – we’ll be at the People’s Social...
Building radical media and activist communication infrastructures via the PSF fluidity said... there is now also a fench tranlsation for those who want to repondez en francais:
Cuts to Radio-Canada Enquête program budget lagatta said... More on this scandalous cut from Mary Soderstrom's blog, Recreating Eden: http://marysoderstrom....
Progressive Toronto photojournalist Ali Mustafa killed in Syria Kaitlin McNabb said... More news from Daily News about Ali Mustafa and also some of his recent photos from Syria. "He...
2014 Toronto mayoral election mark_alfred said... Here's a wikipedia page that lists who has currently registered to run, along with who potentially...
Best Canadian and provincial political websites brian1966 said... I would also add in
Boycott the Huffington Post socialdemocraticmiddle said... I'm effectively boycotting the HP because I don't actively go there looking for "news", let alone...
Ottawa babblers come celebrate with Dec. 4 Catchfire said... Oh boy! Wish I could be there... in
What Reality TV Show Do You Watch Every Week Boom Boom said... CBC Newsworld.  in
Conservatives wants consumers to choose which TV channels to subscribe to. Mórríghain said... At first blush I am pleased, our household has wanted this for years. I can live with the CBC...

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Sierra Club of Canada
Autosaurus Rex: A story of dinosaurs
Rex Murphy, a commentator on The National and host of CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup, has been accepting money from the oil industry in the form of speaking fees.

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