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Nov 4, 2014
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PEI: An island without safe legal abortion

Josie Baker
PEI is the only province in Canada that does not offer access to safe, legal abortion. Recently, it has become quite clear this is a result of political interferences. What can we do?
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Mulcair and Trudeau on Ottawa shootings and Conservative Terrorism Legislation

Will Mulcair's stance on the Ottawa shooting (that it was not a terrorist attack) and his apparent lack of suuport for any new anti-terrorism legislation persuade people for whom civil liberties are important to support the NDP instead of the Liberals, given that Trudeau called the shooting a terroist attack and seems to support bringing in new legislation to expand the powers of police and intelligence agencies?

Oct 29, 2014

Tell Ontario to ban medical tourism

Michael Butler
This morning, numerous health organizations across Ontario called on the provincial government to ban medical tourism.
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Would a PC party led by Doug Ford reduce the NDP to non-party status in 2018?

If Doug Ford enters the PC leadership he would win.

He retains huge support in North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

A fake poll commissioned by Mississauga mayoral candidate Steve Mahoney showed Doug Ford had support in the 30s in the 905 area.

Plus huge support in rural, Northern and Southern Ontario.

The kicker, the Fords retain 25% support from committed NDP voters. Quarter of NDP committed voters supported the Fords over Olivia Chow.

So with all that NDP support with the traditional PC support, does this bode badly for the NDP in 2018?

Andrea Horwath ran on a lite-Ford agenda. But voters rejected that.



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