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In his first press conference, President-Elect Trump faced nothing but dumb questions | Jan 16 2017 | John Miller | Last week's press conference was a fiasco -- and the blame rests squarely on Washington's top reporters.
CJFE publishes new resource to help you secure your digital life | Jan 12 2017 | Taryn Blanchard | By educating ourselves and practicing safe behaviours online, we can make sure those who would violate human rights and hoard power do not have an easy time putting all Internet users at risk.
CJFE Publishes New Resource: Securing Your Digital Life | Jan 11 2017 | ure those who would violate human rights and hoard power do not have an easy time putting all Internet users at risk.
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Legislating against 'fake news' leads us down a path to censorship | Jan 10 2017 | Meghan Sali | The fake news phenomenon is taking over the airwaves. But what does "fake news" even mean? Is it possible to legislate against it without sending us down a censorship rabbit hole?
Meryl Streep's extraordinary speech on press freedom is just as urgent for Canadians | Jan 10 2017 | Duncan Pike | Despite the differences between our prime minister and the incoming U.S. president, press freedom in Canada will need to be defended every bit as vigorously in 2017 as in the United States.
Ezra Levant keeps shooting himself in the foot, again and again | Jan 7 2017 | John Gordon Miller | The latest libel suit against Levant, filed by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, suggests he never met a fact he didn't distrust.
Desmoging Journalism
Desmogging journalism | Jan 2 2017 | Daryn Caister | The incoming Trump administration *shudder* has put a sooty fog over the climate movement, but let's not stop paying attention to the areas where we can do some good.
The transformation of Canada's media landscape | Dec 24 2016 | Redeye Collective | Ian Gill, a former editor at the Vancouver Sun, and Marc Edge, journalism educator and media critic, address the present and future state of Canadian media in talks recorded in Vancouver on Nov 29.
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There are good reasons to question everything we're being told about Syria | Dec 23 2016 | Shenaz Kermalli | There are no good guys in this war. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't hear both sides of the story.
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The year in your ear: Instant replays from the rabble podcast network | Dec 21 2016 | Victoria Fenner | There's lots of work for us to do in the New Year to help restore this planet to health and happiness. But for now, take a break and have a listen to some of our faves from the rabble podcast network.
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Washington Post creating propaganda, not exposing it | Dec 21 2016 | Redeye Collective | An article in the Washington Post on Nov 4 claimed to present evidence of Russian propaganda in the form of the website Prop-or-Not. Veteran reporter Dave Lindorff calls the article sloppy journalism.
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Revolutionary program empowers girls with media literacy and activism skills | Dec 20 2016 | Tania Ehret | #HerDigitalVisions is an afterschool program that works with self-identified girls, building media literacy skills in order to better establish power in an online world.

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Unifor calls on CRTC to boost local news
Unifor is calling upon Canada's federal TV regulator to put teeth into broadcasters' licence conditions for daily local news, including programming targeted to Canada's ethnically diverse populations.

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