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Oct 15, 2014

The Iraq speech I did not get to give

Elizabeth May
Elizabeth May thought that the debate on sending a military mission into Iraq would allow her to make a 10-minute speech. Due to the motion for closure, she never had that chance. Here is that speech.
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Merger of parties, electoral reform, and why labour sometimes supports Liberals

What some labour leaders want to see happen is a merger of the Liberals and NDP. If a formal merger is not in the cards they would rather see the NDP destroyed to the point that it no longer attracts the people it does now.

They are frustrated in having the NDP on their side but without power. They feel that without the NDP the Liberals would effectively be dominated by the progressive forces now in the NDP but in a party able to win consistently. Their problem with the NDP is that if you don't win you are no use no matter how great you sound. Labour is not a loyal soldier they need real policies -- now -- to support their members.


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