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With new governments in Alberta and Ottawa, Parkland Institute asks: What's left? | Nov 24 2015 | Duncan Cameron | What are the tasks facing the Canadian left following the defeat of the Harper government? The Parkland Institute tackled these questions and more at its 19th annual conference.
Waist-deep in mud of its own making, the NDP keeps digging | Nov 13 2015 | J. Baglow | If I felt alienated from the Old Democratic Party after the election, this idiotic gesture finishes the job and ties an orange bow on it.
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Bold is the best way forward for a chastened NDP | Nov 3 2015 | Duncan Cameron | By putting together a policy agenda of bold ideas, the NDP would help Canadians get a measure of the new Liberal government, and give the party a much-needed leadership role in public debate.
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The NDP's queasy opposition on the niqab | Nov 3 2015 | Sarah Beuhler, Tristan Markle | Many say it was the NDP's principled stand on the "niqab ban" that did them in. However, it was actually their lack of a focused attack against Harper and his "fear and loathing" campaign.
Untangling the #hashtagfail-lings of the NDP campaign | Oct 28 2015 | Nora Loreto | What is left to be said about the NDP's election performance? Lots, but we need to start answering the right questions.
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Balanced budgets a terrible hill for the NDP to die on | Oct 27 2015 | Sarah Beuhler, Tristan Markle | The Liberals learned their lesson from the Bill C-51 backlash: this was a "change" election and you win by looking like the polar opposite of the incumbent.
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What would an NDP that is neither 'too right' nor 'too left' look like? | Oct 23 2015 | Reilly Yeo | To all those who lamented the NDP's alleged rightward drift, where was the reasonable counter strategy?
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Relief, cautious optimism and disappointments: Lessons from the 2015 federal election | Oct 23 2015 | Seth Klein, Shannon Daub | The reversal of fortunes between the NDP and the Liberals deserves careful consideration, as it provides important lessons for progressives.
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Tax the rich: How the Liberals outflanked the NDP | Oct 23 2015 | Sarah Beuhler, Tristan Markle | How did the Liberals outmanoeuvre the NDP seems to be the biggest question these days. We attempt to answer that question in this first of a three-part series.
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The NDP: Minting a new political currency | Oct 22 2015 | Christopher Majka | Conservatives and Liberals have presented two sides of the same coin. The NDP needs to discard the two-bits and mint a new political currency. The alternatives have failed. The time has come to leap.
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Courage can win elections for the NDP, but it didn't show up | Oct 21 2015 | Adam Riggio | The New Democrats won't be viable any longer if they maintain this course of being a squishy centre-left party. We already have the Liberals, who can go squishy centre-left by instinct.
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Progressives' post-election task: Organizing for change | Oct 16 2015 | Murray Dobbin | Post-election, creating change will be the critical task of all progressives -- take what we know is possible and use it to rebuild community, reclaim the commons and build a broad social movement.

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Possible NDP leadership thread 2 Notalib said... Just a quick question. How does a thread get "locked" and why? And why are all the posts "...
Possible NDP leadership thread Debater said... Why would that hurt Nathan Cullen? Many progressive voters want to see the parties at least be open...
New Voice - An online discussion venue for NDP members and supporters newvoice.ca said... Hello Babblers I posted about New Voice on Babble a few weeks ago in the Anne McGrath thread. I...
NDP Cheri DiNovo On Elxn42 "Blaming media & Liberals strategists is a like farmers blaming the weather" terrytowel said... The NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park says the federal New Democrats’ setback in the October...
How Elxn15 results would look using Proportional Rep & Preferential Ballot terrytowel said... See link for more info http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-preferential-ballot-1.3332566 in
Tom Mulcair To Embark On Cross Canada Listening Tour terrytowel said... Tom Mulcair appeared on both CBC & CTV yesterday and announced he is embarking on a listening...
That NDP survey J. Baglow said... There is already an active thread discussing this. (http://rabble.ca/babble/canadian-politics/anne-...
If Mulcair drops scripted talking points next time & is just his natural self, a win is assured mark_alfred said... I've been reading with some amusement various people's call for Tom Mulcair to play nice and then...
Would you support the appointment of former NDP MP Peter Stoffer to the Senate? terrytowel said... An online petition is calling on Justin Trudeau to appoint former NDP MP Peter Stoffer to the...
For Halloween former NDP candidate Andrew Thomson Dressed Up As Lead Now Canvasser terrytowel said... Great costume idea! Wonder if Lead Now gave him a free T-Shirt? in

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Hospital Employees' Union
NDP leader commits to protecting universal public health care
"Medicare came in through the New Democratic Party. It's part of our DNA. And we're going to defend it every step of the way," pledged Tom Mulcair.

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