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Jack: The movie

Mar 11, 2013
CBC television Various
Watch the film about Jack Layton, which tells the inspirational story of the political icon and delves into the love story between Layton and his wife, NDP Member of Parliament, Olivia Chow.
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Tom Flanagan trending on Twitter after comments about child pornography

Twitter was buzzing last night after comments by former Harper top advisor and campaign manager Tom Flanagan about child pornography. In response to a question, Flanagan said Wednesday: 

On the child pornography issue, since that was brought up... I don't look at these pictures. The closest I ever came to it ... it's a long story but I got put on the mailing list of the National Man Boy Love Association and I started getting their mailings for a couple of years, so that's about the closest I ever came to child pornography, so it is a real issue of personal liberty, to what extent we put people in jail for doing something in which they do not harm another person... 

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How do Progressive and Conservative news watching habits differ?

This week I decided to look at whether supporters of various political parties had different news consumption patterns and compare them to undecided voters. To do this I'm going back to the Canadian Election Study 2011 data. Obviously, things may have changed since then, but this is the most current raw data source I have for this question. 

The first question I thought I'd look at is how much time people spent consuming news (Question 81 in the Post Election Survey(PES)) broken down by party self-identification.


Charts and the rest of the post can be found here

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John Duncan resigns as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

J/k not for gross incompetence or neglect of Aboriginal Peoples! 'Cause he wrote this one letter that one time.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrote:

“Today, I have accepted the resignation of John Duncan as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

“I would like to thank Mr. Duncan for his many contributions as Minister and for his service to the people of Canada. Mr. Duncan will continue to serve as the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Island North in the House of Commons.

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A Conversation about the People's Social Forum with Corvin Russell

Former rabble blogger and lapsed babbler, Corvin Russell is joining us to discuss the groundswell of social protest in Canada and abroad @ 2pm EST.

Corvin, a long-time ally of indigenous struggles across Canada, will be talking about the transformative potential of #IdleNoMore and other similar struggles for Aboriginal rights, and their impact on broader social struggles. He can also answer any questions on the People's Social Forum which took place last weekend.

For some background, see Ethan Cox's column on PSF here.


Launching the Socialist Register 2013

Jan 31, 2013
Lula Lounge
1585 Dundas St. W.,
Toronto , ON
43° 38' 59.2908" N, 79° 26' 4.4484" W
Ontario CA
Panel discussion with Greg Albo, Sam Gindin, Meg Luxton, Joan Sangster, John Saul as contributors and Leo Panitch as Chair.

Building Solidarity with “Idle No More”

Jan 27, 2013 to Jan 28, 2013
Allendale Community Hall
6330-105 A Street
Edmonton , AB
53° 30' 3.024" N, 113° 30' 1.2708" W
Alberta CA
Please join Tanya Kappo, a member of Idle No More, for a discussion about this movement.
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Taxpayers paid for CEOs trip to China with Stephen Harper

Not shocking, but here's the story, as reported on CBC.ca

The delegation to three Chinese cities included 30 executives from major oil, agricultural and manufacturing companies as well as roughly two dozen members of the Chinese-Canadian cultural community.

Compare that with a 2009 trip to China — Harper's first — when he brought along eight people, including Laureen, his stylist and four Chinese-Canadian businesspeople.


2013 Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture

Mar 18, 2013
Mattamy Athletic Centre
50 Carleton Street
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 41.9652" N, 79° 22' 49.3824" W
Ontario CA
"Quebec and Quebec Solidaire: Linking Sovereignty, Equality and anti-Neoliberalism"
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Tories using CIDA website to attack NDP

Well it appears that the Tories have crossed yet another line.

In response to a MP Hélène Laverdière’s December blog post in the Huff Post, somebody at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) decided to post the Huff Post response by Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, directly on the CIDA website. There was also another partisan post on the CIDA website attacking the Liberals that stated “Liberals make promises,
Conservatives get results - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)”.

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Participants needed for research in abortion debate

I am looking for volunteers who have knowledge of  abortion politics in the Maritime Provinces from the period 1969 to 1999. 

As a participant in this study, you have the option to: answer a questionnaire; and/or share your opinions and experiences through an interview. Some questions are of a personal nature and participants may skip them. For example, there are questions at the end of the survey that ask participants if they terminated a pregnancy between 1969 and 1999 and if they travelled far for the abortion.  These questions are meant to determine the availability of abortion services during this period.  


Against Austerity and War

Jan 20, 2013
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), Room 5-260
252 Bloor Street West
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 4.4004" N, 79° 23' 54.1392" W
Ontario CA
A presentation and discussion concerning the threat of war with Iran and the fight for a People's Agenda in Canada.


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