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Eyewitness to the Chicago NATO protests | May 21 2012 | Joanna Chiu | A Canadian journalist recounts her weekend in Chicago, as an accidental eyewitness to the protests against NATO.
Activist Communiqué: City of Montreal bans wearing masks at demonstrations | May 19 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Montreal city councillors voted today to approve a city-wide bylaw that bans the wearing of masks at public protests in a vote that passed 33-25.
Activist Communiqué: Occupy Toronto Free School this Sunday at St. James Park | May 19 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Beginning Sunday, May 20 at St James Park from Noon until evening and ongoing weekly in different areas of the city. See TorontoFreeSkule.blogspot.ca for classes and teaching info as it develops.
Meet the editor! What do you think of rabble.ca's coverage of the Quebec student protests? | May 18 2012 | rabble staff | Derrick O'Keefe will be on babble, rabble.ca's online discussion forum, this afternoon to discuss rabble.ca's coverage of the Quebec student protests. Come join the conversation!
Activist Communiqué: Open letter to the Canadian Federation of Students | May 18 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | An open call out to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to embrace the principles of the Maple Spring and UPDATED news of an Occupy Toronto demonstration.
Refugee and Immigrant rights groups demand Bill C-31 be scrapped | May 17 2012 | John Bonnar | Members of No One is Illegal Toronto and Occupy Toronto protested outside Conservative MP Joe Oliver’s office on Wednesday morning, demanding that the Conservatives cancel Bill C-31.
Diversity is strength: Occupy McMaster continues on | May 16 2012 | Sabeen Kazmi | Occupy McMaster continues on, using its diversity as strength to engage students and faculty in inclusive public conversation.
Activist Communiqué: Occupied Ottawa update, May 2012 | May 15 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | An eventful month at "Occupy Ottawa" saw the General Assembly approve a change of name to "Occupied Ottawa." This discussion began the day the movement began.
Occupy Wall St. Photo: Rob Sheridan/Flickr
Revivals of protest in the class war | May 14 2012 | Gerry Caplan | If the 1 per cent are still winning the brutal class war, the 99 per cent are not yet surrendering. Portents of hope are everywhere.
Activist Communiqué: Occupy Winnipeg, Occupy Ottawa and Occupy Montreal re-occupied | May 14 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | News from the recent occupations from Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal
Bank Vs America: Activists protest BofA in Charlotte. Photo: Jed Brandt/Rainforest Action Network
Activists protest outside Bank of America's shareholder meeting | May 10 2012 | Amy Goodman | The broad coalition outside the shareholder meeting demonstrates a key development in Occupy Wall Street's spring revival, and foreshadows possible confrontations with the Obama re-election campaign.
From Occupy Ottawa to Occupied Ottawa: An update from OO | May 10 2012 | Aalya Ahmad | A guest blog from Occupied Ottawa activists Matt Morgan and John Bainbridge with an interview of Squid Murgatroyd, updating the rabble community on what's going on in Ottawa's Occupied movement.

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#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement. | ikosmos said... The independent state of Crimea lasted for 2 days or so. They really had to join something. Carving...
How the Left has won | KenS said... huh, sleep walking to the workers paradise.  does the New Jerusalem have therapists for...
The Dalai Lama and Marxism | Unionist said... I can't find the link, but apparently Marx claimed to be a Buddhist... Anyone? in
What if the black bloc have the right idea? | Unionist said... I honestly think you're on the wrong track. Like, really wrong. 180 degrees in the wrong direction...
OCAD Textbook: $180 and empty boxes where art should be | 6079_Smith_W said... Ha! The artbook has no art. Photocopy it and fuck'em. How long are they going to push this shit...
Occupy turns one year old | Catchfire said... Activist Communique: This is not an Occupy eulogy This is not a one year Occupy anniversary piece...
Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco: Sacrifice Zones in the American Dream | 6079_Smith_W said... Ah... thanks. Missed it. in
Occupy: Is Economic Redistribution Sufficient for Social Justice? | Grandpa_Bill said... scottcyw wrote: Myopically, social justice is theorized to be achieved, or oppression is to me...
Just read a classic anti-authoritarian Left pamphlet on Krondstadt. | Ken Burch said... Here's a link to the text of the pamphlet: (note:the numbers in various passages are footnotes that...
The importance of dealing with Occupy's misogyny problem | Left Turn said... The importance of dealing with Occupy's misogyny problem Quote:I grew up playing video games and...

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