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The Harper record on trial

Feb 24, 2015
Octopus Books Centretown
2nd Floor, 251 Bank St.
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 58.7052" N, 75° 41' 48.6744" W
Ontario CA
rabble.ca and Octopus Books are co-hosting an event that will attempt to understand how Harper has changed Canada, and to discuss how we should respond at this critical time for our country.

No Action Without Inquiry: WPIRG's 2015 Public Interest School

Feb 5, 2015 to Feb 7, 2015
Conrad Grebel University College
140 Westmount Rd., N
Waterloo , ON
43° 27' 59.0544" N, 80° 32' 41.874" W
Ontario CA
Save the date! WPIRG's 2015 School of Public Interest (SPI) will take place on Thursday February 5th and Friday, February 6.
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Kathleen Wynne looking for a new human rights watchdog. Should Olivia Chow apply?

The Ontario government is looking for a new human rights watchdog.

Former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall, chief commissioner for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, is retiring at the end of next month.

Hall, 68, who was appointed to the $167,000-a-year post by former premier Dalton McGuinty in 2005, has had her term extended four times.

Her contract expires Feb. 27 and a new chief is expected to be named before then.


Several candidates are being considered including former MPP New Democrat MPP Rosario Marchese

But I can think of no one better than Olivia Chow.

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On a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A month ago, on December 9th, Rinelle Harper spoke before the Assembly of First Nations. This brave young survivor, eagle feather in hand, added her voice to the chorus of people throughout the country who have been calling for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. A month previously, two men had tried to add this 16-year-old from Garden Hill First Nation to the heart-wrenchingly-long list of Indigenous women in Canada who have been murdered or gone missing since 1980 – a list which the RCMP reported earlier this year as being 1,181 names long, and to which more names have since been added. More than one thousand, one hundred and eighty-one women and girls – gone.


Ottawa launch of End Immigration Detention Campaign

Jan 7, 2015
Jack Purcell Community Centre
Jack Purcell Lane
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 55.89" N, 75° 41' 20.2596" W
Ontario CA
An initial planning meeting open to all interested in organizing around ending migrant detention and supporting migrants currently in detention.

Celebrating the Freedom of ALL the Cuban 5 Heroes!

Jan 6, 2015
Joe's Café
1150 Commercial Dr. at Williams St.
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 26.2632" N, 123° 4' 10.308" W
British Columbia CA
The return of all of the Cuban 5 to Cuba is an enormous historic victory not only for the Cuban people but also a great victory for human rights!
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Chantal Hébert says this election will be decided by Blue Liberals & Red Tories

Last night on At Issue Chantal Hébert (member of Canada's best political team on television) said

"the people who will make a difference between victory or defeat, a majority or minority for Stephen Harper next year. They tend to be people who once in their lives voted for Jean Chretien or Paul Martin. It is a small group of people who are Blue Liberals or Red Tories. They didn't vote for Stephen Harper last time because they wanted to make Canada a conservative country. They voted for him because they thought he was the best choice offered, and they really didn't want the NDP to have a shot at power. So they ran away from the Liberals. Whether he (Harper) accomplished his goals, it would be bad politics to brad about it."

Go 14:20 into video below

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Harper & the Conservatives Poised To Win Fourth Straight Election?

This really depresses me, but I don't think the NDP or the Liberals will win the next election.

I think Harper has it in the bag, the only question is will it be a majority or a minority?

Probably a minority. The reasoning for my depression is John Ivison latest column.

There have been signs of economic recovery, such as the prospect of balanced budgets and an unemployment rate that is at its lowest level in six years.

The impending surplus has allowed the Prime Minister to drive a wedge between the Conservatives and the opposition, in the form of the family tax relief package, that will spend the surplus cash before the Liberals or NDP can get their hands on it.

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Harperite Dirty Tricks: Have We Had Enough Yet?

Nice to see Jason Kenny connected with the latest Harperite dirty tricks scandal. Kenny is like Harper - only younger, smarter and even more of an ideologue. So, when people say, "political parties are all the same. So and so would do the same thing." Well, when I hear that, I see 'red'.
"They're all the same so why bother" is such a tired rationale for excusing venal behavior. And the clear truth of it is that this "Harper Government" is totally different from any preceding government, including the formerly-named Progressive Conservative governments of Diefenbaker, Clark and Mulroney. In those days, being a conservative was an honorable, valid political viewpoint to take. These Harperites are different. They're not "conservatives".

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Despite Leading in Quebec At Issue Panel Say NDP Is In Trouble

See video below

But the At Issue Panel dissected the by-election and say for sure, 100% stratgeic voting will happen in this election to get the Conservatives out. And that it will benefit the Liberals (even in Quebec) because the NDP vote has collapsed.

They say that the Conservatives have polarized the country so much, that there will be an Anybody but Harper mindset.Which is why the NDP vote has collapsed.

Stratgeic voting will come into play. Wanting that party out, Quebecers will be looking at the party best to oust the Conservatives out of power.

Which they say would benefit the Liberals the most, as they are leading in the rest of Canada.

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NDP MPs who made harassment allegations won’t file complaints "want to go on with their lives"

Two female NDP MPs who allege improper conduct by a duo of male Liberal MPs will not be formally laying a complaint to launch an investigation, says a senior New Democrat.

Nycole Turmel says “They were clear they did not want to put a complaint in. They were meeting with her (Liberal Whip Judy Foote) to give her the situation and that’s it. They said, ‘It’s up to you. We are not putting a complaint in.’”

She said the women needed time to “find a way to heal” from the alleged misconduct.

“That’s what they are facing now. And that’s why they don’t want this to go on. They just want to go on with their lives.”

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Why Remembrance Day matters

This is why this day matters.


Today, Lisa Laflammed closed her CTV remarks with expressing her belief today was a day to "express our gratitude to Canada's Vets". She is completely and totally, painfully, absolutely, painfully, wrong.


Childcare2020 conference: From vision to action

Nov 13, 2014 to Nov 15, 2014
Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway
Winnipeg , MB
49° 54' 21.1176" N, 97° 10' 14.0124" W
Manitoba CA
ChildCare 2020 is the first national child-care policy conference in a decade and the fourth such conference in Canada's history.


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