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Where is the ONDP on a $14 an hour minimum wage in Ontario? | Feb 5 2014 | Michael Laxer | Minimum wage and non-'middle class' workers do not need small cuts to hydro bills or auto insurance rates. They need a leftist living wage and job strategy.
Canada Post has other options, NDP MPs argue -- but Harper's troops vote them down | Jan 29 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Are all the cuts to Canada Post necessary? The Conservatives stay steadfast in their reasoning, while NDP MPs echo Canada Post supporters that Canada Post shouldn't be slashed, but expanded.
With Parliament back will Harper start giving straight answers? Don't hold your breath! | Jan 28 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The first day back to Parliament and Harper's Conservatives are already dancing around questions about unemployment, the Canada Jobs Grant, the Senate scandal and bank fees.
Adventures from the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty Three | Dec 12 2013 | Cathi Bond | Big Queer and Very Fine Literature Event at Glad Day Books this Sat the 14th at 2 PM!
Olivia Chow calls Canada Post's decision to phase out urban home delivery 'shortsighted' and 'backward' | Dec 11 2013 | John Bonnar | On Wednesday afternoon, NDP MP Olivia Chow held a press conference to blast Canada Post's decision to phase out urban home delivery.
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Justin Trudeau is definitely no Jack Layton | Dec 9 2013 | Brad Lavigne | Justin Trudeau told supporters that the Liberal Party has replaced the 'hope' and 'optimism' people once held for the NDP. Brad Lavigne states bluntly, 'Justin Trudeau: you sir are no Jack Layton.'
Photo: Joseph.Morris/flickr
Less hardball, more beachball: Justin Trudeau reframes real debate as negative politics | Dec 5 2013 | Linda McQuaig | In his effort to present himself as the appropriate leader for the post-Harper era, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau seems keen to reframe Canadian political debate in a profound way.
Beyond Politics? The origins (and future) of the NDP's Orange Wave | Dec 5 2013 | Joel Harden | 'Building the Orange Wave' recounts the history of the NDP and their rise to Official Opposition. Joel Harden ponders the difference between that NDP and the present NDP and if the wave has collapsed?
Photo: Joseph Morris/flickr
There is only one 'progressive' in the Toronto byelection | Nov 25 2013 | Murray Dobbin | On Monday, a byelection is being held in the riding of Toronto Centre, and Linda McQuaig, one of Canada's principal champions of social justice and equality, is the NDP candidate for that seat.
Photo: flickr/Kim Elliott
Jobs, jobs, jobs: Alexandre Boulerice talks unemployment, bills and unions | Nov 20 2013 | H.G. Watson | NDP Labour Critic Alexandre Boulerice discusses precarious employment and youth workers, the omnibus bill and Bill C-377 and his perspective on the labour movement now that he is in the government.
'Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics' reflects on a brilliant activist and a courageous politician | Nov 14 2013 | Judy Rebick | Judy Rebick reflects on the new book 'Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics' and her political and personal relationship with former MP Svend Robinson and the political battles they waged together.
NDP gets blasted for a position the party does, not in fact, hold! | Oct 21 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | Two opposing stories emerged on the NDP's position on the free trade deal with Europe. One signals the NDP's support towards the trade deal, the other, their misrepresentation in mainstream media.

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Lessons of Scarborough-Guildwood (a low-decibel, high-respect, post-by-election discussion thread) | Ken Burch said... Obviously, "al-ow" is meant to be "a low", but this old laptop messed me over and you can't edit OP...
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