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Olympic groups squandering millions while athletes struggle to get to Rio | Aug 19 2016 | Nick Fillmore | The IOC and COC are unaccountable organizations who are happy to lavish themselves with gifts and money while amateur athletes struggle to make ends meet.
Six ways to support the work of Black Lives Matter across Canada this week | Jul 10 2016 | Allies and community, let's keep the momentum going!
Migrant workers deserve better | May 20 2016 | Speak up during the Federal government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program review hearings
Photo: flickr/Atos International
Seven severe flops served up by the Sochi Olympics | Feb 24 2014 | Jessie Johnston | The Sochi Olympics were so great, right?! Wrong. Don't let the flash deceive you, these Games served up a litany of issues from human rights abuses to environmental destruction.
Video: Pussy Riot direct from Sochi: Putin will teach you how to love | Feb 21 2014 | rabble staff | Pussy Riot ended their stay in Sochi on Thursday by posting a video criticizing the Olympic Winter Games and President Vladimir Putin.
Olympic Hockey: It'll take Grit to overcome Sisu -- are Tories patriotic enough to let it? | Feb 20 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Now that the plucky Finns have humbled the mighty Russians in men's Olympic hockey, Alberta Diary explains what it's going to take for Canada to beat them.
photo: City Lax
Now playing in progressive film: 'City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story' | Feb 14 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | Heart-warming and award-winning, 'City Lax' illustrates how critical sport is in bringing hope and uplift to those who have very little else to look forward to.
Gay Pride marchers wave rainbow flags atop Calgary's Mewata Armoury tank
Rooting for the Olympics underdog | Feb 12 2014 | Penney Kome | At the Sochi Winter Games, every LGBT athlete's win is treated like Jesse Owens' victories at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Photo: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Russia, Rob Ford and homophobia: Why it's important to talk about fear | Feb 11 2014 | Roy Mitchell | Rob Ford ordered the removal of the rainbow flag, raised in solidarity with the LGBTQ people in Russia, and subsequently unleashed a wave of fear and anger at what the Ford regime could do next.
Olympic Village, Vancouver
Vancouver's Olympic Games overstated legacy and ignored true costs | Feb 7 2014 | Marvin Shaffer | The 2010 Games were not without controversy and Canadians still wonder whether it was all worthwhile. Unfortunately, that fundamental question was never properly addressed.
Lessons from Vancouver for Sochi Activists | Feb 7 2014 | Megan Stacey | Sharing lessons and great examples from the Vancouver Olympics to help activists organize around issues at this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi
Photo: wikimedia commons
Sochi Winter Olympics highlight constellation of abuses standard in Putin's Russia | Feb 6 2014 | Amy Goodman | The Sochi Winter Olympics begin tomorrow and continue to highlight the abuses that are now standard in Putin's Russia. People from all nations continue to speak out, but at what cost and what benefit?

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Georgia Straight alleges VANOC CEO John Furlong abused Aboriginal high school students Catchfire said... CBC confirms many details of the Straight's story, despite Furlong's "categorical" denial. in
5th Decolonizing the Spirit Conference: March 25 and 26: Toronto Maysie said... Quote: Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) at OISE-UT presents: 5th Decolonizing...
Newby.. George Victor said... Hellebore, (I had to tack on the "e"), your posting demands a reply. I have found that...
DisOrientation 2010 @ York University Catchfire said... Hi JessKerr, thanks for this. Welcome to babble! in
New Version: On Legitimate and Illegitimate Protest milo204 said... nice read.  I agree that everyone is going to choose a different way to protest, it's not like...
On Legitimate and Illegitimate Protest Frustrated Mess said... Wow. That's a lot of words. I have done a 360 on violent protest. I never much liked it, but I...
IOC trying to suppress luge fatality video Unionist said... IOC orders blogger to remove video Quote:The International Olympic Committee has ordered a P.E.I....
Americans 5 - Canadians 3 (Men's Hockey) Sven said... Un-be-liev-able. in
Own the podium has become a national embarasment NorthReport said... How sad.   Big Push From Canada Is Not Panning Out Mellisa Hollingsworth, a favorite for a...

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