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Push Polling by Pharmacies

I would just like to post this, to see if anybody else has been hit with a push poll by the pharmacy industry in Ontario.  It was quite the insideous poll and I am sure it is wide-spread to combat the proposed Ontario legislation to cut out subsidies.



Apr 28, 2010

Abdelrazik and the sanctions-busting telethon

Mary Foster
Today, April 28, the anniversary of Abousfian Abdelrazik's entry into the Canadian embassy, Project Fly Home is hosting a 'Sanctions-busting Telethon.'
Apr 27, 2010

Interview with George Galloway

Am Johal
As the George Galloway controversy weaves its way through the Canadian court system, the question of Jason Kenney's role in CBSA's denial of his right to enter Canada will be probed.


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