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Toronto Votes 2010

Fluoride is what city hall calls it, and lobbyists wouldn't blame them . Who wants to hear the real truth of what it is, or rather what it isn't? It is not a pharmaceutical grade or organic fluoride such as that found naturally in Toronto's well water. Rather, an inorganic fluoride is laced in an industrial waste pollutant called HEXAFLUOROSILICIC ACID (HFSA). It is derived by brushing off the phosphate stalks from the phosphate fertilizer industry. We get our supply from Florida. For every 40,000 ton truck load that comes into Toronto's water treatment plants, up to 8lbs of LEAD and 2 lbs of ARSENIC come along with it. It costs YOU, the tax payer anywhere from $420.7 million to $760.5 million over a ten year period. This would be composed of:

May 14, 2010
Ka Hsaw Wa speaks at the University of Ottawa in Dec. 2007. Photo: Matthew Morgan.

University of Ottawa spied on leading Burmese activist

Matthew Morgan
When a Karen dissident came to the University of Ottawa in 2007 and was in the position of embarrassing a major benefactor, administration staff tried to prevent the talk, according to emails.
May 14, 2010

Strategic voting -- what's a voter to do?

Gary Shaul
My remarks made at a debate on strategic voting between myself and Scott Piatkowski organized by CAPP Waterloo, FV Waterloo and Civis Mundi.


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