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NB NDP Leader Suggests Talks with Liberals



"New Brunswick's Liberals and New Democrats should consider greater co-operation between the parties to push forward policies of common interest, NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said Thursday.

Cardy, who became the province's NDP leader in March, said during CBC New Brunswick's weekly political panel that the two parties should consider looking beyond the traditional party structures.

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Montmagny-L'Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup: +1 NDP, -1 Tories?

Seems like in Montmagny-L'Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup, the NDP candidate, François Lapointe, might win over the Tories candidate, Bernard Généreux:


(French article)





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Hi! I'm new here. Not sure if I should be (LOL), but after voting Reform/Alliance/Conservative for ages, I just voted NDP for the first time, so feeling a little "dirty". 

I am however, very excited to see how the NDP's shinny-happy new candidates in Quebec do once settled in Ottawa. This should be a fun session of Parliament.

Going to shower now :P


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ndp losses and near wins.

all in all, if we put aside toronto and quebec, this wasn't such a stellar night for the way.

and the defeat that hurts the most is tony martin, that's a real stinger, easily the 3rd best member of the caucus, it's hard for me to imagine an ndp opposition without him there on the front benches.

maloway, i'm not really has much of an effect on the caucus, though it'd have been nice not to have lost such a safe seat. and rebecca blaikie, god love her, should not run again. speaking of manitoba (cough), kenora, damn, thought that one would be closer.

other thoughts: a stronger candidate in van island north couldn't have hurt; palliser is getting to feel unwinnable. reagan and keddy in nova scotia, two very tough nuts to crack, and mckay just ran away with that one this time.

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Strategic Voting = Harper

I wish I could flag Kathleen O'Hara's "column" as offensive - Canadians are tired of being told they have no choice; that they have to choose one of two interchangeable red or blue doors. People on the Left have been "strategically" voting en masse since 1993 and it has gotten us nothing but Liberal majorities that implement the Reform Party's neo-liberal agenda and Conservative minorities propped up by Liberal seals. The fact that Rabble is playing into this BS by promoting columns like Ms. O'Hara's leaves me aghast (I will remember it the next time Rabble solicits me for money).

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I am still shocked at how easily the Reform party slipped inside Conservative clothing and appropriated all things PC. Can we please stop calling them Tories! A friend of mine coined the term "REFORM-a-Tories". It is a more accurate reference and would make for great T-shirts. In the spirit of Murray Dobbin's strategic framing, I think we should stop calling Steve a Tory. He is not and we are being governed by the Reform party. I hate that!


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election - reaching out beyond the choir

just wondering how (if) people are doing in terms of reaching out to people to try and sway their vote / inform them about issues for this election?

an Ipsos Reid survey just found that in early April, only 1 in 5 Canadians were tuning in to online election coverage via news or social media sites at least once a week

that's a lot of people who, if they're getting any info at all, are only hearing from the corporate media or the campaigners who come to their doors


i was wondering if people have been printing off copies of the rabble rouser and doing outreach with them (or what people think of the concept)?

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Desperate Liberals trot out abortion bogey-man

So the Liberals are losing steam...badly. What do they do to revive their flagging campaign? Trot out the old abortion bogey-man. While it is true that there are an alarming number of anti-choice elements in the Harper government, the Liberals' record is far from stellar. For example, it's too bad that Michael Ignatieff skipped the vote on the following Tory member's bill:


C-510, Criminalizing abortion.


But I suppose not showing up was better than voting IN FAVOUR of it as did these 10 Liberal MPs did:


Ruby Dhalla

Albina Guarnieri

Jim Karygiannis

Kevin Lamoureux

Lawrence MacAulay

Gurbax Malhi

John McKay

Dan McTeague

Paul Szabo

Alan Tonks


Toronto Palestine film festival

Oct 1, 2011 to Oct 8, 2011
The Bloor Cinema, The AGO, The Rivoli, Beit Zatoun
43° 39' 9" N, 79° 22' 54.0012" W
The Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) is pleased to announce that it will be returning for its fourth year!
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Could Canada be more democratic?

Democracy is the degree to which citizens have input and control over political decision making, so there are degrees of democracy. I suggest that Canadians do not have much control over their politics, whether provincial or federal. Yes we have free elections but that is it. The only control we do have is in selecting our representative on Election Day (using a flawed system). Should we make Canada more democratic?

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Universal Healthcare is a lie.

Watching the election coverage I must point this issue out because I am fed up!

I hear all three main National parties talk about maintaining universal healthcare in Canada which I call BS.

I was told I could access medical services in British Columbia only to have the service I needed rejected. When I asked why I was not allowed to get medical services I was advised in a letter from the Vancouver Coastal Health authority that they do not accept patients who have insurance claims and I quote



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