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Why the timing is good for parties from the left in Canada

Let me start by saying that what I am saying applies to the NDP as it is the only large political party on the left. But it can be true for other parties on the left that are smaller. We should not assume exclusivity to the NDP and if it ceases to be a party of activism (as it has at times provincially) it will not apply to the NDP.

This does not apply to non-activist parties of the centre or the centre-right such as the Liberals or parties of the right.

Canada is experiencing a painful lesson that is slowly becoming clear to the public. A rising tide does not raise all boats at all. The economic performance of the country has increased this country's total wealth dramatically while the living standards of most Canadians are seeing no benefit.

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discrimination in the Justice System

I am trying to consider how I might estimate the costs of the breaches of recognizance, breaches of probation and failure to attend charges that my often not lucid clients are charged with as a result of the lack of accommodation for the cognitive perceptual impairments.

My clients are often not "orientated in time and space". As a result they miss many appointments. As a result they also often go to the emergency ward when they can't figure out how to handle an issue in their lives

The Drummond report gave us a costing outline for the hospital Emergency room visits. It is possible to calculate  the cost of each individuals use of healthcare services by tracking an OHIP number.

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Police State

I realize I have come late to this, but after the forced shut-down of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland, I was somewhat relieved to see that Norm Stamper - the former head of the Seattle Police Department - has spoken out against the heavy-handed tactics of some police forces in dealing with the Occupy Movement.  

Stamper even admitted that during the infamous "Battle of Seattle" in 1999, the use of chemical agents was a mistake, and that his actions had interfered with the legitimate democratic rights of protesters.

Check out his book: Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing.



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