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Bring Your Boomers #5: Where do we go from here?

Nov 19, 2013
Rio Theatre
1660 E Broadway
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
Join Gen Why Media and OpenMedia.ca as we explore creative alternatives and cross-border collaboration in the face of new government spying operations and relentless natural resource extraction.

LeftWords Festival of Books and Ideas

Nov 24, 2013
Oakham House/Ryerson Student Centre
55 Gould Street
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
The LeftWords Festival of Books and Ideas is a free public event that celebrates and promotes the work of Canadian and international writers and thinkers.
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Tory MP support of Rob Ford & tough on crime platform

I don’t know how Tory MP can still support Mayor Rob Ford on one hand; yet espouse this ‘tough on crime’ agenda.

The whole tough on crime agenda is to crack down on criminals.

Yet all these Tory MP support the Rob Ford, while he is allegedly cavorting with drug pushers and other type of criminals.

I can’t wrap my head around this. Having a tough on crime agenda, yet supporting a politician who has friends who are alleged criminals.

Can someone explain how this can go hand in hand? How can these Tory MP support Rob Ford, then turn around and say we have crack down on crime?

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City Councillor Logan Kanapathi Tapped By Liberals to take on NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

Scarborough-Rouge River MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan and Markham Councillor Logan Kanapathi both say they want to run in the new federal riding of Scarborough North in 2015.

A press release dated Oct. 7 states Councillor Logan Kanapathi will seek the Liberal nomination in the new Scarborough North riding being created under a newly redrawn federal riding map.

Mr. Kanapathi's bio includes being the first Canadian Tamil elected to public office.

A press release announcing Mr. Kanapathi's intentions contains no contact information however it has been carried on Tamil news websites.

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Petronas to invest $36 billion in the Canadian economy

 As stated in the title of the thread. This make Malayasia investing more into Canadian stimulas then Steven Harper. It also includes a liquid gas plant.

 If the Chinese where smart they'd fallow suit and build a plant for refining bitamen in Canada.

 Needless to say this is the best news Harper has gotten in ages, which is the downside.


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What NDP Politicians Have You Met?

Do you know any NDP politicians personally? Are you friends with any?

As well which NDP politicians or pundits have you met? Which ones stand out to you as the nicest? Have you ever had an awkward encounter with an NDP politician, maybe caught them on bad day.

Discuss here, cause people would be interested to know how some are away from the cameras!


"Do the Math" with Elizabeth May + Adria Vasil

Oct 15, 2013
Bloor Hot Docs Theatre
506 Bloor St. West
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Toronto350.org will be hosting two FREE back-to-back screenings of the documentary Do The Math, with an introduction by Bill Mckibben and special guests Elizabeth May and Adria Vasil.
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Helen Kennedy joins Liberal party

Helen Kennedy of Egale Canada has torn up her NDP membership and signed up with the federal Liberal party. She says she only joined the Liberal Party two months ago, primarily to support Todd Ross who was seeking the nomination in Toronto Center.

NDP membership makes it very clear.

"I hereby state that I am not a member nor supporter of any other federal political party, nor a member or supporter of any other provincial or territorial party where there is a provincial or territorial NDP"

So Helen would of had to 'rip-up' her membership card to join the Liberal party. She says “I joined to support an out queer Métis who has done an amazing amount of work for the community on a number of levels,” she says.

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Another Ontario by-election

Niagara Falls Liberal M.P.P. Kim Craitor has just announced that he is resigning his seat in the Ontario Legislature.

Could this be a sign that Liberals are becoming less and less confident of their chances in the next provincial election?



Oct 5, 2013 to Oct 6, 2013
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham Street Bathurst subway stop (Bloor line, exit @ Markham St.)
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Come hear Yves Engler talk about the sordid story of the Canadian government’s sabotage of international environmental efforts..
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Mental Disorders Require Health Treatment

KINGSTON, ON, Sept. 9, 2013 /CNW/ – Professional and support staff at Providence Care are asking the province to “rethink” cuts to mental health beds at the former Kingston Psychiatric Hospital.

Hitting the sidewalk today, the workers and their supporters are upset about deep cuts to mental health services offered at the former Kingston Psychiatric Hospital.

Workers at Providence Care have been told that nearly one in five workers will lose their jobs in the new year as part of downsizing for the new $350 million public-private partnership hospital. The new hospital will open with 40 fewer mental health beds – about a quarter of the beds presently available to patients in the Kingston area.

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Linda McQuaig VS Chrystia Freeland

I think this race should have its own thread.

Two women, one riding.

This is shaping up to be a battle of the titans!

Each of these ladies will not roll over and concede the riding to the other.

So discuss here and discuss now!


March against corruption in Ottawa

Nov 2, 2013
Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA
Come join the fun, we'll flood the streets of Ottawa with peace and love! Wear a suit, make a sign, banner, giant muppet, wear a funky hat, bring your ukulele, be creative!


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