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Education | Education in the age of climate change | Oct 27 2014 | Lizanne Foster | We need to stop seeing environmental destruction and low wages as the only way to build a viable economy.
Elections | Environment | Political Action | Senior citizens: Take action on climate change now! | Oct 27 2014 | Anthony Ketchum, Peter Jones | What do you want your legacy to be? If senior citizens collectively told our elected representatives to take action on climate change that would be the world's greatest legacy.
Elections | Watch: Voter suppression comes to Canada | Oct 27 2014 | rabble staff | It's a throwback, but it's always a relevant question. Is voter suppression alive and well in Canada?
Photo: flickr/Moyan Brenn
Elections | Politics in Canada | Technology | Missed call: The influence of cell phone culture on accuracy in political polls | Oct 27 2014 | Quintin Zachary Hewlett | Political polling by phone has become an unreliable predictor of the end results. Why? Cell phones. Youth, urban professionals under 40, and low-income voters are not captured by landline polling.
Photo: postbear/flickr
Elections | Politics in Canada | Voter turnout delivers real people's verdict in Toronto election | Oct 27 2014 | Alice Klein | This election is a truly special one. It really comes down to a question of who we the people are. It's time for the people of Toronto to reveal ourselves to ourselves and to the world.
Environment | The activist: Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining shares his story | Oct 27 2014 | David Swanson | Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining talks about his early activist years, establishing Greenpeace, fighting nuclear testing and Arctic oil drilling and the dangers he faced as a radical activist.
Feminism | Jian Ghomeshi's 'consent' defence shows why 'consent' isn't good enough | Oct 27 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Jian Ghomeshi is fired from the CBC on account of abuse allegations. He claims the BDSM relationships he was engaged in were "consensual" and a "human right."
Photo: Richard Webster/
Politics in Canada | New report documents federal clampdown on scientists' freedom of expression | Oct 27 2014 | Ole Hendrickson | A new report, "Can Scientists Speak," finds that federal media policies in Canada remain highly restrictive and gives low to failing grades to nearly all 16 departments that employ scientists.
Politics in Canada | Watch: Canadians rally to oppose Harper's war | Oct 27 2014 | rabble staff | This four-part video series looks at Oct 25's Rally to Stop Harper's War and the common themes of Islamophobia, the Ottawa Shootings and the Harper government.
Politics in Canada | Voting in Toronto's Mayoral Elections means I might just Eat my Ballot | Oct 27 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Nom Nom Gag Nom
Politics in Canada | Harper's crocodile tears for fallen soldiers | Oct 27 2014 | Jesse McLaren | Harper claims his "thoughts and prayers" are with the soldiers killed last week, but he sending more troops to die in Iraq while cutting their pensions amidst rising suicides.
World | Rabkor editorial: Economic sanctions have Russia seeking compromise with West over Ukraine | Oct 27 2014 | Vasily Koltashov and Boris Kagarlitsky | Russia's liberals are scrambling to reach accomodation with NATO and the West, at nearly any price, including Russian sovereignty.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | RCMP has Zehaf-Bibeau video; still wants to know more about the rifle | Oct 26 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The RCMP claim they have a video made by the Ottawa shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, which shows he had "political and ideological" motives.
Environment | Politics in Canada | Need for right to healthy environment in Canada's Constitution | Oct 26 2014 | Redeye Collective | More than 110 countries recognize their citizens' right to a healthy environment. A recent report by Ecojustice argues that Canadians are in urgent need of the same right.
Environment | Politics in Canada | Scathing report by environment commissioner falls on deaf ears | Oct 26 2014 | Redeye Collective | Canada is failing on numerous issues of environmental protection and reneging on international commitments. When Julie Gelfand pointed this out, she attracted the ire of the federal government.