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Aug 3, 2010

Conservatives shutting down prison farms

Farms have operated in Canadian prisons for more than 100 years. The farms provide meaningful work experience for inmates and contribute to local food sustainability. But they are all slated to close.
Aug 2, 2010

In defense of the CRTC

Many media commentators, myself included, have been critical of the CRTC over the years, but two major decisions have shown lately that the regulators can do the right thing.
Aug 2, 2010
Cutting back on air travel is essential -- a single flight across the country wipes out the benefit of a person’s environmental good deeds for an entire year. Photo: caribb/Flickr

Up in the air, destroying the planet

Albert Koehl
Cutting back on air travel is essential -- a single flight across the country wipes out the benefit of a person's environmental good deeds for an entire year.
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ranj dhaliwal, newcomer?

I have recently recieved a flyer with some info on a Ranj dhaliwal and when i have inquired i have found out some great things  about him,  i heard he has created a foundation as well as helped out the sihk community especially the youth,    anyone else have any info on him?  i have overheard some chatter that he may be running in the next election so any info would be helpful

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Green Party names Georges Laraque as Deputy Leader

The federal Green Party is hoping a former NHL tough guy will help beef up the party's presence in Quebec.

Green Leader Elizabeth May on Saturday named Georges Laraque as a deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada.

The 260-pound former Montreal Canadiens enforcer joined the Greens last February but his role has been undefined until now.

The announcement is part of an attempt to gain traction in the province.

Laraque joins Adriane Carr as a deputy leader of the Greens, replacing Jacques Rivard, who jumped to the Bloc Québécois in June.

Read more: [url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2010/07/31/green-party-laraque.htm...

Jul 31, 2010

Save our prison farms

Melanie Redman
Canadian prisons are at risk for losing their farm programs, but citizens are fighting back.

Red Tent 2010 - Action for a National Housing Strategy

Aug 3, 2010
MP Russ Heibert's constituency office
106A - 2429 152nd Street
Surrey , BC
49° 2' 44.4912" N, 122° 48' 4.6332" W
British Columbia CA
Gather with the Red Tent campaign as part of weekly demonstrations at the offices of MPs who have voted against Bill C-304 or have otherwise failed to endorse a national housing plan.


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