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May 26, 2010
Jeanne finally allows Slande, a volunteer from Florida, to clean and redress her amputation stump at the very busy Hopital d'Etat de la Universite Haiti. Photo: Scott Weinstein

Haiti: Charity alone is not enough

Scott Weinstein
Ethical humanitarian response gets undermined by charity aid. Haitians must find their own solutions: a talk delivered to a public forum in Winnipeg on the future of Haiti post-earthquake.
May 26, 2010

Lose your kids and you can lose your house too

When one B.C. ministry takes children into temporary care, another B.C. ministry reduces the shelter allowance and parents lose their housing. This makes it very hard for the children to return home.
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A Chretien Comeback???

So today Chretien's portrait was hung in Parliament while the leaders of the main opposition parties and the PM were in attendance. The former PM quipped "In the 19th century, William Gladstone returned to power at the age of 83." This was a tongue in cheek comment, but with all the talk about Iggy's poor performance and the Chantele Hebert article regarding the NDP/Liberal coalition, I want to pick peoples brains and see if they think a Chretien comback is perhaps a solution for the Liberals leadership troubles.



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