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Rachel Notley
Rachel Notley's demand for a pipeline quid pro quo demonstrates the steely side of Alberta's premier | Oct 4 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Premier Rachel Notley sees the fight for a pipeline as an existential necessity for her government, and for Alberta's economy and place in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to be listening.
Image: Flickr/Queen's University
Leadership race offers chance for NDP to remember what it stands for | Sep 12 2016 | Nora Loreto | Changing course of the federal NDP is critical, and now is the perfect time to do it.
Rachel Notley
News you may have missed: Pollster says Alberta NDP could win an election held tomorrow! | Aug 25 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | A poll last week put the NDP in the lead in Alberta. Total words devoted to the development by mainstream media: 32.
Photo courtesy of Cheri DiNovo
Cheri DiNovo: NDP needs to focus on principles it was founded on | Jul 19 2016 | Cory Collins | In part two of our talk with Cheri DiNovo, hear what she has to say about Trudeaumania, unions, poverty, Israel and making the banks pay.
Photo courtesy of Cheri DiNovo
Cheri DiNovo: Centrist politics have earned NDP 'loss after loss after loss' | Jul 15 2016 | Cory Collins | Bernie Sanders. Jeremy Corbyn. Cheri DiNovo? Get acquainted with the woman who wants to bring socialism back to the NDP.
Six ways to support the work of Black Lives Matter across Canada this week | Jul 10 2016 | Allies and community, let's keep the momentum going!
Image: Flickr/Alex Guibord
DiNovo's 'unofficial' NDP leadership bid is rad and everything, but what are we supposed to do with it? | Jun 8 2016 | Ian Borsuk | Cheri DiNovo's principled stand on money and politics is inspiring and her leadership bid enticing -- but it puts her supporters in a rather confusing position.
Image: Flickr/brent granby
NDP inhibits internal democracy with steep leadership race entry fee | May 17 2016 | Michael Laxer | Wondering if the NDP leadership race may open up the possibility of a radical moment or shift within the party? That just got a whole lot less likely!
Image: Flickr/Premier of Alberta
In the fight between Rachel Notley and the federal NDP, no one wins. | May 10 2016 | Gerry Caplan | Least of all Canadians.
Thomas Mulcair at the 2016 NDP Convention in Edmonton
The NDP must be prepared to offend labour if it's ever going to win elections | May 9 2016 | Rafe Mair | Sooner or later the NDP must choose: Do nothing, remain pure and lose; or take positive steps, get a little dirt on you and win.
Notley government navigates a profound crisis with grace and empathy | May 7 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Rachel Notley's government seems to have found its feet at last, and in a dark, difficult moment. The challenge for the province's conservatives is not getting any easier.
Rachel Notley, May 5, 2015
Fort Mac fire overshadows an earthshaking political anniversary -- the NDP's election one year ago today | May 5 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Recognition of Alberta's unexpected and historically earthshaking Cinco de Mayo moment is bound to be muted today in the wake of the continuing fire catastrophe in Fort McMurray.

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Current position of the NDP with Greens voting for BDS and Trudeau courting unions Mr. Magoo said... I'm not saying this to heckle, but realistically, how important do you think that Israel/Palestine...
Trudeau government and health care funding mark_alfred said... NDP report that the Trudeau government is going to make massive cuts to health care transfers. http...
Christy Clark - Kathleen Wynne - Rachel Notley in RARE Joint Interview Mighty Middle said... Canada's three female premiers gather to discuss Hillary Clinton's run for the U.S. presidency and...
Green Party sanctioned for peddling 'misleading' polling data in elxn42 Mighty Middle said... Erroneous information distributed in flyers in hard-fought Victoria riding Canada's elections...
How MP are spending taxpayers money for office expenses Mighty Middle said... Clown, balloons, cakes, jazz singer among entertainment items charged to MP expense accounts http...
If Elxn 42 were in Oct 2016 would Trudeau still have won? Mighty Middle said... We have had multiple Terrorist attacks overseas, multiple shootings towards police, and several...
Is Tom Mulcair Withdrawing This Summer? Mighty Middle said... When I write 'withdraw', I don't mean from the party leadership, But from the summer events this...
Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader? R.E.Wood said... This should be in the NDP Leadership Race thread... we can't have a different thread for each...
Tom Mulcair Leading The NDP - It's a Liberal Conspiracy! terrytowel said... Reading these threads the narrative seemed to be that Mulcair leading the NDP is a direct result of...
Female leadership for the NDP progressive-patriot said... Would a #DraftMeganLeslie campaign work?   in

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Hospital Employees' Union
NDP leader commits to protecting universal public health care
"Medicare came in through the New Democratic Party. It's part of our DNA. And we're going to defend it every step of the way," pledged Tom Mulcair.

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