Politics in Canada


Ottawa launch of End Immigration Detention Campaign

Jan 7, 2015
Jack Purcell Community Centre
Jack Purcell Lane
Ottawa , ON
45° 24' 55.89" N, 75° 41' 20.2596" W
Ontario CA
An initial planning meeting open to all interested in organizing around ending migrant detention and supporting migrants currently in detention.
Book Review
Jan 8, 2015

The new Canada: A paradox of citizenship and belonging

Amira Elghawaby
By 2030, Canada's growth will be entirely based on immigration. So it seems it is in everyone's best interest to welcome newcomers, but you wouldn't gather that by the current laws and changes.
Jan 6, 2015
Photo: kris krüg/flickr

Energy shift requires shift in conversation

David Suzuki
Pervasive fossil fuel infrastructure makes it difficult to contemplate rapidly shifting away from coal, oil and gas, which creates a psychological barrier to rational discourse on energy issues.


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