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Activist Communiqué: Occupy London U.K. protesters evicted from Finsbury Square | Jun 18 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | For Occupy London, Finsbury Square was the last remaining encampment flying the Occupy banner.
Red square rising: Quebec's anti-austerity uprising | Jun 12 2012 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | The Red Square Revolt starts to spread across Quebec as Casseroles in solidarity against loi 78 and austerity! We then read some "how-to" and "what now" statements.
Activist Communiqué: Re-Occupy my heart? | Jun 12 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Occupy is about more than just holding physical space; its tactic and purpose is to facilitate the 99 per cent in shining a light on the actions of the one per cent.
Protests shine spotlight on skewed priorities | Jun 5 2012 | David Suzuki | The Montreal protesters are drawing attention to a growing trend: governments often skew decisions in favour of short-term priorities, often for industrial interests.
Activist Communiqué: Occupy Chicago activists arrested over alleged terrorist plot | Jun 1 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Days before the May 20, 2012, NATO Summit in Chicago, in a midnight raid, Chicago police kicked down the door of activist Zoe Sigman’s apartment, arresting nine activists. This was only the start.
Photo: Todd Ferguson
Thousands rally in Toronto as solidarity for Quebec spreads like wildfire | May 31 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Last night in Toronto: chants of "we won't stop until Jean Charest backs down" were heard throughout the crowd of thousands.
Photo: petitefeministe.wordpress.com
Occupy feminism: Start of a fourth wave? | May 29 2012 | Megan Boler | What challenges will a fourth wave of feminism face? What lessons have been learned? Is a fourth wave of feminism rising from an ocean of unrest?
How Occupy and the Indignados helped inspire Quebec, where 'every street is Wall Street' | May 29 2012 | Jesse Rosenfeld | This movement may be drawing on global influences — Paris 1968, the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, European anti-austerity movements - but it is still fundamentally Quebecois.
Activist Communiqué: Occupied Ottawa conference – Take Back Democracy | May 29 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | A Occupy conference in Ottawa from Friday June 1 – Sunday June 3, 2012.
Activist Communiqué: #MapleSpread has brought the Red Square spirit to Toronto | May 28 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Occupy Toronto’s Operation #MapleSpread has brought the Red Square spirit to Toronto with plenty of noise and plans for summer.
Activist Communiqué: Ottawa students occupy the offices of the University of Ottawa | May 24 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | BREAKING: University of Ottawa students occupy their adminstration office over tuition fee increase.
Globalizing resistance: Marxism conference this weekend in Toronto | May 24 2012 | James Clark | From the Quebec student strike to Occupy Wall Street, the potential for a new global resistance is emerging.

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#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement. ikosmos said... The independent state of Crimea lasted for 2 days or so. They really had to join something. Carving...
How the Left has won KenS said... huh, sleep walking to the workers paradise.  does the New Jerusalem have therapists for...
The Dalai Lama and Marxism Unionist said... I can't find the link, but apparently Marx claimed to be a Buddhist... Anyone? in
What if the black bloc have the right idea? Unionist said... I honestly think you're on the wrong track. Like, really wrong. 180 degrees in the wrong direction...
OCAD Textbook: $180 and empty boxes where art should be 6079_Smith_W said... Ha! The artbook has no art. Photocopy it and fuck'em. How long are they going to push this shit...
Occupy turns one year old Catchfire said... Activist Communique: This is not an Occupy eulogy This is not a one year Occupy anniversary piece...
Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco: Sacrifice Zones in the American Dream 6079_Smith_W said... Ah... thanks. Missed it. in
Occupy: Is Economic Redistribution Sufficient for Social Justice? Grandpa_Bill said... scottcyw wrote: Myopically, social justice is theorized to be achieved, or oppression is to me...
Just read a classic anti-authoritarian Left pamphlet on Krondstadt. Ken Burch said... Here's a link to the text of the pamphlet: (note:the numbers in various passages are footnotes that...
The importance of dealing with Occupy's misogyny problem Left Turn said... The importance of dealing with Occupy's misogyny problem Quote:I grew up playing video games and...

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