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National asbestos delivery day!

Jun 18, 2011
Your Conservative MPs office and Stephen Harper's home Various
We're re-installing asbestos into your local Conservative MPs office and the Prime Minister's home.

Building on the orange surge: Socialist perspectives

Jun 18, 2011 to Jun 19, 2011
SFU Harbour Centre, room 2280
515 W. Hastings St. at Seymour St. 10 minute walk from Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver , BC
49° 17' 3.0084" N, 123° 6' 43.4988" W
British Columbia CA
A discussion of socialist perspectives in the wake of the NDP surge in the May 2 federal election.
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NDP Socialist Caucus Presents Summer 2011 Edition of Turn Left Magazine

The NDP Socialist Caucus (SC) is happy to present the Summer 2011 edition of Turn Left Magazine, in preparation for the 2011 NDP convention in Vancouver.

Articles include interviews with CAW economist Jim Stanford and Scarborough Southwest MP Dan Harris, opinions pieces on NDP communications strategy and economic policy, pensions and Quebec independence, news on the postal strike and the global food crisis, book reviews and texts of SC resolutions submitted for debate at convention.

See the Summer 2011 edition at http://bit.ly/jCEY1P.

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New Socialist Party of Ontario Officially Founded

It appears that a new left-wing party has now officially come into existence in Ontario.  


The group so far seems like they are trying to avoid a kind of top-down hierarchical approach to their structure, in favour of something a bit closer to Quebec Solidaire.  I think, in the short term, it's a bit too close to the election for them to have a major immediate impact.  But, it will be interesting to see if they are able to organize effectively after October, 2011. 




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Public Understanding of Parliament

New here. How goes it?


I'd like to know if anyone else is with me on this. I can't speak for other provinces but in B.C. there is a severe lack of understanding of how our political system works - at all levels. I imagine this is due to the wide-scale political apathy, caused in part by becoming disillusioned with the political process. People just aren't interested if drama and complications are involved. At least the young people I know...


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NDP Star Candidate Recruitment for 2015 Part 2

Add Bridgette DePape to the list of whom the NDP should approach about becoming a candidate in the next election.

What courage she showed.

She would certainly feel welcome in the NDP given their ranks of younger MPs who want to make a difference!


Rally: Give the Tories the welcome they deserve

Jun 10, 2011
Dundonald Park (@ Lyon & Somerset)
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 41.6592" N, 75° 41' 53.4984" W
Ontario CA
We invite all those opposed to the Harper's right-wing agenda to come together and make clear to the Conservative Party that we will not sit idly by while they attack our communities.
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Referendum on the Security Perimeter Agreement

Iam writing this letter because I am worried for the survival of my country. The small amount of media coverage discussing the North American Secuirty Perimeter agreement, due to be signed this summer, is pitiful. No public debate has been made, no importance has been tagged to the issue, and no one seems to care if Canadians want to harmonize border security and law enforcment to the USA or not. This agreement will bring the TSA groping searches to our country, it will bring Department of Homeland Security spying and abuses, and will mean FBI profiling and terrorist fear-mongering of independant citizens. It will allow America to imprison Canadians, and will likely lead to some Draconian and Pro-corporate laws which America is renowned for.

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Socialist Party Ontario Conference this weekend/social on Friday with Joe Higgins

Sisters and Brothers,

The Socialist Party of Ontario has its founding/organising convention this Saturday at the Bond Place Hotel, 65 Dundas Street East and there is also a social on Friday evening starting at 7 pm in the back room of the Imperial Pub across the street at 54 Dundas Street East ($5 donation requested) . Our special guest will be Irish socialist MP Joe Higgins who will be making a few brief comments at the social and the keynote address at the convention.

The link below is to the agenda for the convention this Saturday, May 28th.

Please note that people are welcome all during the day. You need not register at the start of the day to attend. If you are late, or can only attend for specific parts of the day, that is fine.

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How to deal with extremists?

Even here in Canada, in a country that goes around two major Sovreingty Referendum without falling into civil war, we got some extremist. The question is how should we deal with them?


The Tuscon Incident in Arisona and the Rewanda Genocide are proof that we can't let them do what they want. The problem is that they still rooming free saying to who ever they want to ear them there hate speech. If no body want to listen to them they will be no problem, still they are people who listen to then and they might be closer that you thing. It migth even be your influencable 13 Year old teenager who get radicalize because he haven't learn to test the argument and let it emotion get the bettter of him.


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Should Canadians Living Abroad Keep the Right to Vote Beyond Five Years?

There's a number of issues facing Canadians living abroad but I'll start with this one.  Currently, Canadians living abroad are allowed to vote in the riding of their last Canadian address.  After five years of living abroad, Canadians lose their right to vote.  A while ago (need to dig out info), Elections Canada recommended to abolish the five-year limit at a Parliamentary committee.

The Asia Pacific Foundation estimates the number of Canadians living abroad to be approximately 2.7 million.




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New(ish) activist on the block

Hi there, my main objective is to get some feedback from this community on various issues facing Canadians abroad.

I'll be posting in the Canadian politics section.

I worked for a high profile opposition MP of the orange persuation.  Now I'm home with my little one.  I hope to work again for the orange team when my little one is old enough.

I hope the community will provide me with feedback so that it will guide my advocacy work.

Yup, I'm putting my real name out there.






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New NDP M.P. Ages

I have been trying to discern the ages of the newly-elected group of NDP M.P.s under 30, but the information on some of them is scarce.

Can any other babblers help fill in the ages of the new Members that are missing?

Here's what I have found so far:

Age 20:  Borg, Dussault (as of May 31st)

      21:  Liu, Peclet

      22:  Dube, Freeman

      25:  Dore-Lefebvre, Michaud

      26:  Danny Morin, Marie-Claude Morin

      27:  Brosseau, Latendresse, Isabelle Morin

      28:  Moore

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Humour (lack of) in ALT politics

After attending the YesMen workshop last night, it is glaringly apparent that what's missing in ALT politics is a sense of humour. Notoriously lacking in the labour movement, it has spread like a virus throughout the Canadian political environment (see NDP).

I'm happy to see "If you can't trust a sock monkey, your soul is dead." on the Rabble site.

I consider ridicule to be one of the highest forms of political action, and the workshop was inspiring. OTPOR is also a good example of how this works.





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