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Photo: Paul VanDerWerf/flickr
Elections | Politics in Canada | Quebec election: Unfortunate outcome to a disappointing campaign | Apr 14 2014 | Eve-Lyne Couturier | A myriad of factors, sometimes contradictory, can explain Quebec voters' renewed support for the party formerly led by Jean Charest.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Elections | Politics in Canada | Last week's landslide winners in Quebec election? The Federal NDP. | Apr 14 2014 | Gerry Caplan | History was made this week in Quebec when the NDP won an election in which they didn't participate. They had a vital stake in the outcome of Monday's vote and came away winners on all counts.
Elections | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | MPs take a break with a full plate awaiting them back in Parliament | Apr 14 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Fair Elections Act, the omnibus budget bill, reform of First Nations education, contaminated sites and galloping climate change all await MPs when they get back to work.
Environment | Food & Health | What if we forget about being vegan, and just buy mostly vegan food? | Apr 14 2014 | Lori Theresa Waller | Given the effectiveness of a plant-based diet, the notion of veganism as a personal identity is not, in my opinion, very helpful.
Environment | Food & Health | Making the most of the Vegan Challenge | Apr 14 2014 | Steffanie Pinch | We can't all go vegan but most of us want to reduce our reliance on destructive food systems -- here are some ideas.
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | A changing power dynamic: What did PowerShift Atlantic accomplish? | Apr 14 2014 | Catherine MacNeil, Robin Tress | On March 30, 500 people left with a deeper understanding of climate justice, with a more rounded view of the issues we face within our own communities and with a toolbox bursting with new skills.
Environment | Ejido Carrizalillo denounces insults and rejects Goldcorp's austerity offer for new lease at Los Filos | Apr 14 2014 | Jennifer Moore | Mexican landowners claim that Goldcorp is not taking talks with them seriously. They reiterate their call for high level attention or closure.
Feminism | Political Action | Who am I to do this?: The importance of kindness in activism | Apr 14 2014 | The F Word | Ariana Barer speaks with Pragya Sharma about the importance of kindness in activism and shifting our thinking around struggles for social change.
Food & Health | Recipe for resistance: Food Not Bomb's vegan mac n' cheese | Apr 14 2014 | Tasha Leiah Stansbury | Food Not Bombs is an organization that takes food typically wasted and turns it into delicious and free vegan meals.
Jim Flaherty
Politics in Canada | Don't airbrush Jim Flaherty's record because of sympathy for his family | Apr 14 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | It is not speaking ill of the dead to say the charming Jim Flaherty held the same beliefs as the charmless Stephen Harper. It is the unvarnished and necessary truth.
Image: flickr/photoswebpm
Politics in Canada | After Jim Flaherty’s death, politicians ask, 'Is it worth it?' | Apr 14 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Parliament has become a very nasty place, and the proposed Fair Elections Act would only entrench current attitudes.
World | Sweat and tears made Chilean Habitat experience very special | Apr 14 2014 | Retiree Matters, Tony Cote | Over the years I had been involved in numerous one-day volunteer projects but I knew that there was something beyond that, especially since my retirement left me the time to get involved.
Environment | Food & Health | 25 years after Exxon Valdez disaster, oil still found on beaches | Apr 13 2014 | Redeye Collective | It took 10 years for pink salmon stocks to recover, herring has still not recovered and local communities continue to suffer health and economic impacts from the oil spill.
Photo by Krystalline Kraus
Indigenous Rights | Activist Communique: Four Sacred Colours Pow Wow photos from 2014 | Apr 13 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Without further ado, here are the photos I took at the George Brown Campus, Four Sacred Colours Pow Wow 2014.
Photo by
Politics in Canada | Activist Communique: Ford Nation song – the next big hit? | Apr 13 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | A sunday pick me up ...or cry into your pillow - you decided.