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Long Live Occupy: Occupy, three years later | Oct 15 2014 | Judy Rebick | On the third anniversary of a Canada-wide march in solidarity with Occupy protestors, Judy Rebick presents the first piece in a rabble.ca series on what has sprung from the Occupy movement.
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rabble.ca series launches tomorrow: Long live Occupy | Oct 14 2014 | rabble staff | Three years ago, Canadians marched in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, launching a new era of activism. In a new series, rabble.ca looks at what has grown out of Occupy.
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Hong Kong demonstrators continue to demand response from Beijing | Oct 3 2014 | Ellie Ng | Student and Occupy Central leaders threatened to besiege government offices in Hong Kong yesterday, leading many to wonder what is ahead for these pro-democracy protests.
Canadian police agencies: Innovators in militarization? | Sep 10 2014 | Lesley J. Wood | Is the militarization of police in Canada a concern? Canadian police say no. The history of Canadian police says maybe.
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Peoples' Social Forum: 500 workshops, 19 assemblies, 5,000 voices and a declaration | Aug 28 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | The final assembly at the Peoples' Social Forum brought together activists from across Canada. On the last day, at a final assembly, the participants reported back. Miriam Katawazi was there.
Dealing with Tear Gas | Aug 14 2014 | When tear gas is used against peaceful protesters, use this guide to stay safe
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rabble.ca interviews Preempting Dissent co-director Greg Elmer | Jul 9 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | Preempting Dissent is the M.O. of law enforcement in the post-9-11 age. It's also the topic of a documentary premiering tonight in Toronto. Greg Elmer talks about why he made Preempting Dissent.
Cecily McMillan released after serving 58 days from an Occupy arrest that turned violent at the hands of the NYPD | Jul 8 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | On March 17, 2012, she got caught up in a violent arrest by the New York Police Department (NYPD).
Join rabble.ca for a screening and discussion on the politics of policing dissent | Jun 30 2014 | rabble staff | rabble.ca is excited to be screening the open source collaborative documentary Preempting Dissent
G20 Four Years Later: Interview With Alex Hundert | Jun 30 2014 | Alex Hundert, Dan Kellar | We speak with former AW@L Radio host and long time activist Alex Hundert about what he is doing 4 years after the Toronto G20. Hint: same thing as before, but more...
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Is unemployment in Canada really starting to decline? | Jun 26 2014 | Tom Malleson | The recent fall in unemployment numbers in Canada and the U.S. has been met with optimism that our economic woes are finally starting to heal. However, don't let the numbers fool you...
System Change Not Climate Change's Peter Rugh in Zuccotti Park at Earth Day to M
People's Climate March: An invitation to change everything? | Jun 24 2014 | Brad Hornick | Organizers have pledged to make the upcoming NYC "Peoples' Climate March" an "invitation to change everything" and to "take a stand to bend the course of history." What are its prospects for doing so?


Tue, Nov 4, 2014
Occupy Now! Panel Discussion

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Just read a classic anti-authoritarian Left pamphlet on Krondstadt. Ken Burch said... Here's a link to the text of the pamphlet: (note:the numbers in various passages are footnotes that...

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