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NDP caucus present "plan b" if Singh loses by-election - Nathan Cullen or Guy Caron as leader In 2019 election

Joël-Denis Bellavance appeared on CTV Power Play today revealing what his NDP sources are telling him should Jagmeet Singh lose this by-election in Burnaby-South.

The caucus convened a meeting shortly before Christmas break. Preparing a "Plan B" if Singh loses this by-election. There will not be a leadership race, because of lack of funds. Instead the caucus will elect a leader by "consensus" and the two names that have been put forward for leader are Nathan Cullen and Guy Caron.

Go 40:40 into video for Bellavance's remarks

Jan 8, 2019
Image: Greenpeace Switzerland/Flickr

Political climate is heating up

David Suzuki
There's little evidence that governments are treating the climate emergency as seriously as is warranted, preferring to focus on short-term economic gains and election cycles instead.


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