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Photo: flickr/Bill Jacobus
Economy | Elections | Labour | Political Action | What are Community Benefit Agreements? | Oct 17 2014 | Ella Bedard | At the Good Jobs Summit, Community Benefit Agreements were one of the proposed ways of creating good jobs. But what does a Community Benefit Agreement really mean?
Economy | Elections | Politics in Canada | What happens in Parliament from now to December matters | Oct 17 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Harper government will introduce a Fiscal Update that includes tax cuts, mostly of the boutique kind. First, it will table the next budget implementation bill that will likely have some surprises.
Image: Flickr/Beaton
Education | Wage war on poverty, Nova Scotia, not on teachers and schools | Oct 17 2014 | Shelley Morse | Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. There is lots of work ahead of us before we achieve that goal.
Photo: flickr/Olivia Chow
Elections | Politics in Canada | Olivia Chow can stop the Ford/Tory agenda. Here's how! | Oct 17 2014 | Camilo Cahis, Chris Brisbane | How do we stop the Ford/Tory agenda in the Toronto mayoral election? Progressives voters are looking to Olivia Chow to provide strong anti-austerity programs.
Environment | Good News | Political Action | No landfills! Tiny Township celebrates anniversary of Site 41 moratorium | Oct 17 2014 | Amarnath Amarasingam, Sarah Morgan | Five years after Site 41 landfill plans were dropped, those involved in the protests, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, came together to celebrate and reflect.
Food & Health | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Chew On This! campaign aims to reduce poverty in Canada | Oct 17 2014 | Kathryn Teeluck | One in 7 people in this country experience poverty. More than 800 000 rely on food banks each month. Chew On This! is a campaign to make this a prominent political issue.
Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Playing MRI Politics With The Health Of Saskatchewan's People | Oct 17 2014 | Michael Butler | Even a cursory look at the results of private MRI clinics & the research done on 2-tiered health services shows that this privateering hurts the majority of us and reduces the speed & quality of care
Haiti | World | District Court in New York to hear arguments on UN claim to immunity from justice over cholera in Haiti | Oct 17 2014 | Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti | The Haitian victims of the cholera epidemic brought to the country by UN soldiers are pressing their case for justice in a U.S. court.
Haiti | World | The UN's occupation of Haiti -- A structure of global complicity | Oct 17 2014 | Lorenzo Fiorito | The ongoing military occupation of Haiti by the UN Security Council is into its 11th year and is an affront to Haiti's national sovereignty and its proud history of anti-colonial struggle.
Anti-Racism | Arts & Culture | Feminism | Why is racism in Canadian nightclubs so prevalent? | Oct 16 2014 | Ayesha Asghar | Ayesha experienced overt racism at a club in downtown Peterborough. And this wasn't the first time. Why does this keep happening and what can we do?
Arts & Culture | Feminism | 'Hysteric' heroically explores identity and madness within us | Oct 16 2014 | Aparna Sanyal | Is Nelly's madness a product of herself or of the absolutes in a world she is forced to inhabit? In this newly translated novel, readers ponder to whom Nelly's suicide note is really addressed.
Photo: flickr/Peter Huys
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Domestic violence cases spike after immigration law amendment | Oct 16 2014 | Ferrukh Faruqui | Violence against women is a scourge in Canada. Women immigrating to Canada are dependent on their sponsors because of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. But are they safe?
Oz Cole-Arnal: Progressive Candidate for Chair of Waterloo Region
Economy | Elections | Oz Cole-Arnal: Progressive Candidate for Chair of Waterloo Region | Oct 16 2014 | Brayden McNeill, Dan Kellar, Grand River Media Collective | An interview w/ Oscar Cole-Arnal, an anti-poverty activist + progressive candidate for the position of Waterloo Regional Chair in the upcoming elections.
Photo: flickr/David Robert Bliwas
Economy | Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Who do you trust with your child care future: Mulcair or Harper? | Oct 16 2014 | Linda McQuaig | Will the federal election battle be less over whether to send our warplanes to Iraq and more over whether to send our children to day care? It's shaping up to be that way.
Image: Flickr/TJMartins
Economy | Politics in Canada | Farmers don't own Wheat Board they built, grew and loved says top court | Oct 16 2014 | Steven Shrybman | Can the Government simply take the assets from farmers who paid for and built those assets without paying the farmers for them? Yesterday the Federal Court said yes.