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The orange purge continues | Sep 26 2015 | J. Baglow | Just a short update about Tom Mulcair's latest political victims.
Photo: Laurel L. Russwurm/flickr
Dear NDP, it's 2015: Fiscal conservatism and Thatcherism are so 1990s | Sep 25 2015 | Rick Salutin | There's something touching about Thomas Mulcair's attempt to become the Tony Blair of Canada: it comes 20 years late.
Liberals deceiving voters with expensive promises and lack of funding | Sep 24 2015 | Tom Parkin | Trudeau's infrastructure plan doesn't have a solid funding plan, unlike Mulcair's. Trudeau says he has confidence in Canada -- now that's something we can take to the bank!
Image: Flickr/Queen's University
The NDP's rightward drift is a strategy destined to fail | Sep 24 2015 | Michael Stewart | Thomas Mulcair became the frontrunner by igniting the imaginations of Canadians. Where did that go?
Photo: Sarah Hassanein
Muslim youth debate leaves Conservatives in the dust | Sep 23 2015 | Aaliya Khan | On Friday Sept. 18, representatives from the major parties spoke to an audience of predominantly young and Muslim individuals. What issues took centre stage during this discussion?
Photo: Ara Shimoon/flickr
The subtext of election 2015: Beat the NDP | Sep 22 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The subtext of election 2015 is that the NDP could win the most seats in the next parliament, and the other contenders have turned against them.
Image: Up For Debate facebook page
Up For Debate puts leaders' policies on 'women's issues' in election hot seat | Sep 22 2015 | Samantha C. Thrift | Up For Debate held its panel on gender justice and equality on Monday featuring four political leaders and a panel discussion. What did the leaders have to say in this conversation on women's issues?
Photo: flickr/ Ara Shimoon
Can strategic voting help overcome Harper's electoral 'cheating'? | Sep 16 2015 | Nick Fillmore | One of the biggest issues emerging this election is whether or not to engage in strategic voting. For those who want to oust Harper this decision remains heated on both sides.
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
The vote for change in election 2015 | Sep 15 2015 | Duncan Cameron | Election 2015 has one overriding question: do you want to see another Harper Conservative government? Two-thirds or more of Canadians are answering: no more Harper.
Jeremy Corbyn at "Refugees Welcome" rally, London, Sept 12, 2015
'Third Way' politics suffer massive defeat in U.K. while in Canada they triumph | Sep 13 2015 | Michael Laxer | While it took the NDP many years to transition to a fully Blairite party one can only hope the road back to the left takes considerably less time than it did for Labour.
Photo: flickr/ Gordon McDowell
Fact check: Can the NDP and Liberals meet Elizabeth May's requirements for co-operation? | Sep 10 2015 | Nora Loreto | How likely is it that Elizabeth May will get her wish to work with either an NDP or Liberal government?
Photo: flickr/ Canada 2020
Fact-checking French Trudeau: Will Mulcair usher in austerity? | Sep 2 2015 | Nora Loreto | Was the use of the word "austerity" in French but not in English indicative of the Liberals' campaign strategy in Quebec?

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NDP Furious @ Trudeau - NDP Did All The Work In HOC & Trudeau Is Getting The Reward terrytowel said... Party members are not taking the Trudeau win well. “It sucks; to be honest Trudeau barely showed up...
National Campaign Director Anne McGrath To Lead Campaign Post Mortem terrytowel said... Thomas Mulcair has announced that he’s asked National Campaign Director Anne McGrath to form a...
I Predicted 3 Yrs Ago Megan Leslie Would Be Defeated terrytowel said... So why didn't anyone believe me? http://rabble.ca/babble/election-2015/liberal-mpp-laurel-broten-to...
Potential Joe Cressy Candidacy for Leadership terrytowel said... I think he could be a good choice.That's if/when Mulcair steps down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
Brian Masse Is Now The Longest Tenured MP In The NDP Caucus terrytowel said... Elected in a by-election in 2002, who would have thought he would have that much senority at this...
NDP Even Failed To Connect With Young People In Elxn42 terrytowel said... Here are the national results for Student Vote 2015. Nearly 900,000 students cast a ballot. in
NDP would work with either LPC or CPC in minority. terrytowel said... NDP candidate Andrew Thomson suggests on CPAC this AM that the NDP might work w a Conservative...
NDP incumbents who get defeated will lose their 80K + severance terrytowel said... That’s because more than five dozen New Democrats have been ordered to repay the House of Commons...
Desmond Cole - NDP Move To The Mushy Middle Disastrous terrytowel said... New Democrats have utterly failed to present a fresh vision for Canada, one that transcends the...
Elizabeth May Daughter Is Taking On NDP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in Berthier—Maskinongé terrytowel said... Elizabeth May daughter Victoria May Burton is waging a campaign to oust NDP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in...

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Hospital Employees' Union
NDP leader commits to protecting universal public health care
"Medicare came in through the New Democratic Party. It's part of our DNA. And we're going to defend it every step of the way," pledged Tom Mulcair.

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