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Harperite Dirty Tricks: Have We Had Enough Yet?

Nice to see Jason Kenny connected with the latest Harperite dirty tricks scandal. Kenny is like Harper - only younger, smarter and even more of an ideologue. So, when people say, "political parties are all the same. So and so would do the same thing." Well, when I hear that, I see 'red'.
"They're all the same so why bother" is such a tired rationale for excusing venal behavior. And the clear truth of it is that this "Harper Government" is totally different from any preceding government, including the formerly-named Progressive Conservative governments of Diefenbaker, Clark and Mulroney. In those days, being a conservative was an honorable, valid political viewpoint to take. These Harperites are different. They're not "conservatives".

Dec 1, 2014
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Why on Earth can't we stop climate change?

Linda McQuaig
The difference between the incredible advances made in space exploration and our minuscule advances on tackling climate change boils down to nothing more than political will.


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