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Joyce and Judith Scott. Photo by Erik Butler.
Arts & Culture | Food & Health | 'Entwined' a call to action for the rights of the disabled | Dec 8 2016 | Franke James | Judith Scott, whose art now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art, was institutionalized for 35 years. A new book tells her story.
Elections | Politics in Canada | Survey on electoral reform asks misleading questions | Dec 8 2016 | J. Baglow | The new online survey is biased against proportional representation.
Ilan Ziv on 'An Eye for an Eye,' forgiveness, hate, racism and why the future ma
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | Ilan Ziv on 'An Eye for an Eye,' forgiveness, hate, racism and why the future may not be so bright | Dec 7 2016 | Face2Face | Ilan and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his film "An Eye for An Eye," hate, racism, forgiveness, and why the future is not so bright.
Photo: Kurt Bauschardt/flickr
Economy | Canada's most vulnerable people are being denied access to banking services | Dec 7 2016 | Joe Fantauzzi | Low-income residents of Canada face a significant double standard when it comes to accessing banking services despite urgently wanting them.
Photo: Valerie/flickr
Economy | Environment | Indigenous Rights | It's time to give back to Manitoba's North | Dec 7 2016 | Lynne Fernandez | Governments need to move away from throwing public money at private corporations that do not have a meaningful commitment to the North's people and land.
Education | Political Action | Grassroots learning and education beyond school | Dec 7 2016 | Scott Neigh | Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter and Liam O'Neill Gordon talk about the Calgary School of Informal Education.
Flickr/Peg Hunter
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Standing Rock inspires Canadian mobilization against extreme pipelines | Dec 7 2016 | Mark D'Arcy | Standing Rock has become the spark for an awakening of the human spirit, for a grassroots mobilization of peoples that is growing across North America and the world against extreme pipelines.
Image: Flickr/Canada 2020
Gaza | Politics in Canada | Greens' confirm support of BDS goals in most significant pro-Palestinian victory in Canadian political history | Dec 7 2016 | Yves Engler | Israel nationalists' attacks helped solidify overwhelmingly support for Palestinian rights in the Green Party of Canada. Leader Elizabeth May downplays BDS's role.
Greg Clark
Politics in Canada | A 'merger' between the Alberta Party and the Progressive Conservatives? Unlikely | Dec 7 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | No one would really mind if the leader of the Alberta Party crossed the floor of the Legislature to join the Progressive Conservatives … because no one would really care.
Politics in Canada | Liberals' online survey is a tactic to derail electoral reform | Dec 7 2016 | Karl Nerenberg | Instead of proceeding with a respectful and reasoned consultation on electoral reform, based on the House committee report, the government has launched a biased, mischievous survey of "values."
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Erin Wunker's debut book a powerful account of feminism in 2016 | Dec 6 2016 | Christina Turner | "Notes from a Feminist Killjoy" is an answer to what is needed now -- a self-consciously contingent rejoinder to the question of "who needs feminism?"
Image: Sarah Meghan Mah
Education | Feminism | New campus sex assault policies show Canadian universities still aren't listening to survivors | Dec 6 2016 | Sophia Reuss | Student activists and survivors of sexual violence have led the fight for policy development on Canadian campuses for decades. They've won important victories, but the fight continues.
Photo: Kent Lins/flickr
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Trudeau government woefully miscalculates support for Kinder Morgan pipeline | Dec 6 2016 | Duncan Cameron | The Trudeau cabinet has judged that Canada-wide backing for increased exports from the Alberta bitumen sands overshadows B.C. opposition to shipping dilbit via pipeline to Metro Vancouver.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | From Toronto to Standing Rock: #NoDAPL | Dec 6 2016 | Elizabeth Littlejohn, Nadine MacKinnon | Carrie Lester, Mohawk Land Defender and Water Protector, expresses solidarity from Toronto to Standing Rock/Tkarónto to Oceti Sakowin.
Environment | Media Matters | The Globe and Mail needs to stop lecturing British Columbians for opposing pipelines | Dec 6 2016 | Rafe Mair | The Globe's Gary Mason gives Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson hell and, by extension, all of us, for being overly proud and concerned about our coastline and other beauties we cherish, says Rafe Mair.