Politics in Canada

Sep 11, 2014
Photo: flickr/Steven Depolo

Teachers vote for binding arbitration to end strike

Larry Kuehn
More than 30,000 B.C. teachers voted "yes" to return to classes -- if the B.C. Liberal government will agree to send to arbitration all the issues except for those related to court decisions.
Sep 11, 2014
Davy Jones Locker

Sinking to the bottom: The wreck of the Stephen Harper

Christopher Majka
The Franklin Expedition discovery reveals the Harper government is rapidly sinking. In future centuries there will, however, be no attempt to raise the political remains of the S.S. Stephen Harper.
Sep 11, 2014

Thirteen years into the War of Terror

Over the past 13 years, the War on Terror has been one of linguistic and legal contortions that allow the state to fortify itself with increasing policing and surveillance powers.


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