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Environment | Clean-tech is good for the economy and environment | Oct 21 2014 | David Suzuki | Clean technology is the fastest-growing industry in Canada, and it could get a lot bigger. So why is so much focus put on supporting resource extraction?
Feminism | Indigenous Rights | Unstated paternity still excluding Indigenous women from 'Indian' status | Oct 21 2014 | Pamela Palmater | For 20 years, Lynn Gehl, who shares five generations of Algonquin heritage, has been denied Indian status in Canada because of unstated paternity. Yesterday, she got her day in court.
Feminism | Northern Ireland bans buying sex | Oct 21 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Late last night, members of the Stormont assembly voted in favour of a bill that would outlaw the purchase of sex in Northern Ireland.
Feminism | Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years for murdering Reeva Steenkamp | Oct 21 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Today, Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa gave Paralympic athlete, Oscar Pistorius, a five year sentence. He only has to serve 10 months of his sentence in prison before he is eligible for house arrest.
Media Matters | Political Action | World | Express yourself, don’t repress yourself | Oct 21 2014 | Meghan Sali | Our Digital Future survey-takers chose “prioritizing free expression” as the most important factor for new rules around sharing and collaborating online.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Political Action | 10 things all activists should know about defamation | Oct 21 2014 | David Climenhaga | Don't want to get sued for defamation? Lucky for you, David Climenhaga has been so that you don't have to.
Politics in Canada | No change! No change! Jim Prentice's 'new management' is offering the same old Tory stuff | Oct 21 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Yes, there's been a management facelift. But where the rubber hits the road? Nothing has changed.
Politics in Canada | Suffering from a surfeit of the young and amiable Trudeau? What to do? | Oct 21 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Justin Trudeau gets attention just for being himself, and, especially, standing fully clothed in a swimming pool. Even smart folks can wax enthusiastic about the callow and shallow Liberal leader.
Politics in Canada | Revenue agency gives right-wingers a pass while harassing progressives: new study | Oct 21 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | A Broadbent Institute study shows that a number of charitable organizations with a right-of-centre orientation claim that they devote zero per cent of their resources to advocacy. Is that believable?
Anti-Racism | Elections | Politics in Canada | Why we must vote: The right place for Black community members on Oct. 27 is at the ballot box | Oct 20 2014 | Grace-Edward Galabuzi | After one writer wrote that Black voters should spoil their ballots in Toronto's Mayoral election, Grace-Edward Galabuzi thought it was time to talk about Black voter engagement and creating change.
Photo: flickr/Charles Hoffman
Elections | Politics in Canada | Is Nova Scotia political culture changing for the better? | Oct 20 2014 | Ralph Surette | Politics and political attitudes are changing in Nova Scotia -- albeit, in a manner too slow and complex for the public's short attention span to notice.
Environment | The activist: Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining shares his story | Oct 20 2014 | David Swanson | Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining talks about his early activist years, establishing Greenpeace, fighting nuclear testing and arctic oil drilling and the dangers he faced as a radical activist.
Photo: flickr/Nick Ares
Feminism | Food & Health | Political Action | US Politics | Lacking abortion access, New Brunswick women head for Maine abortion clinics | Oct 20 2014 | Tess Allen | This summer, New Brunswick introduced new regulations on abortion access and stopped funding abortions. Now, clinics in Maine see increasing numbers of women at their clinics coming from Canada.
Photo: flickr/John Liu
Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Closing arguments in First Nations Child Welfare case start today | Oct 20 2014 | Jocelyn Formsma | Closing arguments on the most important Indigenous children's rights case will be heard from October 20-24, 2014 at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in Ottawa, Ontario.
Political Action | US Politics | Detroit canary in the coalmine when it comes to water rights | Oct 20 2014 | Maude Barlow | On October 20, Catarina de Albuquerque, the special rapporteur on the human right to drinking water and sanitation and Leilani Farha, the special rapporteur on housing, visit Detroit.