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Should fake campaign calls be criminally prosecuted?

Many people complained they are getting inflammatory calls from one party or another with bizarre campaign pledges to lock up gays, build more pipelines and even ban immigrants for a five year moratorium in the name of XYZ party.  While some people are smart enough to recognize the calls as foul play, most are getting outraged and alienated by the party they think is calling. This impersonation IMO is technically election fraud.  SHould it be traced and prosecuted in your opinion?  I think we have to draw the line somewhere and this is a good and easy place to start.

Oct 14, 2015
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The new climate vision is not so new: Let's act on it

Janet Newbury
The primary challenge ahead of us is not to imagine possible alternatives to this system that enslaves so many. What we must do now is in fact take the leap, make some commitments, and join the flow.
Oct 13, 2015
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Programs for activists: Education for social change

Bonnie Burstow
Interested in social activism education? Whether it be in social work or any other field associated with activism, there is a plethora of Canadian programs you can apply to -- and the time is now!
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