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Jul 14, 2010
Presidents Porfirio Lobo of Honduras (left) and Álvaro Colom of Guatemala (right) at the World Coffee Conference in February 2010.  Photo: Gobierno de Guatemala/Flickr

Canada supports an undemocratic post-coup Honduras

Jason Tockman
One year ago last week, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya woke up with a gun pointed at his head. Even the U.S. has expressed concern over human rights violations, but the Harper government is silent.
Jul 13, 2010

Checkpoint: American hegemony

The world's politicians, in the post-G20 spirit, have abandoned creativity, empathy, intelligence and ultimately, reason itself in their quest follow the American dream.
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Who's running, who should be for the ONDP in 2011

We have a federal page, so I figured with the election a little over a year away, why not throw up a provincial NDP nomination page.

I wasn't at the TC AGM but apparently Cathy Crowe is thinking of running again, anyone who was there have any word on that?



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