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Who can petition the Standing Committee?

Please advise!

I need to petition the Access to Information Standing Committee and I am unclear who and under which conditions can do it. I have called and emailed the Committee but apparently no one knows.

I have hard proof that Foreign Affairs had made its own version law to actively filter out records and I have presented the proofs to the OIC but the OIC refuses to act. It even refuses to register my latest complaint.

I know of the noises the OIC has made recently about delays and all but there is a deeper root the these problems and that is the OIC itself. I do not think the government was less secretive in the days of John Reid - he just had the guts to act instead of lamenting. Today's OIC is just politics, smoke and mirrors.

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Is the Election in the UK turning out to be a blueprint for NDP success here in Canada?


It would seem that the modern trend toward people having less loyalty toward their political parties has helped the third-place Liberal-Democrats surge in the polls. Maybe there's a lesson here for the NDP?

The third party Liberal Democrats, who have recently averaged slightly under 19% in opinion polls, seem to have the most  momentum after Nick Clegg's excellent showing in the first debate. People in the UK seem to be willing to try a third party over the two parties that have monopolized power in the UK.

Clegg`s ability to harness pent up dissatisfaction against the political status quo may be something the NDP could emulate.



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