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Photo: PMO by Adam Scotti
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Trudeau continues Harper assault on human rights | Jul 29 2016 | Matthew Behrens | Those still intoxicated by the dream of a world without Harper don't want the fresh perfume of Trudeaumania to be erased by the cold facts of reality. But it's time to acknowledge some hard truths.
Photo: UNITE HERE local 75 facebook page
Labour | Renaissance Hotel workers' inspired fight for right to unionize | Jul 29 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | We're not crying, you're crying! We speak with four women from the housekeeping department about their fight for unionization and what it means.
Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group/flickr
US Politics | Aversion to Hillary is part of a self-perpetuating cycle | Jul 29 2016 | Rick Salutin | Why does everyone have such a strong reaction to Hillary Clinton? Rick Salutin opines on this week's pervasive puzzler, raised here and elsewhere.
Photo: flickr/up4hours
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | Hamilton's sanctuary city languishes as political will fades | Jul 28 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Hamilton's city council unanimously approved a motion that permitted undocumented migrants to access municipal services. But lack of staff and will has led to a lack of change for these people.
Coco Framboise
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Toronto Burlesque Festival 'lightning rod' for political debate | Jul 28 2016 | Laura Brightwell | This weekend the Toronto Burlesque Festival begins! Laura Brightwell caught up with the Executive Director of Programming Coco Framboise to get her thoughts on the current burlesque scene.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Feminism has been taken over by capitalism, and it ain't pretty | Jul 28 2016 | Kaitlin McNabb | When did feminism start meaning that consumption was the most revolutionary act? Marketplace feminism has been creeping in for quite a while and it's time to put it in its place.
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Privacy compromised: Legal rights and protections in Canada | Jul 28 2016 | Michael Hackl, Pro Bono | What should the institutions that are privy to our private information do when they have to deal with competing privacy and secrecy concerns? Michael Hackl looks at Canada's privacy laws to find out.
Photo: Dariusz Więckiewicz/flickr
Economy | Environment | Labour | How to fight neoliberalism without giving way to despair | Jul 28 2016 | Ed Finn | This is an epilogue to Ed Finn's three-part series examining the ideology of neoliberalism and the enormous harm its implementation imposes on people and the planet.
Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group/flickr
Economy | US Politics | Bernie Sanders' insurgent populism has shaken the Democratic Party and it's not going away | Jul 28 2016 | Linda McQuaig | The forces unleashed by Bernie Sanders hunger for a real populism, and they're unlikely to settle for anything less than a party that once again shows backbone against bellicose billionaires.
Robinhood and the United Nations
Economy | Environment | World | Robinhood and the United Nations | Jul 28 2016 | Daryn Caister | Finance expert Tim Nash joins us this week for a segment on a global “Robinhood Tax” and it could address wealth inequality, climate change and basically all the other big-ticket global problems.
Brad Wall
Environment | Politics in Canada | Brad Wall: A day late and a dollar short on Husky's Prince Albert pipeline spill | Jul 28 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | There is only one approach to building more Canadian pipelines that has any chance of working, and that’s the effort to win social license being made by Rachel Notley's NDP.
Women deserve better spray painted on a brick wall.
Feminism | Domestic violence project '1inFour' receives funding from Hamilton Community Foundation | Jul 28 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | Ongoing funding is essential for 1inFour to continue expanding its website and community partnerships to ensure women become empowered to make the best choices for themselves and their children.
Image: Flickr/Shaun Merritt
Gaza | Politics in Canada | Canadian Greens should vote to revoke Jewish National Fund charitable status | Jul 28 2016 | Yves Engler | The Green Party should support the principles underlying a half-century-old Supreme Court of Canada decision outlawing discriminatory land-use policies.
Photo: Disney | ABC Television Group/flickr
US Politics | Unity and healing is critical for a fractured Democratic Party | Jul 28 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | As the first woman in U.S. history is nominated to be the presidential candidate of a major party, a deep split in the Democratic Party has emerged.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
US Politics | World | Bush and Blair will forever elude the punishment they deserve for Iraq war crimes | Jul 28 2016 | Gerry Caplan | The enormity of their crimes is irrelevant. Just as Wall Street is too big to fail, so they are too big to arrest. For both, impunity is their ultimate entitlement.