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Sang with author Susan Swan. Photo: Justin Lauzon
Arts & Culture | Food & Health | Sang Kim's literEATure nights imbued with kimchee memories | Jan 28 2015 | June Chua | Writer and restauranteur Sang Kim brings together food, literature and community at the Windup Bird Cafe's literEATure events, where sets of courses are inspired by notable books.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Technology | This International Data Privacy Day, protect what you hold dear | Jan 28 2015 | Thomas Saczkowski | On January 28, International Data Privacy Day, it is imperative that those residing and visiting Canada understand the surveillance being used by Canadian governments and corporations.
Economy | Food & Health | A prescription for income | Jan 28 2015 | Redeye Collective | Doctors at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto have been trying out a new approach to help their neediest patients. Dr. Andrew Pinto explains what it means to prescribe income for patients.
Image: Nelson Tiny Houses
Economy | Food & Health | 'Tiny houses' no solution to the unaffordability crisis | Jan 28 2015 | Michael Stewart | Lauding the 'tiny house' movement as a political solution spreads fantasy that we can find consumer-driven solutions to social problems. And that's dangerous.
Photo: Amine Ghrabi/flickr
Economy | Political Action | The World Social Forum: Building alternative forms of globalization | Jan 28 2015 | Thomas Ponniah | The World Social Forum represents the development of a new left and a new global civilization, grounded by a desire for participatory, radical democracy.
Photo: GmanViz/flickr
Education | Feminism | Should Dal's whistleblowing dental student be suspended or thanked? | Jan 28 2015 | Stephen Kimber | We have a complicated relationship with those who blow whistles on bad behaviour: think Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning… and, now, Dalhousie dental student Ryan Millet.
Elections | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | Can we have productive political discussions this federal election? | Jan 28 2015 | Doug Howat | It's an election year! A time when we productively share opinions and ideas, and debate policy. Not! But can we actually have meaningful conversation this election?
Indigenous Rights | Communities rally to stop Enbridge Line #9 pipeline | Jan 28 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | Information on the campaign to stop Enbridge's line reversal pipeline.
Labour | Laid off Target employees to get 16 weeks of pay? It's complicated. | Jan 28 2015 | Ella Bedard | As Canada faces the biggest private-sector closure in recent history, the terms of severance are still to be determined for 17,600 Target workers who will soon be out of a job.
LGBTIQ | Queer McGill defends safe space after online backlash | Jan 28 2015 | Subhanya Sivajothy | Rad Sex Week aims to destigmatize alternative sexual practices
Media Matters | Radical Desi: A monthly grassroots magazine out of Vancouver | Jan 28 2015 | Scott Neigh | Gurpreet Singh talks about the first year of publishing Radical Desi, a monthly magazine that covers alternative politics.
Politics in Canada | Will sado-politics win another term for Harper? | Jan 28 2015 | J. Baglow | The Harper government is introducing life without parole. New "anti-terrorism" legislation will follow. Inflicting punishment is an election ploy, appealing to base instincts--pun intended.
Syriza rally
Politics in Canada | What could a Canadian Syriza do? | Jan 28 2015 | Tara Ehrcke | With the victory of the anti-austerity Syriza in Greece, it is time to think about building a genuine left alternative here at home.
Photo: Asteris Masouras/flickr
Economy | Elections | World | Greece says to Europe: Drop austerity | Jan 27 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The victory in the Greek elections of the anti-capitalist Syriza led by Alexis Tsipras is being celebrated by Europeans rejecting policies that have produced unemployment across the Eurozone.
Photo: bluto blutarski/flickr
Economy | World | CETA could unravel with decisive Syriza win in Greece | Jan 27 2015 | Brent Patterson | While Syriza has been in the news because of its vow to cancel brutal austerity measures, it has also stated that if elected it would not ratify the Canada-EU "free trade" agreement.