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Despite being third place in the polls, the NDP should not panic | Dec 8 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Most recent opinion polls show the Liberals coming down a bit and PM Harper's folks going up. What this may mean, however, is that, for now, voters are keeping their options open.
Rachel Notley
Collapse of rickety Wildrose coalition could be a bad-news/good-news story for Alberta NDP | Nov 26 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Rachel Notley's task is to get enough Albertans who are fed up with the PCs' sins and not yet ready for an increasingly extreme Wildrose Party to rally round the NDP.
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Tom Mulcair's election-ready tour | Nov 25 2014 | Duncan Cameron | For Mulcair, those Canadians looking to get rid of Stephen Harper need look no further than the NDP. The Liberals, he said, "flash left at election time, then turn right when they hold power."
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The Canada-Honduras trade agreement: A stain on Canada | Oct 23 2014 | Don Davies | Don Davies, the NDP Official Opposition Critic for International Trade, explains why Canada should not have a Free Trade Agreement with Honduras.
Nova Scotia offers insight to Canadian left for 2015 | Oct 14 2014 | David Bush | Simply faulting the NDP without doing the work that will create the conditions for an organized left that can express a real alternative is an abdication of our responsibility.
Mansbridge takes money from... and other reasons we need a reporter on the Hill for the rest of us | Oct 8 2014 | rabble staff | Parliament is back in session, and we hope that we can count on you to help ensure that we have a top-notch team of independent and ethical journalists to really challenge Stephen Harper's agenda.
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One year in: Jerry Dias on Unifor's first year and its future | Oct 8 2014 | H.G. Watson | A year after Unifor's founding convention, Unifor President Jerry Dias reflects on the year, what Unifor can achieve for the workers it represents and the rest of Canada.
Canada's political parties struggle with Iraq war plan | Oct 2 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Prime Minister Harper will announce an expanded military role for Canada in Iraq on Friday. Even some Conservatives have doubts about that, and it is politically tricky for both the NDP and Liberals.
NDP loses vote to make Parliament more relevant, but wins battle for public opinion | Oct 1 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Conservatives voted down an NDP motion that would have given the Speaker the authority to compel government MPs to stick to the subject in QP. NDP loss -- what about the impact on public opinion?
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New Brunswick election 2014: Green Party leader takes Fredericton riding, NDP leader resigns | Sep 23 2014 | Tracy Glynn | New Brunswick election results are in, and the Liberals have formed a majority government. But what were voters talking about and what issues were most important to them?
Olivia Chow speaks about transit in Toronto | Sep 16 2014 | Victoria Fenner | Olivia Chow speaks solo at a mayoral debate sponsored by the Ryerson Students' Union and TTCRiders: A Voice for Transit Riders.
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Dear NDP: Stop apologizing for war crimes and breaches of human rights | Aug 6 2014 | various | There seems to be little that actually distinguishes Mulcair's party line about the Israel-Gaza conflict from the position of the Harper government. Here is a list of what the NDP need to address.

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Chantal Hébert says this election will be decided by Blue Liberals & Red Tories Stockholm said... If that is the case, why does every poll show such an infintesimal number of people who are CPC...
Despite Leading in Quebec At Issue Panel Say NDP Is In Trouble Stockholm said... This is a pointless thread that should be cancelled. We can discuss federal politics in the federal...
NDP MPs who made harassment allegations won’t file complaints "want to go on with their lives" Pondering said... Quote: “They were clear they did not want to put a complaint in. They were meeting with her (Foote...
Mulcair rips up racist SUN cartoon, calls the NDP a "social democratic" party. alan smithee said... And Mulcair scores more points. He's been impressing me lately. I hope he continues the fight. in
Mulcair and Trudeau on Ottawa shootings and Conservative Terrorism Legislation Unionist said... That same discussion is under way here: http://rabble.ca/babble/national-news/ottawa-shooting-...
Would a PC party led by Doug Ford reduce the NDP to non-party status in 2018? Lord Palmerston said... How reliable is a "fake poll"? in
Conservative Cabinet to ratify Canada-China FIPA, with the Liberals cheering them on. Brachina said...  Biggest surprise about that vote is that there is still a Bloc ;p in
Federal NDP Candidates 2015 greyscale said... Former PEI NDP leader Herb Dickieson has announced he will seek a federal nomination in Egmont for...
The fall policy agenda at Queen's Park: What will be happening and is progressive change possible? Insider1 said... Two views of the Ontario budget - one by the OFL and one by the Globe and Mail. Which one do people...
Libby Davies silent in the mainstream media but not on social media terrytowel said... BTW This thread is in regards to her not being as outspoken as she used to be in the past, now that...

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Mulcair and the NDP want to create universal child care. Harper and the Conservatives want to give the rich more tax breaks.

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