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Feb 25, 2010

Bullies in public office

Eric Mang
Why are we under the foolish impression that bullies get stuff done? A look at rage-a-holic politicians.
Feb 16, 2010
Pivot Legal Society podcast

The Red Tent Campaign for Housing

Pivot Legal Society
Rebecca Cuttler interviews Am Johal , Chair of the Impact of the Olympics on Communities Committee about the Red Tent Housing campaign
Feb 22, 2010

NDP gets its bell rung

The more consequential resignation triggered by the expenses scandal is not that of Yarmouth Tory MLA Richard Hurlburt. It’s that of Pamela Harrison, former NDP treasurer and longtime activist.
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Canada's Dirty Little Secret

From my website: http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net

Canada is pretty much 'recognized as a beacon of 'Human Rights &  Democracy.  It's been touted as the country that 'successfully' embraces multiculturalism like none other. It's known as the 'Land Of The Strong And Free'.   And like most Canadians, I grew up proudly believing it was, with all my heart and soul. 

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Is it time to give up on Nazi war criminals in Canada?

This article I read in the Toronto Star this week got me thinking; Is it time we abandon the search for Nazi war criminals in Canada? Helmut Oberlander, who has never been found guilty of war crimes but the Federal Copurt has said he lied about his Nazi service during the war is still in Canada. He was a translator for a Nazi mobile killing unit in the Ukraine. No eveidence he ever actively participated in the mass murders but what exactly did a translator do for a Nazi mobile killing unit? He can still be denaturalized and deported for lying about his work as a Nazi translator if the Federal Cabinet moves forward. What do you think?


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Is it just me or is the Economic Action Plan Money going to a lot of religious institutes?

I have noticed that a good chunk of tax payer money called "The Economic Action Plan" is going to religious institutes here in Hamilton and finally I saw an article that supported my theory from another part the country.


Please let me know if you have seen anything that relates! 


The dollar tally in Hamilton is 


$986,667 for the Catholic Youth Organization of the Diocese of Hamilton


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Losing control of the herd?

First this,

and now this.

With Maurice Vellacott still very darn mad at the idea of gay marriage, and Rob Anders still thinking Nelson Mandela a terrorist and you can see why Harper has them gagged at every opportunity. Let them speak and they'll come out with stuff that helps grow excellent roses.


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