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Dec 26, 2013
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The five top activist tools of 2013

Steffanie Pinch
This year has seen many movements break into mainstream consciousness, take on new digital forums and grow. Here are this year's top five tools you can use to create change and get involved.
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Why the timing is good for parties from the left in Canada

Let me start by saying that what I am saying applies to the NDP as it is the only large political party on the left. But it can be true for other parties on the left that are smaller. We should not assume exclusivity to the NDP and if it ceases to be a party of activism (as it has at times provincially) it will not apply to the NDP.

This does not apply to non-activist parties of the centre or the centre-right such as the Liberals or parties of the right.

Canada is experiencing a painful lesson that is slowly becoming clear to the public. A rising tide does not raise all boats at all. The economic performance of the country has increased this country's total wealth dramatically while the living standards of most Canadians are seeing no benefit.


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