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43 Million Secret Reasons Not To Vote For Steven Harper - Yet Another Cover-Up?

Certainly the timing could not be worse for the PM, but a nine year old secret is one that every Canadian needs to know about I think.  It involves $43 million dollars stolen from Brian McWilliams, David Lewis, Louis Sapi, and Mr. Esptein of Toronto way back in 2001. No, Mr. Harper didn't steal the money. But apparently he let the U.S. Justice Department do it while he looked the other way and extradited the whiistle blower who brought it to his attention in a 4 page letter.  In short, he allowed about three hundred tax-evading Canadians to lose their money in a U.S.

Sep 16, 2015

A summit for radical worker-organizers in Toronto

Talking Radical Radio
Mia Sopapilla and Jordan House talk about the Working For Each Other, Working For Ourselves summit for radical worker-organizers in service-related jobs.

ImagiNations: Reframing Our Collective Future

Oct 23, 2015 to Oct 25, 2015
St. Clair Centre for the Arts
201 Riverside Drive
Windsor , ON
42° 19' 13.35" N, 83° 2' 11.9184" W
Ontario CA
This year, the Council of Canadians celebrates 30 years of bringing people together to act for social justice.


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