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Rachel Notley, May 5, 2015
Fort Mac fire overshadows an earthshaking political anniversary -- the NDP's election one year ago today | May 5 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Recognition of Alberta's unexpected and historically earthshaking Cinco de Mayo moment is bound to be muted today in the wake of the continuing fire catastrophe in Fort McMurray.
Image: www.leapmanifesto.org
Leap Manifesto our best chance to start the national climate conversation we sorely need | Apr 23 2016 | Miles Krauter | In response to an Albertan progressive criticizing the NDP's Leap Manifesto resolution, Miles Krauter argues not only is the Leap national in authorship and scope, it's our best way forward.
Climate change emergency shakes Canada's corporate establishment and fractures the NDP | Apr 22 2016 | Roger Annis | Canada needs a new party of the left to fight against war, militarism, austerity and ecological destruction. Part of its work is co-operative approaches with the NDP and unions on these issues.
Image: Flickr/tarsandsaction (Credit: Bora Chung)
The Leap Manifesto is a bit of a problem -- with love from an Alberta progressive | Apr 19 2016 | Bronwyn Bragg | Alberta organizer and researcher Bronwyn Bragg is not saying that now is not the time to have that conversation; she's saying this is the wrong way to have it.
There was no NDP Leap | Apr 18 2016 | Michael Laxer | All the hyperbole to the contrary, the NDP did not adopt the Leap Manifesto in Edmonton. Not even close.
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
In a bold move, NDP delegates save their party | Apr 15 2016 | Murray Dobbin | In the aftermath of Tom Mulcair's crushing repudiation at the NDP's convention, the party enters a period of self-reflection and reinvention that it has never experienced before.
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
Rather than fearing the Leap Manifesto, let's bring on the debate | Apr 15 2016 | Linda McQuaig | That silly Leap Manifesto -- giving itself away right in the subtitle, which calls for "a Canada based on caring for the Earth and one another." No wonder it provoked fury and outrage.
The Leap: Time for a reality check | Apr 14 2016 | Naomi Klein | Well, the Leap is certainly in the news. Many articles have been filled with errors and misrepresentations, which isn't surprising. We should expect more, however, from commentators on the left.
To 'Leap' or to sleep? That is the question. | Apr 14 2016 | Ole Hendrickson | Why is talk of not building new pipelines and leaving fossil fuels in the ground now so divisive? We've made our commitment at the Paris climate talks -- now let's honour it.
Photo: Chris Schwarz/Premier of Alberta/flickr
The federal NDP's 'Leap' of faith advocates and Alberta's right-wing opposition: Strange bedfellows? | Apr 13 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Call me Pollyanna, but I'm inclined to think this situation, as truly damaging as it appears, can be managed and even exploited.
Photo: United Steelworkers/flickr
The way ahead for the NDP | Apr 12 2016 | Duncan Cameron | Three challenges await the NDP membership: animating riding associations, renewing party policy, and restructuring the party. It's time to replace trickle-down politics with democratic party politics.
Tom Mulcair exits stage right -- too late and not soon enough! | Apr 11 2016 | Michael Laxer | Tom Mulcair's defeat in Edmonton was richly deserved. What it signifies is another matter.

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Hospital Employees' Union
NDP leader commits to protecting universal public health care
"Medicare came in through the New Democratic Party. It's part of our DNA. And we're going to defend it every step of the way," pledged Tom Mulcair.

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