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Nature of politics and leadership

I have a question -- not an answer -- hopefully some people can share ideas as I'd like to see what people think can help.

Increasingly leadership of political parties has become more important and the type of leader you need to win more problematic.

Politics is not inclusive. It is easier for white middle-age men with specific speaking and communications skills who have financial resources to get the job. That is already a massive problem full of race, gender, income and age biases. Leaders often have to be somewhat pretty or have some desirable look.

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Quebec politics for dummies: l'affaire Turmel and why our media are lying to us about how Quebec works...

This is an article I wrote about the Turmel conniption fit in a teacup and how our media are lying to us, hope you like it!


"No surprise that the Conservatives would pick up smearing the leader of the Official Opposition where they left off with Iggy. Nor that they would do so to a lifelong Federalist who has never voted Bloc and voted No in both referendums, when their cabinet, like the Liberals’ before them, boasts several real former sovereigntists and Bloc members. After all, the Conservatives’ constant attempts to turn Quebec and the Rest of Canada (RoC) against each other for political gain are the chief threat to national unity in our country.

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Sheila Copps Come-Back

Seems no-one has commented on this in Babble yet.  I see this as big news and bad news for the Conservatives and NDP.  Sheila's maybe the one to bring the Liberals back. I saw her last at a banquet of the Canada-China Friendship Association in Ottawa.  Can't imagine Bob Ray there. Sheila may not be a R2Per (Resp. to Protest) and I can't imagine her writing a book "Exporting Democracy".


Halo-halo: A workshop series for newcomer queer and trans youth

Aug 4, 2011 to Sep 17, 2011
519 Church Community Centre
519 Church St.
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 59.094" N, 79° 22' 52.0536" W
Ontario CA
‘Halo-halo’, a workshop series for newcomer queer and trans youth to understand the issues that we & our communities experience, and build our skills in community organizing.
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NDP Socialist Caucus Releases New Website

The NDP Socialist Caucus is a group of party members aiming to build a more participatory and socialist NDP. We have enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity, media coverage and support during the past few months. With successful interventions at the recent NDP Convention in Vancouver and the publishing of Turn Left, our official magazine, the Socialist Caucus is proud to announce the release of our new website (www.ndpsocialists.ca).

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Day Three of Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World

Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World/ Les Draps Parlent: Prostitution dans un monde globalisé / La Resistencia de Las Mujeres: Prostitución en un mundo globalizado

July 6th was the second-last day of the 11th Women’s Worlds conference, held this week in Ottawa with the attendance of thousands of feminists from around the world. The conference hosts a variety of workshops, presentations, conversations, art installations, actions and more.

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Day Two of Global Fleshmapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World

Yesterday morning, hundreds of participants from the 11th international Women’s Worlds conference marched to Parliament in solidarity with the Sisters in Spirit initiative to condemn the unacceptable number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. The feminist conference is held this week in Ottawa until July 7th and will host a variety of workshops, presentations, conversations, art installations, actions and more.

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Toronto Police Riot: Must We Too Wait 10 Years?


It has been a source of wonder how Hitler, the inept water colour dabbler, could rise to such heights and commit so much evil for just one little psychotic man. How was it possible that over a civilized people, who had given the world a Mozart, a Goethe, a Beethoven, that they sat silent while the Nazi horrors arose around them.

No need to wonder. We have seen the answer right here in Toronto.

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Think Tanks/Activist Groups/Politically Minded Young Folk

Does anyone from BC know of any groups I could join? I feel alienated holding the political beliefs I do in this world of dumbed-down, sound-bite style discourse. None of the young people I know have any interest in politics and they cannot stand politically charged conversations. During election time it's ok, but then it's simply a whole load of championing this party or that.

Maybe I should go back to school and take up poly sci, hehe. Cool

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Lamumba & Hammarskjold to Gen. Zia & Jack Layton

¿Cuáles son las probabilidades?

A number of left wing politicians as well as friendly dictators have met with bad luck over the years. Some have "passed on" under mysterious circumstances and-or had their political aspirations dashed by unfortunate incidents. For some there was no real rhyme or reason to their untimely deaths as they were viewed to be fully cooperating with their good friends and associates here in the west at the time. But then again as Noam Chomsky has said about it, the world is run like the mafia. And that bunch often whacked one another for reasons that were not apparent to most people. The mafia and Murder Incorporated were a treacherous and conniving bunch, too.


Youth dialogue workshop: On peace and reconciliation

Jun 25, 2011 to Jun 26, 2011
OISE/UT, rm. 2-212
252 Bloor Street West rm.2212
M5S 1V6 Toronto , ON
43° 40' 3.7416" N, 79° 23' 57.6852" W
Ontario CA
The second in a series of workshops sharing youth perceptions across East Asian communities. This workshop is intended to create a shared vocabulary for cultural exchange

National asbestos delivery day!

Jun 18, 2011
Your Conservative MPs office and Stephen Harper's home Various
We're re-installing asbestos into your local Conservative MPs office and the Prime Minister's home.

Building on the orange surge: Socialist perspectives

Jun 18, 2011 to Jun 19, 2011
SFU Harbour Centre, room 2280
515 W. Hastings St. at Seymour St. 10 minute walk from Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver , BC
49° 17' 3.0084" N, 123° 6' 43.4988" W
British Columbia CA
A discussion of socialist perspectives in the wake of the NDP surge in the May 2 federal election.
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NDP Socialist Caucus Presents Summer 2011 Edition of Turn Left Magazine

The NDP Socialist Caucus (SC) is happy to present the Summer 2011 edition of Turn Left Magazine, in preparation for the 2011 NDP convention in Vancouver.

Articles include interviews with CAW economist Jim Stanford and Scarborough Southwest MP Dan Harris, opinions pieces on NDP communications strategy and economic policy, pensions and Quebec independence, news on the postal strike and the global food crisis, book reviews and texts of SC resolutions submitted for debate at convention.

See the Summer 2011 edition at http://bit.ly/jCEY1P.


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