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Image: Flickr/Canada 2020
Economy | Politics in Canada | Despite tough talk, Trudeau shies away from tackling Bay Street's chronic tax avoidance | Jun 9 2016 | Linda McQuaig | Recent scandals with KPMG and the Panama Papers leaks reveal Canada Revenue's standard kid-glove treatment for the wealthy and powerful.
The Honourable Senator, Murray Sinclair
Education | Indigenous Rights | Murray Sinclair: Education is key to reconciliation | Jun 9 2016 | Sara Anderson | Despite the many challenges that Indigenous peoples face today, Murray Sinclair reminds us that "education is the means by which we will be able to fix this."
Image: Flickr/N A I T
Environment | Labour | We can build a climate plan that works for workers | Jun 9 2016 | James Hutt | By tackling inequity and creating good, unionized jobs, a climate strategy could represent a giant leap forward for the labour movement -- but only if we force politicians to act.
Feminism | Stanford rapist just one more man who thinks he's entitled to women's bodies | Jun 9 2016 | Emily Blake | It's a piss poor verdict, but there's still something we can take away from the Stanford rape case.
Feminism | Stay focused on women | Jun 9 2016 | Nora Loreto, Sarah Beuhler | How long does it take for a woman's compelling, powerful and tragic statement of her rape by an elite white athlete to become all about the men? About two days.
Politics in Canada | No, the Liberal Party is not a 'movement' | Jun 9 2016 | Scott Vrooman | A political party calling itself a movement is like a sailboat calling itself the wind.
Image: Flickr/Steve Baker
US Politics | After Sanders' California defeat, what's a grassroots revolutionary to do? | Jun 9 2016 | Raffi Cavoukian | What if Bernie seized a chance to go for a lasting legacy with an immediate and important role for him to play? Raffi has a few ideas.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
World | Call for charity rings thin while Canadian extraction industry plunders Africa's wealth | Jun 9 2016 | Yves Engler | While Canadian companies exploit African resources for their own benefit this country’s charities call on us to join Africa “hope” walks.
Francisca Valenzuela. Photo by Rhianna Cooper
Arts & Culture | Feminism | UpROAR: A special episode on women and music festivals | Jun 8 2016 | Charlene Sayo | Host Charlene Sayo talks with American-Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela and Project SoundCheck consultant Kira-Lynn Ferderber about feminism and rape culture at music festivals.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Organizing very low-income tenants in the Downtown Eastside | Jun 8 2016 | Scott Neigh | Wendy Pederson talks about the tenant organizing of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative.
Image: Flickr/Wikimedia Commons
Environment | Oceans of reasons to protect what we love | Jun 8 2016 | David Suzuki | Our country's commitment to protect 10 per cent of its marine environment by 2020 is a good start, but if we followed countries like Australia and the U.S, we'd aim higher.
Photo: flickr/PROstanjourdan
Media Matters | Technology | Is solutions-based journalism the cure to what ails us? | Jun 8 2016 | Wayne MacPhail | What if journalism is doing it wrong and reporting on the problems is creating a bigger problem? Can solutions-based journalism be the actual solution?
Image: Flickr/Alex Guibord
NDP | Politics in Canada | DiNovo's 'unofficial' NDP leadership bid is rad and everything, but what are we supposed to do with it? | Jun 8 2016 | Ian Borsuk | Cheri DiNovo's principled stand on money and politics is inspiring and her leadership bid enticing -- but it puts her supporters in a rather confusing position.
Linda Dalgetty
Politics in Canada | Technology | The annals of cybercrime: U of C pays ransom to cyberbandits, argues it's okay because data was at risk | Jun 8 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | By paying a ransom to cybercrooks, has the University of Calgary just endangered the emails of every other research university in Canada?
Politics in Canada | Nova Scotia's own Donald Trump may be inevitable conclusion of politics-as-usual | Jun 8 2016 | Stephen Kimber | If you want to understand the un-understandable appeal of Donald Trump, you could do worse than begin with Stephen McNeil. Now stay with me...