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Minimum wage and poverty are not 'white wine' elitist issues: How right-wing New Democrats have reframed the debate | May 29 2014 | Michael Laxer | When "elitism" is framed as wanting to fight for policies that will help minimum-wage workers and those living in poverty, then we need far more "elitists" and far fewer apologists for the ONDP.
Photo: Mick Sweetman
Left hooks thrown between NDP and Liberals in Davenport riding | May 28 2014 | Mick Sweetman | The Davenport riding has become a battleground. The Liberals want the riding back from the NDP and are fighting tooth and nail to get it, throwing all the left hooks they can.
image: flickr/Keith Ivey
Andrea Horwath and the unintended consequences of 'strategic voting' | May 27 2014 | Chanchal Bhattacharya | The promotion of strategic voting by prominent progressives has demoralized many New Democrats, and it has two other unintended consequences.
Photo: flickr/Ontario NDP
OPSEU President says 'Horwath has courage' | May 27 2014 | Warren Thomas | Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, has a different take on Andrea Horwath and her approach: He commends her resolve, courage and determination.
Ontario NDP
Ontario NDP supporters should learn from the Page 1 rule | May 27 2014 | Ish Theilheimer | It's not a question of party democracy. It's about smarts and survival. NDP members should give Horwath a break and work to change leaders democratically instead of signing a mid-campaign letter.
Image: wikimedia commons
Andrea Horwath, the Left, and the unintended consequences of strategic voting | May 24 2014 | Alice Funke | Popular political blog Pundit's Guide responds to left-wing critics of Andrea Horwath, raising the spectre of strategic voting.
Photo source: Ontario's NDP
Leaked letter shows progressives' dissatisfaction with Horwath's NDP | May 24 2014 | various | In a letter to NDP leader Andrea Horwath leaked on Friday to the media, traditional NDP supporters say they are "deeply distressed" by the party's direction.
Accusations about NDP's 'satellite offices' -- mostly partisan rhetoric? | May 21 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | NDP MPs housed Parliamentary staff in Montreal and elsewhere. Other parties want to make this into a scandal. Not much there; except, perhaps, for what NDPers said to the Clerk of the Commons.
Trudeau, like Horwath, has chosen partisanship over principle | May 19 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Ontario NDP Leader Horwath precipitated an election over a budget with which many NDP supporters agree. Trudeau's federal Liberals joined Harper's troops to attack Mulcair's NDP on a tiny thing. Why?
Image: ONDP Facebook
Andrea Horwath vows to create cabinet position for the Hon. Scrooge McDuck | May 14 2014 | Michael Stewart | ONDP Leader Andrea Horwath announced today that she would appoint a "Minister of Savings and Accountability" charged with finding "new savings" from the Ontario budget. Is this what counts as bold?
Left-right shifts between Liberals and NDP mark outset of Ontario election | May 10 2014 | Roger Annis | The Liberal Party's tack to the left at outset of Ontario election is mostly for show, but where is the real left alternative?
Death and Fashion: Canadians shining a spotlight on worker safety in Bangladesh | May 9 2014 | Randy Kitt | A Canadian delegation went to Bangladesh to stand in solidarity with workers, hear their stories and continue to shine the light on the working conditions of workers all over the world.

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Liberal political commentator Rob Silver mentions rabble.ca twice on CBC Power & Politics | sherpa-finn said... > He also said, not once but twice, that their message only appeals to people who read rabble.ca...
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Female Tory MP asks why NDP women don't wear jackets like the men | terrytowel said... Ms. Jinny Jogindera Sims:  Just to that point, before I proceed with my speaking, I'm very...
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What NDP Politicians Have You Met? | jerrym said... Ignore this fishing expedition for bad stories about the NDP that he can relay to his Liberal party...
Helen Kennedy joins Liberal party | Unionist said... Of course she's a turncoat. A traitor. What's so hard to understand? Next baiting thread, please. in
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Lessons of Scarborough-Guildwood (a low-decibel, high-respect, post-by-election discussion thread) | Ken Burch said... Obviously, "al-ow" is meant to be "a low", but this old laptop messed me over and you can't edit OP...

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