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10 key points for becoming a more compassionate activist | Apr 19 2013 | Judy Rebick, Velcrow Ripper | Compassionate action is positive, kind, fierce and transformative. It comes from the heart, not just the head.
A protester outside hearings for the Matoush uranium project in Mistissini sends
Ça bouge! Quebec coalition makes progress on reforms | Apr 11 2013 | Ramsey Hart | For over five years now the Coalition has been pushing an agenda of mining reforms in Quebec.
Centre for Story Based Strategy logo
The Centre for Story Based Strategy | Mar 19 2013 | The Centre for Story Based Strategy is a collective that is about using story telling for social justice
Photo: http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.ca/
Unequal justice in Canada: Law and order for the poor, impunity for the rich | Mar 14 2013 | Yves Engler | White-collar crime is generally treated less severely than other forms of illegal activity, which is another way of saying there are different rules for 'important people' than the rest of us.
A woman looks at Parliament on the cover of the USW Lobbying guide
Lobbying | Mar 11 2013 | Lobbying local government can be an effective way for activists change policy
Parks, Pickles and Pidginholes | Feb 23 2013 | Michael Stewart | The opening of a restaurant across from Pigeon Park in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside has marked a difference in the way anti-gentrification has been represented. Pidgin-holing has a whole new meaning.
Photo: Secretary of Defense/Flickr
Seneca Falls, Selma, Stonewall and Seattle | Jan 30 2013 | Thomas Ponniah | On January 21, President Obama delivered an inspiring inaugural speech: he insisted that what was distinctive about the United States was its commitment to equality, quoting the Constitution.
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt | Jan 28 2013 | Riaz Sayani-Mulji | Author and journalist Chris Hedges offers his perspective on Idle no More, Occupy and more.
The high stakes of Indigenous resistance | Jan 26 2013 | Geneviève Beaudet, Pierre Beaudet | The blossoming of the Idle No More movement signals the return of Indigenous resistance to the political and social landscape of Canada and Quebec.
Image: Teresa Robinson/Flickr
Time for a paradigm revolution: Seeking an alternative to neoliberalism | Jan 23 2013 | Thomas Ponniah | We need to focus research on our generation's most pressing question: what is a persuasive, sustainable, socially just, employment-producing, alternative to the neoliberal economic model?
Photo: Brent Patterson
Idle No More: Joining Canada's civil rights revolution | Jan 14 2013 | Gerry Caplan | In the Harper government, First Nations face a tough negotiating partner. A huge groundswell of non-native support for Idle No More will remind Stephen Harper that this movement is not going away.
Lessons of Occupy Sandy: 'We the people must help each other' | Nov 29 2012 | Nora Loreto | Occupy Sandy perhaps provides a way forward for the Occupy Movement in Canada.

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This is not about public safety or other inconveniences but rather about the inconvenient message the occupiers are championing.

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