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Photo: Robert Fairchild/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Ontario housing affordability promises are symbolic, not necessarily effective | Nov 17 2016 | Zohra Jamasi | In his fall economic update, Ontario's Minister of Finance Charles Sousa promised relief to homebuyers, but is it enough to cool rising housing costs in hot markets like Toronto?
Environment | World | A conversation with Dr. David Suzuki | Nov 17 2016 | Victoria Fenner | Wayne MacPhail of talks to Dr. Suzuki about the post-Trump world, the environment and life in general.
Photo: Friends of the Earth International/flickr
Environment | US Politics | World | Trump casts shadow over COP 22 as nations discuss climate action | Nov 17 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Nowhere is the immediate and potentially devastating impact of Donald Trump's capture of the presidency felt more clearly than at the United Nations climate change summit here in Marrakech.
Women's Monument in Minto Park, Ottawa. Flickr/lezumbalaberenjena
Feminism | Policy makers need to understand lived experience when it comes to gendered violence | Nov 17 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | While the solutions to woman abuse are multi-faceted, consulting with survivors of gendered violence can save time, money and precious lives.
Photo: Government of Alberta/flickr
Labour | Political Action | Honouring Ellen Olfert, founder of SAFE Workers of Tomorrow | Nov 17 2016 | Lynne Fernandez | SAFE Workers of Tomorrow (SWOT) has grown into a respected organization that is educating young workers and employers how to work safe.
Donald Trump
US Politics | If Donald Trump won't knuckle under, could he face an American 'Colour Revolution'? | Nov 17 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Is it possible that Donald Trump, a political dilettante, does not understand how serious a predicament he could soon find himself in?
Arts & Culture | Economy | Environment | Using film to challenge the dubious economics of tar sands and fracking | Nov 16 2016 | Scott Neigh | David Lavallee talks about his new documentary film, "To the Ends of the Earth."
Arts & Culture | Feminism | CanLit heavyweights' letter in support of Steven Galloway leaves rape survivors out in the cold | Nov 16 2016 | Zoe Todd | A letter signed by CanLit Who's Who has called for an investigation of how UBC handled investigation into allegations about the former chair of its creative writing program, Steven Galloway.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Bill C-51 is violating our Charter rights and Canada doesn't care | Nov 16 2016 | Kyle Curlew | The Anti-terrorism Act (2015) has been routinely called out by activists, journalists and legal scholars for empowering Canadian government with the ability to violate Charter rights.
Image: Flickr/Premier of Alberta
Economy | Where's the evidence for a health care sustainability crisis in Canada? | Nov 16 2016 | Barret Weber | There's plenty of work to be done to ensure Alberta's health-care system serves the public interest, but another systemic reorganization won't get us there.
Image: Postmedia News/Jean Levac
Elections | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Byelection in Ottawa-Vanier shows that Ontario politics is officially through the looking glass | Nov 16 2016 | Nora Loreto | An RCMP, a lawyer and a lawyer walk into a bar. Bartender asks: where do you stand on Hydro One?
Environment | COP 22: Funding to stop climate change still dwarfed by military spending | Nov 16 2016 | Seble Samuel | Women and gender constituency demand climate funding, not combat funding at the United Nations COP 22 climate negotiations in Marrakech.
Image: Flickr/NPS Climate Change Response
Environment | US Politics | Hard work and love trump fear and hate | Nov 16 2016 | David Suzuki | We can't count on governments to make the changes we so desperately need. It's up to us. We must be the change.
Environment | Food & Health | US Politics | Study testing food for glyphosate residue on hold | Nov 16 2016 | Preliminary study results showed that many everyday foods have traces of this toxic chemical
Passive House building tour at The Heights
Environment | Update to Vancouver's Green Buildings Policy key step toward zero-carbon future | Nov 16 2016 | Karen Tam Wu | The Pembina Institute pens an open letter in support of the new development in Vancouver's Zero Emissions Building Plan.