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Labour | World | Philippines Airlines workers win 26-month campaign against outsourcing | Apr 18 2014 | Diana Beaumont | Labour news. Interview with three representatives of the Philippines Airlines Employees Association, about their successful 26-month campaign to stop the outsourcing of their jobs.
Media Matters | Like an iceberg: a blog on being a journalist in Canada's Arctic | Apr 18 2014 | George Lessard | A new blog by Jane George about her work with Nunasiaq News in Nunavut and Nunavik
Lewis Cardinal
Politics in Canada | In one day, the ground shifts in Alberta politics in ways unexpected, sometimes uplifting, sometimes troubling | Apr 18 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | With the end to most official homophobia in Alberta, a course change by the Wildrose Party and the loss of a promising NDP candidate, yesterday proved a single day can be a long time in politics.
Photo: flickr/Miquel Angel Pintanel Bassets
Arts & Culture | Feminism | 'Honor Diaries': Breaking silence on violence or reinforcing stereotypes? | Apr 17 2014 | Alia Hogben, Azeezah Kanji, Khadijah Kanji, Naila Butt, Salha Jeizan, Shahina Siddiqui | The film 'Honor Diaries' purports to be the first film to break the silence on honour violence. However, is the film really just counterproductive in discussing violence against women?
Arts & Culture | Economy | Political Action | Capitalism beware: Rethinking imagination to regain our collective purpose | Apr 17 2014 | Max Haiven | This excerpt from 'Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power' suggests the decline in the public sphere is not because capitalism is in crisis, but because capitalism is the crisis.
First Crocuses
Arts & Culture | Spring, and the Artist Emerges | Apr 17 2014 | Holly Adams | Lessons on creativity from a frozen woodpile and the smell of spring.
Photo: flickr/Tom Magliery
Economy | Media Matters | Follow the Money, Part 4 -- Who owns the National Post? | Apr 17 2014 | Donald Gutstein | If two foreign interests, with little background in news, own the Canadian newspaper National Post, then is it still Canadian? Hmm, seems like they found a loophole around that.
Environment | Food & Health | Local, organic or vegan: What's best for the environment? | Apr 17 2014 | Ran Goel | Local food activist Ran Goel speaks to Steffanie Pinch about how eating local, organic and vegan can be better for the planet.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Environment | Politics in Canada | Train travel in Canada is running off the rails | Apr 17 2014 | Elizabeth May | As Via Rail faces financial and ridership targets, the cutbacks inevitably cause a drop in passenger miles. It's time to address the crisis facing national rail travel.
Photo: Eyton Z/Flickr
Feminism | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Law over ideology please, we're talking abortion rights here | Apr 17 2014 | Jody Dallaire | The reality faced by people in New Brunswick seeking a safe legal abortion is in contradiction to Canadian law. With the closure of the Morgentaler Clinic, things are not going to get better.
Food & Health | Vegan recipes without the fancy ingredients | Apr 17 2014 | Megan Stacey | Fitting delicious vegan meals into a busy schedule
Indigenous Rights | Cherry Smiley on Indigenous feminism, colonial violence and the sex industry | Apr 17 2014 | Meghan Murphy | In this episode we hear a talk by Cherry Smiley. The talk is part of a series on Indigenous Feminism, put on by the First Nations Student Association at Simon Fraser University.
Jules Koostachin and James Buffin
Indigenous Rights | Understanding ourselves through truth and reconciliation | Apr 17 2014 | Katy Quinn | Knowing who we are as Canadians means acknowledging and understanding the injustices and harms experienced by Indigenous people at the residential schools.
Media Matters | It's our birthday! 13 years and growing | Apr 17 2014 | rabble staff | Happy 13th birthday to us! Imagine: 13 years ago on the Internet, as was gaining its first pageviews, so too were Google and Wikipedia -- both launched the same year.
Craig B. Chandler
Politics in Canada | Wildrose tells Craig Chandler to get lost; Tories might be smart to do the same | Apr 17 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Craig B. Chandler, who is running for Alberta PC nomination in Calgary Shaw, is a problem for any party he supports. The Tories need to skid him fast, as the Wildrose Party has already done.