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Kathleen Wynne brings an opportunity to do government differently | Jun 16 2014 | Murray Dobbin | Canadians have been sold a bill of goods about there "being no alternative" to small, mean, punitive and arrogant government. Kathleen Wynne has the opportunity to take a different path.
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Charge of the Policy-Light Brigade ended predictably for Andrea Horwath | Jun 13 2014 | Ish Theilheimer | Whether you liken Andrea Horwath's 2014 campaign to the Iraq invasion, Custer's Last Stand, or the Charge of the Policy-Light Brigade, it ended, predictably, in confusion and slaughter.
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How to beat Tim Hudak and defeat the right-wing agenda | Jun 11 2014 | Edward C. Corrigan | The 2014 Ontario election is so close! So, how do we defeat Hudak and his right-wing agenda?
Photo: Kevin Konnyu
Provincial candidates commit to environmental assessment on Line 9 | Jun 11 2014 | Lana Goldberg | A coalition of grassroots groups have received confirmation from 67 provincial candidates in Ontario that, if elected, they would conduct an environmental assessment on the Line 9 pipeline.
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The problem with right-wing populism | Jun 6 2014 | Rick Salutin | Populism can be a good starting point for political action. What really matters is: where do you go then? The difference with right-wing populism is that it rejects the social route.
Photo: Sharon Drummond/flickr
Voting pro-social in the Ontario election | Jun 5 2014 | Alice Klein | If we leave behind the win-lose, ideological lens of left and right, we can wake up to the fact that most of us in the NDP and the Liberal party and the Greens are in the sharing and caring camp.
Photo: bcndp/flickr
Note to Andrea Horwath: Forget being coy and list the benefits of voting NDP | Jun 2 2014 | Ish Theilheimer | Rather than play coy about which party she would support in a minority setting, Andrea Horwath can and should state directly what program she would insist upon in any government.
Photo: flickr/Jason Spaceman
Anti-nuclear advocates, Federal Court trouble Ontario Liberal and PC energy plans | May 30 2014 | Steve Cornwell | Nuclear proponents got the one-two punch on May 14 when the Federal Court nullified the approval of up to four new reactors at Darlington Station. Most called it "common sense," others, not so much.
Minimum wage and poverty are not 'white wine' elitist issues: How right-wing New Democrats have reframed the debate | May 29 2014 | Michael Laxer | When "elitism" is framed as wanting to fight for policies that will help minimum-wage workers and those living in poverty, then we need far more "elitists" and far fewer apologists for the ONDP.
Photo: Mick Sweetman
Left hooks thrown between NDP and Liberals in Davenport riding | May 28 2014 | Mick Sweetman | The Davenport riding has become a battleground. The Liberals want the riding back from the NDP and are fighting tooth and nail to get it, throwing all the left hooks they can.
image: flickr/Keith Ivey
Andrea Horwath and the unintended consequences of 'strategic voting' | May 27 2014 | Chanchal Bhattacharya | The promotion of strategic voting by prominent progressives has demoralized many New Democrats, and it has two other unintended consequences.
Photo: flickr/Ontario NDP
OPSEU President says 'Horwath has courage' | May 27 2014 | Warren Thomas | Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, has a different take on Andrea Horwath and her approach: He commends her resolve, courage and determination.

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