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Education | Feminism | Political Action | Sexualized violence on our campuses | Jan 13 2015 | Victoria Fenner | On January 9, the Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs responded to the developing crisis at the Dalhousie Dental School with a panel discussion about violence on Canadian campuses.
Photo: flickr/Justin Trudeau
Elections | Politics in Canada | Canada's Choice 2015: Trudeau's Liberals are about more than celebrity | Jan 13 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The Liberal Party has been out of power for nine years, but has a long record in power, to which voters must pay attention. For recent vintage Liberals that record is a two-headed monster.
Photo: Javier/flickr
Environment | How much more evidence do we need to act on neonicotinoids? | Jan 13 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | From a farmer's perspective, it is increasingly evident that neonicotinoids are being used in unacceptable ways. From an environmental perspective, the evidence of harm is overwhelming.
Photo: Martin Lopatka/flickr
Environment | Politics in Canada | Premiers meeting in Ottawa to discuss pipelines and climate change | Jan 13 2015 | Brent Patterson | Canada's premiers and territorial leaders need to grapple with the issue of climate change. And they're not doing so well so far.
Photo: flickr/Conny c
Food & Health | World | Five more global food trends for 2015 | Jan 13 2015 | Wayne Roberts | Look out here's what's coming in global food megatrends including a new one: urbiculture.
Food & Health | Media Matters | World | Fighting the Ebola epidemic through journalism | Jan 13 2015 | Africafiles, Heather Yundt | As the Ebola outbreak continues to hit West Africa, local reporters fight the epidemic through journalism.
Photo: Sean_Marshall/flickr
Labour | Politics in Canada | Will arbitrator uphold labour rights for Nova Scotia health-care workers? | Jan 13 2015 | Stephen Kimber | By this time next week, government-appointed mediator-arbitrator Jim Dorsey is expected to hand down his final report into which health-care worker should be represented by which health-care union.
Bridget Pastoor
Politics in Canada | It's not spring in Alberta yet, but there are hints of a spring election in the air | Jan 13 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | The PC Party board of directors voted on Saturday to have all their candidates nominated by the Ides of March. After that, a vote is bound to follow quickly.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | World | Interview with Elena Skoko, author of 'Memoirs of a Singing Birth' | Jan 12 2015 | Frieda Werden | Frieda Werden interviews Elena Skoko, author of Memoirs of a Singing Birth and activist for rights and dignity of mothers and babies in birth.
Image: Nidal Elkhairy
Civil Liberties Watch | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | World | Harper exploiting Paris shootings to deepen surveillance state and justify war | Jan 12 2015 | Stefan Christoff | Harper stated that the government is "looking at additional powers to make sure security agencies have the range of tools available." But what will these powers actually do?
Photo: Jamie McCaffrey/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Canada's choice: Austerity or prosperity | Jan 12 2015 | Murray Dobbin | Canada is a country where a third of citizens believe in Harper's fiscal self-flagellation, in an extremist religion that calls upon us all to deliberately impoverish ourselves. Why?
Photo: BC Federation of Labour
Elections | Feminism | Labour | Meet Irene Lanzinger, new President of the BC Federation of Labour | Jan 12 2015 | Ella Bedard | The first woman and first teacher to lead the BC Federation of Labour talks about politics, teaching and next steps for the labour movement.
Elections | Take the Voter Pledge! | Jan 12 2015 | The Council of Canadians | Show your love for Canada’s democracy by taking the Voter Pledge and together we’ll vote in the new progressive government we all need and deserve.
Photo: kris krüg/flickr
Environment | Politics in Canada | 85% of tar sands oil must stay in the ground to limit climate change | Jan 12 2015 | Brent Patterson | With climate change on the political agenda, the release of a new report on what Canada must to do to limit climate change to two degrees Celsius is of critical importance.
Feminism | Breaking: Violent man is violent | Jan 12 2015 | Meghan Murphy | George Zimmerman was arrested on Friday night on a charge of domestic violence with a weapon and aggravated assault.