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When the Media Crosses the Line




Section 2(b) of the Charter states that “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: … freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

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Bye bye Rob Anders

For the first time in 18 years, someone other than Rob Anders will be carrying the torch for the Tories in Calgary Signal Hill (formerly Calgary West)

Ron Liepert defeated MP Rob Anders in the battle for the Conservative nomination in the rejigged riding of Calgary Signal Hill.

Anders wasn't on hand for the announcement, electing to spend the night at a northwest Calgary bar.

Don't count him out just yet. There are other ridings in Alberta he can seek the nomination in.

But even if this is the end of the road for Anders, he does have a nice, fat pension to fall back on. But only when he is age eligible.





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Conservative executive director Dimitri Soudas forced out. Join the discussion.

News broke on Saturday evening, March 30, that Dimitri Soudas, the Conservatives executive director, had been forced out, after trying to interfere with his fiancee's Conservative nomination.

Soudas has been the executive director since December and was previously Harper's director of communications.

Though a Conservative spokesman confirmed that Soudas "stepped down" as executive director, "a source told the CBC's Hannah Thibedeau that Soudas was told to resign or he would be fired."

Interestingly enough, Soudas was going to be Harper's choice to tun the party in the lead-up to the 2015 federal election.

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#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement.

#Cascadia Now?

There is a separatist movement building slowly in the Pacific Northwest. Its speed reflects the pace of the people outside of its metropolitan centers.  It is not your typical movement based on the right and left spectrum, nor is it necessarily about protecting a certain culture. More so, it is about creating one, building off the foundation of what already goes on in the westernmost bioregion. It is about decentralizing two governments that seem to disregard what the population wants on the West Coast. The movement calls for a new sovereign state: Cascadia.

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Former MP Carolyn Parrish getting personal about MP Eve Adams

Wow, one thing you can say about former MP Carolyn Parrish is that she doesn't mince words. And is quite candid.

Someone asked her on her twitter feed what she thought about fellow Mississauga politican Eve Adams.

She tweeted the following

'Hmm. Eve Adams is a cyborg, built with perfect posture, no feelings and an overwhelming desire to take over the universe.'

'Eve Adams a soul-less, unfeeling, treacherous, self-serving machine. Dimitri Soudas serves a purpose just as Peter Adams, briefly.'

'I will work hard to help anyone who can stop Eve Adams from getting re-elected. Gives politics and women a bad name.'

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Quebec election -- final 2 weeks and decision April 7th


No, this is not random thread proliferation: the Quebec polls and parties thread has become overburdened and bogged down, with thousands of posts,  a few feuds and moderator intervention over the weekend after an inappropriate rant;

I proposed that, to clear the air, we start a new thread focusing exclusively on just the last 2 weeks to decision day April 7th; this will eventually run out of steam after the QC election itself,  then  the "polls and parties 2014" thread can continue on its merry way

So away we go, starting with the 308 site's aggregated poll data, showing most likely forecast  as of today March 24th a Liberal majority:






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Babblers in Scarborough Subways or LRT?

Ford, Tory & Stinz all support Scarborough subways. Chow & Socknacki say LRTs.

Being from Scarborough which transit plan do you support?

Be interesting to see how many Babblers are from Scarborough.



National Day of Action for a New Health Accord (Brampton)

Mar 31, 2014
Tim Horton's, Shoppers' World
497 Main St. S.
Brampton , ON
43° 40' 4.9188" N, 79° 44' 13.4304" W
Ontario CA
We are sounding the alarm about the federal government's funding cuts to wake Canadians up to what this means for our health-care services.

Democratic Reform Town Hall in Brampton

Mar 1, 2014
Royal Canadian Legion 15
80 Mary Street L6W 2R3
Brampton , ON
43° 41' 2.4036" N, 79° 45' 5.22" W
Ontario CA
This democratic town hall gives voters and future voters the opportunity to learn about two reform proposals that may reshape our Canadian democracy -- and voice their opinions about these proposals.
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"Fair" Elections Act

The Harper government's latest surprise attack on democracy:

- Fails to give the Commissioner of Elections the authority to compel witnesses to give evidence. Commissioner Yves Cote has said that his inability to legally compel witnesses was hampering the investigation of more than 1,400 complaints about false or misleading telephone calls to electors in the 2011 election.
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NDP policy suggestions

After having been profoundly underwhelmed by the misguided emphasis of the NDP on ATM fees and credit card interest rates, I think that Babblers need a place to post their best policy ideas/suggestions for the NDP. 

I’ll start:

1) The NDP should propose policies to facilitate and promote the formation of worker-owned co-ops.  I believe that Pierre Ducasse (among others) is an expert in this area - he should be tapped for advice.

2) Instead of focusing only on ATM fees and credit card interest rates, why not propose bringing back the Ministry of Consumer Affairs?  All you have to do is watch CBC's Marketplace to see how much this is needed.

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Justin Trudeau kicks Liberal senators out of caucus in bid to reform Upper Chamber

Liberal leader's move described as a 'smokescreen' by Conservatives

ustin Trudeau has expelled from his caucus every single Liberal member of the upper house and has declared there is no longer any such thing as a Liberal Senator.

The Liberal leader said the former members of the Liberal Senate caucus will sit as Independents, and they will have no formal ties to the Liberal parliamentary machinery apart from through their friendships.


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